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Wonderful DIY Messy French Twist Hairstyle

VIEW IN GALLERYMessy-French-twist-updo1 VIEW IN GALLERYMessy-French-twist-updo2 VIEW IN GALLERYMessy-French-twist-updo3 VIEW IN GALLERYMessy-French-twist-updo4 VIEW IN GALLERYMessy-French-twist-updo5I love this messy French twist hairsytle .The French twist hairstyle is not that difficult to make as it seems to be. With little patience and skill, you can create the perfect look. Though the hairdo is mostly visible at weddings and prom nights, it can be also worn to office or an outing. Just keep it simple and make sure that the hair pins are placed carefully.


1. Start by prepping the hair with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Spray generously and quickly blow dry in cold setting and dry with fingers. We added Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun Finish to the mix to add that airy feel to the ends.

2. Take your comb and start teasing the crown section. Add a little bit of tease to the sides and lightly tease the ends as well.

3. With your fingers, lightly “comb” all the hair back as if you’re about to do a mid pony.

4. Follow through to the ends and start rolling the ends to the direction you want the twist in. We rolled to the left.

5. Keep rolling until you reach the head, this is also the part where you can “poof” out the crown a bit and loosen it up.

6. Now that you have the shape you want, go a head and pin the twist to the rest of the hair. *Pin the bobby’s as if you’re crocheting through the hair so you don’t flatten the twist. Lock it down by spraying.

VIEW IN GALLERYMessy french twist updo FSource: https://bit.ly/1eqBKfi