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Modern Gardening: 12 DIY Terrariums You Can Keep as Home Decor 

We are drawn to nature and like to bring it in our homes to make it feel more organic, so greenery is often a part of our living space. But as the home decor trends change, so does the idea of indoor gardening. Big flower pots on window sills can step aside, because terrariums have come to claim their rightful place! They are a beautiful and sophisticated way of decorating your home with greenery that won’t grow all over the place! Take a peek at these 12 DIY terrariums!

1. Terrarium Placeholder 


If you are a passionate event planner and your friends refer to you as the Gatsby of the group, surprise them by including a little terrarium in your next event and use it as a placeholder! You can make several of them for your most special people who will love getting something unique and unforgettable! Where do we get these epic ideas? Green Wedding Shoes, of course!

2. Ecosystem Terrarium 


When you try new things, you either do them wholeheartedly or not at all! This terrarium holds an entire ecosystem and is much bigger in size than most others, so it’s important to find a good, well-lit place for it to stand where it can shine in all its beauty! See how CanTeen made it happen!

3. Cactus Terrarium 


Cacti are easily our favorite plants – they are just so simple to maintain, they are ideal for busy people and anyone who forgets to water their plants because they don’t bark to remind you. Learn at Home my Design how to make your very own sustainable cactus terrarium!

4. Succulent Terrarium 


Succulents are almost a must-have in a classic minimalist modern home! They have a beautiful look and aren’t needy! This terrarium by Good Housekeeping will definitely awaken in you a big love of succulents, so roll up your sleeves and get to work!

5. Candy Jar Terrarium 


Your eight year old self would probably be very disappointed if they found out you are keeping plants in a candy jar, but maybe you can still treat yourself to a delicious dessert after you are finished decorating your beautiful living space with a candy jar terrarium inspired by Brit + Co!

6. Tiny Glass Terrarium 


Love the concept of a terrarium but don’t like too much nature indoors? Opt for this tiny decorative glass terrarium that is incredibly chic and delicate, taking the decoration to a whole new level of miniature! Don’t worry about the tutorial, Why Don’t You Make Me happily shares it!

7. 1-Hour Terrarium 


What do we always say? No excuses! Even if you are the busiest bee of the hive, you can clear an hour of your time and make this simple terrarium that won’t take more from you than 60 minutes! The clock is ticking, so head over to Saved by Love Creations asap!

8. Coffee Pot Terrarium 


We love innovative ideas that make us gasp with surprise! A Charming Project shows us what a lovely decoration a coffee pot terrarium can be! Not only do you gain a cute terrarium, you also honor your coffee pot and repurpose it in the best way imaginable!

9. Bell Jar Terrarium 


You want a terrarium, but you also want to keep things simple and minimalistic. Check out this bell jar terrarium by Ruffled! It has such an air of elegance, it seems like the ideal piece for a home where everything is always squeaky clean, polished and bright!

10. Simple Glass Terrarium 


Don’t get too intimidated by all the fancy glass bowl terrariums you see on the internet. If that’s not your thing, don’t feel pressured! As Finding Silver Pennies will tell you, you can absolutely make the best terrariums in classic kitchen glass jars!

11. Hanging Terrarium 


Try something different and hang your terrarium to give the room a dynamic natural element that feels like a little world captured in glass. Some people swear by wind chimes but you get to challenge them with a terrarium! Get a detailed tutorial at Adventures in Cooking!

12. Terrarium Side Table 


If you want to take your homemade terrarium game to the next level, A Beautiful Mess has the perfect project for you. Make a giant terrarium and turn it into a side table! That’s right, your modern terrarium can now double as furniture! Life is but a dream!

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