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Delicious Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes

In addition to decorating or crafting in a way that suits whatever holiday is coming next, do you also really like baking that helps you celebrate the season too? Well, we can totally understand that, since we’re basically obsessive cookie lovers who adore nothing more than finding new ways to make themed and flavourful cookies that will put a smile on our loved ones’ faces and get them feeling festive about that particular time of year.

Not that Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, the next holiday that’s celebrated where we’re from is Valentine’s Day and we’re already getting into the spirit with our baking (always with the help of other Internet DIY enthusiasts who might have created delicious themed things we’ve never tried before)!

Are you feeling just as enthusiastic as we were, if not more, about the idea of making your family awesome Valentine’s Day cookies to celebrate how much you love them?

Check out these 15 wonderful ideas, flavourful combinations, and recipes that we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. Valentine sandwich cookies


If you’ve never tried making sandwich cookies before then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something very delicious indeed! We’d suggest remedying that situation now by making this recipe from Love To Be in The Kitchen that shows you how to make not just any old sandwich cookie, but red filled heart shaped ones for Valentine’s Day!

2. Very Valentine pudding cookies with M&Ms


Like we said above, pudding cookies are something so incredibly tasty that we just simply can’t bear the thought of anyone missing out on their awesome taste. The pudding involved just gives them such a fantastic texture! We loved this recipe from Crazy for Crust in particular because they show you how to use M&Ms and sprinkles in Valentine’s Day colours to make their chocolate pudding cookies not only more delicious but also a little more festive looking.

3. Homemade Valentine’s Day Linzer cookies


Although we really like keeping up to date with new trends in baking and trying our hand at all kinds of funky new things that are a little more modern, we also adore learning how to make more classic and traditional recipes as well, especially if there’s a version that’s catered to whatever holiday we have coming up next. These adorable heart shaped linzer cookies featured in simple, classic detail on Simply Recipes are the perfect example of what we mean!

4. Valentine’s Day skillet cookie


Have you ever looked at a cookie as you finished it and thought out how it was so good that you kind of wish you could make an absolutely giant version and just work your way at it as you please? Well, that’s basically what a skillet cookie is and, luckily for all of us, The Rebel Chick is here to show us how it’s done, with a cute and colourful Valentine’s Day ingredient twist!

5. Red velvet cupcake cookies


Like we’re sure many others’ do, our minds kind of automatically wander to red velvet when we start thinking about Valentine’s Day desserts, but that’s usually when we’re considering make cakes. Did you know, though, that you can also make red velvet cookies? This recipe from See Mom Click that teaches you how to make a delicious combo recipe called red velvet cupcake cookies is one of our very favourites for this time of year.

6. Valentine’s Day sugar cookie bars


If you’re a cookie lover who has never made or tried cookie bars then we can’t stress it enough how much we think you simply need to change that right away; they’re just so good! Remedy the situation in a way that’s totally seasonal and on topic by trying these Valentine’s Day sugar cookie bars featured step by sweet, crumbly step on Lady Behind the Curtain.

7. Low carb paleo Valentine’s Day sugar cookies


Does the person you’re planning on making cookies for as a cute Valentine’s Day treat this year eat by a specific diet or go out of their way to try and choose sweets that are at least a little bit calorie wise? Well, that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t make them cookies to brighten their day! Just make sure to give something like these heart shaped low carb, paleo Valentine’s Day sugar cookies from Elana’s Pantry a try.

8. Frosted chocolate heart cookies


Are you totally taken with the idea of making heart shaped cookies with pink frosting because you think they’re just too adorable for words but you’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of regular vanilla sugar cookies? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with this alternative from The Rebel Chick! Check out how they made these frosted chocolate heart cookies instead.

9. No-bake Valentine’s Day Oreo cookie cupcakes


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of cookies that are a little bit like cupcakes, like you’ve merged the two in one place, but you’re just not sure that red velvet is the way you want to go? Well, if you’re even half the Oreo cookie lover we are, then we have a feeling you might get a little more satisfaction out of something like these super sweet no-bake Valentine’s Day Oreo cooke cupcakes that are a whole lot of fun to make and decorate with your kids! Get the full details for making them happen on Busy Bliss.

10. Marbled Valentine sugar cookies


Are simple, quite plain sugar cookies actually your very favourite kind, to the point that you don’t even really like frosting or drizzling them because you like them the way they are plain so much? Then you just might be the perfect person to give this plain-tasting but still stunning looking marbled hearts sugar cookie recipe featured step by step on Dreaming in DIY a try!

11. Pizza my heart Valentine cookies


Are your very favourite Valentine’s Day dessert ideas always the ones that are the most full of kitsch and novelty? Well, we also happen to think that this is a really great time of year for things like that, so we can’t say we blame you! We recently came across this hilarious jumbo cookie idea from Bake at 350 that’s shaped liked a heart and decorated like a sweet pizza and we knew immediately that we just had to make it with our kids.

12. Cherry chocolate wafer cookies


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make something really lovely for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, would you rather create something slightly more gourmet, like you might see in a little cafe? In that case, we think you might really enjoy the look (and taste) of these scrumptious cherry chocolate wafer cookies outlined step by surprisingly simple step on Lola Lambchops!

13. Iced chocolate almond Valentine cookies


Have you actually been scrolling through our list with the intention of making something that’s really easy to share so that you can take it into the office in order to give your co-workers a little treat? Then why not make something cheerful but also bite sized for easy snacking on the go? We’d suggest checking out how A Treats Affair made these small but delicious Iced chocolate almond Valentine’s cookies (but make extra sure that no one in the office has nut allergies first).

14. Nutter Butter love bug cookies


Are you more of a dessert decorating and presentation enthusiast than you are an avid baker but you’re still feeling very intent indeed on making some kind of awesome Valentine’s Day themed cookie treat with your kids? Then we have a sneaking suspicion that this next tutorial from Oh My Creative might be just what you’re looking for! They show you how to chocolate dip and sprinkle embellish nutter butter cookies in order to turn the into “love bugs”.

15. Valentine cookie pops


If you’re any kind of homemade desserts enthusiast, or even just a taste appreciator, then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve heard of cake pops by now. Did you know, though, that cake isn’t the only kind of dessert you can turn into a lollipop version of itself? We adore this recipe from Cool Mom Picks because not only does it help you make cute heart shaped Valentine’s day cookies, but it shows you how to present them as cookie pops too!

Do you have another favourite Valentine’s Day cookie recipe that’s always a huge hit in your house and that you love both making and eating, but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how it’s made or link us to recipes and photos in the comments section!