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Crocheted Jewelry: Far More Special Than Anything in Stores!

Wearing jewelry is all about expressing yourself! It can be hard to find those that really represent your personality, when all you have to choose from is what’s on the store rack. This is where DIY delights saves the day! Check out these beautiful jewelry ideas for crocheters who wish to stand out from the crowd.

Beaded pop tab bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYpop-tab-bracelet

(Source: Craftsy)

This fun, funky bracelet combines your crochet skills and your love for upcycling! Add some beads to top off the look.

Corset cuff bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYwoven-bead-bracelet

(Source: Craftsy)

This bracelet might look complicated and intricate, but it’s entirely doable! Choose your favourite colour of bead or keep the turquoise for this Bohemian style.

Rainbow bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYrainbow-bracelet

(Source: Craftsy)

This simple project is bright, colourful, and tons of fun. Pick a range of your favourite colours, shades that create and ombre effect, or stick with these classic rainbow colours!

Chandelier necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYChandelier-Necklace

(Source: B.hooked Crochet)

Between the gorgeous shape of this necklace and the placement of delicate beads, your friends will be shocked that you made this yourself!

Ruffled bib necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYruffled-bib-necklace

(Source: A Common Thread)

The ruffles in this necklace make it a great statement piece, but they also keep the look soft and girly.

Beaded crochet necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYbeaded-crochet-necklace

(Source: Big A, Little A)

A thin line of beads woven together draws the eye like no other. People will think you bought this one from a handmade boutique!

Rosebud necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYrosebud-necklace

(Source: Yarn Twist)

The beauty of this piece is that it’s all entirely crochet! There are no beads or sparkles to glam it up; just pure crocheted prettiness.

Dangling bead necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYLovely dangling bead necklace

(Source: Hectanooga1)

This tutorial shows you how to make a necklace of pretty loops and glam it up with some simple hanging beads.

Bunting necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet-Bunting-Necklace

(Source: Make and Takes)

Do you have something to celebrate? Are you going to the state fair and looking for a themed accessory? Make your own with this adorable bunting pattern!

Motif pendants

VIEW IN GALLERYmotif-pendants

(Source: Craftsy)

You’ll love being able to tell your friends that you’re responsible for creating these gorgeous, delicately shaped pendants.

Cobalt earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYcobalt-earrings

(Source: Craftsy)

Some richly coloured yarn, a couple earring hooks, and some beads are all you need to create these cute little circular earrings.

Lacy picot bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYlacy-picot-bracelet

(Source: Craftsy)

The beautiful stitches in this bracelet might resemble the fancy old doilies in your grandmother’s house, but they’re look classy and demure wrapped around your wrist.

Bow earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYbow earrings

(Source: Craftsy)

These playful bows are simple to make and a lot of fun to wear! Use them to add a touch of whimsy to any look.

Crochet chain necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-chain-necklace

(Source: We Are Knitters)

Using fabric yarn to create a chunky effect will make a bold statement with any outfit! The brighter the colours you choose, the more eye catching it’ll be.

Beaded kids’ necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYbeaded-kids-necklace

(Source: Creative Jewish Mom)

Kids will loved crocheted jewelry too! This simple pattern shows you how to make a bright, fun necklace that won’t break or bug them.

Have you crocheted yourself other unique pieces of jewelry?