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12 Fun and Creative DIY Projects for the Taco Obsessed 

Tacos are one of the many joys in life and there’s no denying they are favorite food of the masses! Whether you prepare them at home, order takeout or eat them as street food they are always convenient and always delicious! There is a variety of tacos to choose from but if you want to honor them beyond eating them, you and your kids can dive into these 12 fun and creative DIY taco projects! 

1. Paper Plate Taco


This is a great project to make with your kids on the days they desperately want tacos but you’ve already planned a different dinner! Making paper plate tacos from scratch will be a great bonding and creative experience so visit Glued to my Crafts and get the tutorial!

2. Taco Earphones Holder 


Tangled earphones are a huge no-go! That bitter moment when you just want to listen to some good tunes but instead have to deal with 15 minutes of earphone untangling can easily be conquered with a good earphones holder – and what better choice than this  cute taco one by 2 Cats & 1 Doll!

3. Taco Phone Charger 


It’s 2017 and the boring phone charges that come with the phone are passé! You need a fancy homemade phone charger that will look the part and be one of the cutest elements you have to showcase! If you are a big taco lover the choice is obvious. Visit JENerationDIY for the details!

4. Taco Christmas Ornament 


Traditions are fun and necessary but there’s always room to make new ones! If you think tacos couldn’t possibly be a part of your Christmas celebration, think again!  Orange Bettie brings you the tutorial for a felt taco Christmas ornament and we can honestly say that it looks cuter than any reindeer ornament we’ve ever seen!

5. Taco Pillow 


We love a snuggly pillow and since tacos always make us feel so good when we eat them, why not try snuggle with one too? Ann Le is totally our spirit animal when it comes to this, as she has created this incredibly cushy and cute taco pillow that we’ll definitely be giving a try and so should you!

6. Taco Piñata 


You know how much we love unique piñatas and you also know it’s not a proper Mexican celebration without tacos! Hosting a proper Mexican-themed party should not be a problem then! You have this whole roundup of taco crafts to choose from, but this taco piñata by Studio DIY is perhaps the most important one!

7. Taco Blanket 


If you’ve secretly been dreaming of wrapping yourself into a huge taco we have good news for you. One, you’re not alone; join the club! Two, Drank the Paint has a really simple tutorial for a soft and adorable taco blanket that will surely become your favorite blanket until the end of times!

8. Taco Costume 


Do you have this year’s Halloween costume yet? You absolutely have to check out this taco costume we found at Ann Le! Without a doubt you will be everyone’s favorite costume, perhaps rivaled only by the guy who comes dressed as a pizza slice!

9. Taco Cake 


It looks like taco but it tastes like cake! Studio DIY always has the best ideas and this one is no different! The recipe is a fantastic way to combine your favorite sweet and sour dish and it also makes an outstanding surprise cake for any taco obsessed human!

10. Taco Bag 


Care to reflect your love of tacos within your daily fashion? Aww Sam can help! Here’s a tutorial for a lovely taco bag that has a vibrant yellow color and is therefore super trendy, but also has the motive of a taco which makes it cheeky and unique! Don’t forget to take it with you every time you grab tacos with friends!

11. Taco Phone Case 


Adorable phone cases are almost as important as the phone itself! Your phone will surely be the center of attention everywhere you go if you opt for this charming taco phone case by Just Clay It that will definitely make you crave tacos every time you look at it!

12. Taco Pencil Case 


Pencil cases are super useful regardless of one’s age! Kids can fill it with crayons, teens with pens and pencils to be used in school and adults can use it to carry pens on the go without always losing them in a purse! Check in with Octoboo if you want to have this amusing taco pencil case!