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DIY Tips for Safe Sun Time This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, we’re spending as much time outdoors as we possibly can! Because we live in a place that gets so darn cold in the winter, summertime is our time to enjoy the fresh air, feel the sun on our skin, and generally recharge after months of snow and darkness. We also, however, are very aware of the fact that being in the sun so much can take a toll on our skin. You can always purchase myriad sun blocks and UV protection sprays at the store, but sometimes having a natural homemade option is a better idea. That’s why we’ve been looking up all kinds of DIY tips for staying safe in the sun this summer!

Just in case you’re huge sun lovers just like we are in the summer, if not more, but you could also use a few easy, homemade tricks for staying safe in high UV indexes, here are the best ideas, and simple homemade solutions that we’ve come across in our experience so far.

1. Sun protection spray made with carrot seed oil and coconut oil


Are you the kind of person who’s always in a hurry and often forgets to put actual sun screen on at all, so you’re looking for a simpler way to get a bit of sun protection and perhaps even carry with you when you need to top up on long days? Then maybe this simple to carry, easy to make sun spray is the best option for you! Take a look at Camp Makery to see how it’s mixed from carrot seed oil and coconut oil combined in a spray bottle. It smells nice too, so that’s an added bonus!

2. DIY sun protection hat for outdoor work


Are you actually an outdoor worker who, while you love the summer, wishes you could maybe spend a little less time in the sun, since you’re so used to getting burned on the bar of your neck and such while you work? Well, we’ve certainly found a homemade solution that will help you out, but we’re not promising that it’s the most fashionable thing ever. Bush Channel shows you how to alter a simple hard hat like the one you might wear for your job so that a light flap of fabric keeps the back of your neck cool and shaded from the sun. If you ask us, fashion is a lot less important than keeping our skin unburned, so we’d wear one if we needed it, no questions asked.

3. DIY sun hat from cardboard


Perhaps you’ve been out with your family all day and realized that you’ve been in the sun much longer than expected, so now you’re concerned that your kids will be sunburned even if you do keep reapplying sunscreen? We’ve had this happen on family vacations before, or in scenarios where we’ve agreed to help family and neighbours with outdoor projects and, even though it looks silly, we’ve actually used this cardboard sun hat idea featured on Trash Backwards to give our little ones a bit of extra UV protection in a pinch! This tutorial shows you how to make a temporary hat from a scrap piece of cardboard in just a few simple steps and, even though it’s not the most stylish thing ever, our kids actually got quite a kick out of wearing something they made themselves out of a material that might otherwise have been thrown out.

4. Essential oils after sun spray


Have you just spent a whole day in the sun and, even though you took precaution to protect yourself from UV rays, you feel like you could do even more to benefit your skin in the time after, once you’re out of the sun for the day? In that case, we’d suggest mixing yourself up a batch of this fantastic DIY after sun spray by Camp Makery! They show you how to use essential oils like lavender and peppermint to soothe your skin and make sure any burning that did occur despite your best efforts doesn’t sting or itch as much as it might otherwise.

5. DIY facial sunscreen


Are you actually mostly looking for DIY sun and skin tips and tricks because your face, in particular, is very sensitive to regular store bought sun screen sprays and cream formulas? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Salt and Ritual made a DIY sunscreen that’s specifically meant for the skin on your face! Their ingredients list includes things that are gentle and won’t make you as oily as store bought things, reducing your chances of breakout when you use it.

6. DIY sun shade to fit all cars


On particularly hot summer days, our bodies actually aren’t the only things that could use a little protection from the sun’s harsh rays! If you’ve ever come back to the car from a long day at the beach and gotten in only to sit on the searing hot metal of your seat buckle and burn yourself, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Sure, you can buy sun shades that fit in your car’s windshield at the store, but we’d rather make one custom so we know it fits well in our vehicle. That’s why we were so happy to stumble upon this awesome tutorial featured on John Su!

7. Natural homemade DIY sunscreen


Maybe you’re actually just a very environmentally person who has been trying to do your best to replace all kinds of store bought things in your life with homemade versions that will produce less waste, save you money, and have less of a green impact? In that case, you might just want to make yourself a homemade sunscreen to make things simpler and more natural! We’d suggest taking a look at this recipe from Pronounce Skincare that’s made from organic ingredients and won’t lave your skin feeling oily, like how some store bought sun creams leave a residue.

8. Smooth whipped homemade sunscreen


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a homemade sun screen from scratch, would you rather take full advantage of the way that gives you creative control and make it with a texture that you like a lot more than the store bought products? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Hello Glow  created a sun cream that’s a little smoother and even less oily than the one above thanks to being whipped! Using this almost feels like you’re pampering yourself because the whipped texture is so luxurious.

9. Stretched beach sun shade


Are you the kind of very sunburned person who is fully aware that you need to go above and beyond just using sunscreen if you’re going to keep from turning red on the beach this summer? In that case, we have a feeling you might get a lot of use out of this awesome DIY sun shade idea featured on Wee Love! Their tutorial shows you how to use some string, some garden poles, and an old sheet to create a sort of leaning half-tent that provides a little shade on an otherwise sun filled beach.

10. Sunscreen slime


Are you the kind of parent who is so obsessed with DIY projects and crafting with your kids that you’re always searching for new ways to turn regular life things into fun, crafty learning opportunities for your kids? In that case, we’ve found the perfect summertime project for you! Check out how Slime Masters created a homemade play slime that’s not only fun to squish but actually mixed with sunscreen so that, the more your kids splat it onto their arms or each other’s backs, the more it helps reapply an additional layer of sun protection for them.

11. DIY sun protection tinted lip balm


Are you the kind of stylish person who loves to keep yourself protected from the sun because then your foundation colour won’t change and you won’t have to buy new makeup? Then we have a feeling this tinted sunscreen lip balm idea, which Kim Werker guides you step by step through making, will be right up your alley! This way, you can have both sun protection and a little bit of colour on your pout, just to make sure you get the best of both words without having to deal with chapped, sunburned lips.

12. DIY day cream


Just because you don’t intent to spend your entire day on the beach on any regular day in the middle of the week doesn’t mean you won’t experience a little bit of sun exposure or need some UV protection as you go about your business. Even so, you won’t necessarily need an actual full sunscreen coverage either, especially if you plan on wearing makeup. That’s why we thought this homemade day cream that has a little bit of SPF protection mixed in while still keeping things light was such a good idea! See how it’s made in more detail on Beauty Natural Secrets.

13. Non-tinted sunscreen lip balm


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about SPF lip balm but you’ve never really been one for makeup and you don’t care whether or not you get any added colour along with it? In that case, maybe you’d prefer a product that’s a little less glamorous and a little more moisturizing, protective, and practical. Garden Therapy has just what you need in these awesomely light homemade SPF lip balms that go on clear rather thank pink!

14. Protective sun brim for a bicycle helmet


Now, we fully understand that many of the “fashion” based choices when it comes to protecting yourself are actually anything but fashionable. We also, however, have plenty of experience dealing with horrible sun burns gotten during the simplest daily tasks like biking to and from work, and we’re here to tell you that they are not pleasant to deal with. That’s why we’re including this hilarious looking but totally practical brimmed bike helmet idea outlined step by step on Instructables! It might not be the biggest fashion statement in the world, but it’ll certainly keep your neck and ears from burning on your daily commute and we promise you’ll be thankful.

15. DIY sun protection hairspray


When it comes to protecting your body from high UV indexes, did you know that your skin isn’t actually the only thing that can suffer from sun damage? Your hair can actually suffer from spending too much time in direct sunlight as well, causing it to dry out, lose its natural, healthy shine, and become brittle. That’s where Dazzling Beauty by Tessa comes in to save the day! They show you how to make a daily spray for your hair that will nourish your strands, hydrate roots and ends, and protect your scalp and follicles in the sunlight while you enjoy the beach.