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Pretty Crafts Involving Leaves

Have you ever looked out at the autumn leaves and wished you could harness all the stunning colours you see there in your own home? Perhaps one of your favourite things has always been the way bright green, healthy leaves rustle in the breeze in summer. We love letting our favourite pieces of nature inspire our art as well but leaves are particularly great because, once they’ve fallen from the tree you can actually use them in your projects!

Check out these 15 awesomely natural looking crafting and DIY projects that are made using or incorporating leaves.

1. Pasted leaf puppy dog


Are you a huge fan of getting your kids in on any kind of crafting you’re doing right now, especially if it involves getting to use unconventional materials? Then this big leaf puppy dog is the perfect craft for you. the technique is simple but the fun starts before you even get out the paper and glue because you have to go on a nature hunt for the perfect leaf first! See the idea in full detail on Free but Fun.

2. Leaf and pipe cleaner butterfly


Have you and your kids always admired all the different shapes that leaves come in, varying in the way they split off at the ends? Then try making something that really shows off that cool characteristic! We love Obsession with Butterflies‘ idea or creating a twisted pipe cleaner butterfly that uses leaves as pretty wings.

3. Leaf and crayon sun catchers


If you and your children have made sun catchers before, then you already know just how much fun the entire process is. At our house, the kids have created sun catchers in all different shapes and sizes, and we’re sure they’ll make more in days to come! One of their favourite ways to do it is by tracing something to create a fun shape. Meaningful Mama shows you how to do that with leaves for the perfect fall time window display!

4. Leaf animals


We do all kinds of creative crafts with our kids, but their favourite things always seem to result from an afternoon of very simple cut and paste. Why not take that easy idea and switch things up just a little bit to keep them interested? Kids Play shows you how to paste all kinds of differently shaped and sized leaves to make them look like cute little animals. These chicks are especially cute!

5. Painted leaf prints


If you’ve every done leaf crayon rubbings then you already know how cool it looks when you get an imprint of all the different pieces, fronds, stems, and veins. We also think you’ll love the way it looks when you imprint them instead! Saved by Love Creations shows you how to do it with paint.

6. Rolled leaf roses


Perhaps you’re actually looking for a more artistic craft for yourself or your older kids to do, rather than something to keep the little ones busy? Then we definitely think you should check out how Hetkanwel created this absolutely stunning rose by rolling and folding leaves around each other! The finished product is incredibly realistic and beautiful.

7. Leaf insects


Did you love the idea of using leaves and glue to create little animals but you’re not so sure that cute chicks are quite your kids’ style? Then check out these awesome plant based creepy crawlies by Deavita instead! The more different leaves and things you collect, the more bugs you can create.

8. Leaf hedgehogs


Do you think your kids would be ready to handle gluing their leaves down in careful layers rather than just sticking one down at a time? Then take a quick trip out to the backyard and start collecting brown leaves with lots of spiky pieces so they can try making these cute little hedgehogs! Crafty Morning guides you through the whole simple process.

9. Leaf lantern


We talked earlier about admiring the different colours that leaves come in throughout different times of year, but making a sun catcher certainly isn’t the only way to enjoy all of those shades! 5 Orange Potatoes shows you how to paste the leaves to the surface of a mason jar so that when you light a tea light candle inside, the glow of the flame reflects the colour of the leaves.

10. Leaf turkeys


Did you love the leaf layering idea that you say with the little hedgehogs we talked about above but you’d rather something a little more seasonal and festive? Perhaps your kids just want to use leaves of all different colours and still have their projects look realistic? Then a turkey with a fantastic tail made of leaf “feathers” sounds like the answer! Check out how Baby Center made these ones.

11. Leaf and paper plate wreath


Just in case you haven’t noticed by now, we really are huge fans of a good, simple cut and paste project for our kids. They’re just so easy to get creative with! That’s why we love this leaf and paper plate idea from Deavita. Your kids will be very pleased indeed when you hang their wreaths on the door later!

12. Leaf place cards


Maybe you’re the one with a huge love for leaves and you’d love to use them to incorporate a more natural aesthetic into your next fancy dinner’s décor scheme? Then as long as you’re happy with your own handwriting, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate these cute leaf place holders from BHG!

13. Leaf and stone paper weights


If you’re going to craft with one thing that you collected from nature, why not combine it with something else and have two stunning natural tools working together to make one piece of art? We love these simple decorative paper weights from Craft Ideas that are made by pasting a pretty little leaf onto the surface of a rock or stone.

14. Framed leaf wall art


Just in case you’re the kind of nature appreciator who wishes you could preserve the stunning beauty of your favourite big, colourful leaves forever, here’s a project from Lowes Creative Ideas that does just that! They show you how to properly mount and frame big leaves so you can display your collection proudly.

15. Stamped leaf banner


Did you love the idea of making a paint imprint of a leaf like we talked about earlier but you’d rather make that imprint into an actual piece of décor rather than just doing it on paper? Then perhaps you’d like to recreate this leaf stamped party bunting from Babble!

Do you know someone who adores leaves in the spring just as much as they do in the fall, just like we do? Then share this post with them for a little bit of crafting inspiration!