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Baby Fever: Super Cute and Trendy DIY Bibs

Babies are usually very enthusiastic about eating but it often seems like most of their meals end up on their clothes and the floor than in their mouth. Unless you want to do the laundry after every single meal, you’re going to need a bib for your little love! A custom made bib is a super adorable and personal piece that’s one day going to hold immense sentimental value. Here are some DIY bibs to draw inspiration from!

1. Arrow Bandana Bib 


Tiny arrows are such a modern motive! They represent determination and power, so if you’ve brought a little fiery soul into this world, Wine Country Mama‘s arrow bib is perfect for them! The bib is styled like a bandana which gives it a super cool look!

2. Minky Bibs 


Babies love to feel different materials and textures. You can notice very soon which materials are their favorite, so if your baby loves super soft fabrics, minky is a great choice to create with. Visit Life with my Littles to learn how you can make your own collection of minky bibs!

3. Modern Bandana Bibs


Every parent has their own style which ultimately reflects in what their kids are wearing. If you’re determined to be a modern parent and want to take the initiative to try all the most trendy ideas, you’re going to go bananas for these modern bandana bibs by White & Bright!

4. Round Pom Pom Bibs 


Once you have a baby you’re basically faced with immense amounts of cuteness every single day. You feel compelled to document all of their adorable facial expressions, even if they happen while they’re spitting out food. These adorable pom pom bibs by Life on Waller sound like the perfect accessory in this story!

5. Knotted Bibs 


Every single bib has the same function, but they vary in design and style with the purpose of keeping us inspired even in our daily routines. Who doesn’t like to look at a cute baby in a chic bib? We all do! Make your own knotted bibs by checking in with Delia Creates!

6. Bowtie Bibs


You often hear people say “they grow up so fast” and while you really want to be mindful of every single minute of your kids’ childhood, sometimes it’s hard not to imagine our little boys as future gentlemen and little girls as future world leaders! Daydream away with these bowtie bibs by Make It & Love It!

7. Wide Floral Bib 


Maybe you’ve already purchased a cute little bib but it didn’t prove to be very functional, because your little bundle of appetite insists of creating a big mess! No need to stress about it, we’ve got you covered with Mary Martha Mama‘s wide floral bib!

8. Hand Towel Bib 


Fun fact: you don’t even need to go fabric shopping to make a bib! You only need to be willing to repurpose a hand towel, which is a brilliant hack because of how absorbent towels are! Pick one that is soft and cleans easily, then turn it into a proper bib by following the how-to at A Feathered Nest!

9. Pocket Bibs 


If you want a really unique bib that has an extra element of functionality, you have to check out these bibs with a pocket by Just Another Hang Up! The pocket is very subtle but it’s definitely going to make sure that most of the mess ends up inside of it, not on the floor!

10. Bunny Bib 


Kids are absolutely in love with bunnies, so as a parent you can totally use this to your advantage. If your toddler is throwing temper tantrums over wearing a bib, you can make them this very special bunny bib we found at Transient Art and watch their attitude change now that a bunny gets to eat with them!

11. Repurposed Shirt Bibs 


You learn as a parent that kids outgrow things incredibly fast and if you have a household with several kiddos running around, you can quickly find yourself with a pile of clothes nobody is wearing anymore. A Little Tipsy will show you how some of the shirts can be turned into lovely bibs!

12. Fringe Bibs


If you are dead-set on making the absolute coolest, stylish and trendiest bibs for your little one purely for your own amusement, because feeding time takes such a big chunk of the day it pays off to have fun, visit Life on Waller once again to get the tutorial for these unique fringe bibs!