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Personalize your Home: 10 Unique and Exquisite DIY Photo Displays

Without pictures of our favorite people and moments captured on camera, any living space feels empty. Even though we live in a digital era, everybody loves photographs that they can actually touch and make a display of in their house or apartment. But sometimes having a lot of classic photo frames crammed on the mantle or on the bedside bed can get inconvenient, so we’re presenting you with 10 new, unique DIY photo display ideas that will spice up your photo display game!

1. Pallet Plaques


These cute little plaques will bring so much dynamic into any room! The best thing about them is the clip, which opens up the possibility to switch up the photo on display any time you want! (So when your aunt comes to visit from out of town you can put in pictures of her and of yourself, wearing the sweaters that she sends you)! Oh My Creative has the instructions!

2. Floral Photo Hoop


Achieve this flawless photo display by repurposing a hula hoop! You can turn it into a themed display, putting in photos from your wedding or vacation, or just fill it with your favorite memories that you’ve made over the years! Either way, you’re in for a treat and Style Me Pretty helps you achieve it!

3. Corner Display


Do you like to see your photos on the wall, but aren’t a fan of frames? Well, you can totally ditch them! PostalPix will tell you how! Putting photos in the corner really opens up the space and makes use of that part of the room people usually forget when they’re decorating. Don’t be that person – don’t put the corner in the corner!

4. Geometric Photo Display


If you want something unique and dynamic, this is the way to go! Get creative with the geometric shapes! This one is a perfect fit for anyone bursting with creativity! See how The Caldwell Project made it happen!

5. Branch Display


This is a lovely, simple, minimalist idea! You’ll only need 4 supplies to make this one, plus your favorite photos that you want to display. Just think of how many amazing memories you can put on display in a very chic way, not needing to spend money – or room – on frames! Branch out and find all the details at Kelli Murray!

6. Memory Wreath


If you do like frames, but still want to do something fun and crafty with them, Infarrantly Creative has just the project for you! Arrange your frames in a disorderly fashion all around the wreath and be reminded of your loved ones and the fun times that you’ve shared, every time you look at it!

7. Photo Cubes


All it takes for this cute idea to come to life is to make the cubes and then display them however you like! You can even get the kids to help – it will make them feel so special when they see their adorable faces on the cubes. Display the cubes on their own, put them in a glass vase or find another idea that suits your decorative preferences. Go to Style Burb to see the details!

8. Mineral Photo Display


Energetic stones and minerals are becoming more and more popular, but even if you are not on the energetic healing bandwagon, you can still use them as a décor element! This display looks colorful and chic, so it’s an absolute right choice for anyone that likes to think outside of the box! A Beautiful Mess has the tutorial!

9. Clothespin Photo Display

VIEW IN GALLERYClothespin Photo Display

All you need for this one is a big frame, clothespins and twine. In just three short steps, following instructions by Dwell Beautiful, you can have your own adorable clothespin display! It’s a perfect project for anyone that wants a cool display for a wide range of photos, but wants to get the job done quickly! Well, it doesn’t get easier than this!

10. Wall Collage


You can always just opt for a big collage and put all of your favorite captured memories in one place! It’ll bring a special touch to any room and a smile on your face every time you’ll pass it! See the tutorial at Bits of Everything!

What a blessing it is, being able to capture our favorite moments on camera and share them with our family, friends and anyone else we invite into our home!