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15 Beautiful Fall Leaves Crafts (Tutorials Included)

Now that fall is officially here, our yard has started to fill up with crispy, fragrant fall leaves and we couldn’t be more pleased. We don’t even mind having to rake them into piles, since our kids have such a blast jumping in them! For rainy days when they can’t play in the leaves, however, we’ve helped them collect some nice dried ones that we’ve kept aside for DIY purposes so we can have some seasonal crafternoons. Now all we need is a few suggestions of what to make with them!

Check out these 15 fantastic concepts, designs, and tutorials for crafting with fall leaves that come come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Birch leaf wreath


Now, we understand that this particular tutorial is actually made with birch bark cut into the shape of leaves, but we liked the design so much and it would be so easy to adjust the technique to using actual fall leaves instead that we simply couldn’t resist including it on our list anyways! Take a better look at Women’s Day to see how this lovely leaf wreath was made.

2. DIY leaf stamped napkins


Just because you’re crafting with leaves doesn’t meant that the actual leave themselves have to be a physical part of the final product! After all, dried leaves can get very crumbly over time and we understand that not everyone wants to use real plant life in their home. That’s why we thought this leaf printing technique that uses the leaves as a tool to get the perfect shape was such a good idea! Get the full details for making pretty fall napkins just like this on All Things G&D.

3. Leaf decoupaged fall pumpkins


In addition to being a huge fan of anything involving fall leaves, are you also the kind of autumn enthusiast who will take just about any opportunity to cover your house in as many pumpkins as possible? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll get along very well indeed with this painted and leaf decoupaged pumpkin idea outlined step by step on The Sweet Escape.

4. Autumn leaf fairy lights


In our house, fairy lights are something that’ll we’ll gladly use our DIY skills to make suit just about any occasion we possibly can. There’s just something about how good they look twinkling in any room that we can’t get enough of! That’s why we were so pleased to come across this fall version outlined on Wallflower Kitchen, where the tutorial will show you how to make these fall leaf fairy lights in just a few simple steps.

5. Simple leaf napkin ring


Are you the kind of crafty party host who adores using your creative skills to make any dinner or event that you host for family and friends just about as decorative and fun as you possibly can? Well, if you’re the one who will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year then perhaps you’ll appreciate the way A Joyful Riot made these adorable place marking napkin rings that each feature a real fall leaf with a guest’s name written in gold cursive.

6. Delicate looking fall leaf bowl


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of real fall leaf decoupage but you’re just not sure that you’ve got the space to set entire pumpkins out as seasonal decor right now? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to make something a little more permanent. We adore the way Hello Lucky made this delicate looking and very impressive fall leaf decoupage bowl that works almost like papier mache, but made from more natural supplies.

7. Autumn leaf mason jar candle holders


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you liked the idea of real fall leaf decoupage but you’re not sure you’re up for something quite as challenging as moulding your own entire bowl from scratch, here’s a lovely alternative to both that and fairy lights! Spark and Chemistry walks you step by step through the process of turning empty mason jars into fall decor using similar techniques in order to make pretty red and orange tea light candle holders.

8. DIY leaf crowns


Perhaps you’re actually still looking for things that you might make with (or for, depending on their age) your kids, rather than something decorative that you’ll enjoy yourself? Well, if your little ones like playing dress up even half as much as ours do, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Handmade Charlotte made these super fun and seasonal looking fall leaf crowns!

9. Oversized leaf artwork


Just in case the actual act of crafting with leaves wasn’t quite enough for you because you really do enjoy the whole concept of fall leaves so much, here’s a tutorial from Just A Girl that we think might be totally perfect for you! Yes, this guide really does teach you how to make a artistic looking giant leaf out of more leaves. We love the way they mounted it on wood as a background!

10. Leaf printed tablecloth


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making leaf printed fabric based things like the napkins we showed you earlier but now you’re wondering whether you can’t make more matching linens? Well, thanks to this simple leaf printed tablecloth tutorial from Funtober, you can! Take a better look at their info to complete your set.

11. Fall leaf book page banner


Even though you’re a huge fall lover and looking to make some seasonal autumn decor would you actually prefer to make the piece you create a little more unique and less explicitly Thanksgiving-looking? Well, if you’re a total bookworm like we are, then we have a feeling you’re going to adore the way Simple As That used pages from old and damaged books and pressed fall leaves to create a beautiful banner.

12. Glittered falling leaves garland


Have we actually got your feeling quite enamoured indeed with the idea of making some kind of fall themed banner or garland involving leaves but you’re just not sure that the book page idea we showed you quite has enough glam for your usual eye catching tastes? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this super fun glittered falling leaves garland outlined step by step on House of Jade Interiors a try!

13. Fall leaf rose bouquet


Perhaps you’re quite an experienced DIY enthusiast and you’re totally interested in crafting with leaves but you’re also looking for something slightly more challenging than most of the ideas you’ve seen so far? Well, if you’ve ever been a fan of folding based projects like origami then we’re pretty sure you’ll also adore the way Design Sponge made these beautiful flowers from folded and layered fall leaves! We think the fact that they made an entire bouquet out of them looks simply and seasonally stunning.

14. Leaf printed paper art


Now, we know that this next idea is technically something you could easily do all year round and have suit your decor scheme whether it’s fall or not, but it’s still made using leaves and we happen to think it would suit our current fall decor scheme rather well! Check out the nice, detailed tutorial on Remodelista to learn how this beautiful leaf painted art was created!

15. Clay leaf bowls


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how much you liked the idea of making a leaf inspired or shaped bowl but the idea of using papier mache-like decoupage techniques doesn’t really appeal to you? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Urban Comfort made these fantastic leaf moulded and printed clay decor bowls instead!

Have you made other kinds of awesome fall leaf based crafts before that you really enjoyed and still have on display but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!