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Pretty DIY Rings to Make Your Hands Sparkle

We’re big fans of rings, no mater what they look like. Big rings, small rings, sparkly rings, unique rings… we just plain love rings! We’re always seeing cute ring designs that we like in stores, but they’re not always exactly what we’re looking for. That’s where your DIY skills come come in to save the day!

Check out these 15 awesome DIY ring ideas that will help you keep your style accessorized but totally customized at the same time.

1. Statement button ring

VIEW IN GALLERYStatement button ring

Have you ever seen amazing old vintage clothing in thrift stores covered in all kinds of embellishments, including 1980s style jeweled buttons? You might not thing that you’d ever actually wear those clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them at all! Miss Kris suggests using those gem buttons to make your very own flashy statement rings!

2. Hand beaded ring

VIEW IN GALLERYHand beaded ring

Are your favourite kinds of handmade jewelry designs the ones that involve a little bit of skill and intricacy? If you have lots of patience and great concentration, then perhaps you’ll enjoy working with seed beads! Handmade Jewelry guides you through the process of creating a little pattern on a ring using beads in different colours and shapes.

3. Glittery leather star ring

VIEW IN GALLERYGlittery leather star ring

Do you prefer making jewelry out of unconventional materials? Okay, leather isn’t exactly entirely unconventional when it comes to jewelry, but Carnets Parisiens shows you how to use it in a very unique way! Cut little star shapes, cover a couple of them in glitter, and arrange them so they layer on top of each other along the band of the ring.

4. Painted chevron ring

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted chevron ring

Do your real artistic skills actually lie in painting even though you’re intent on making yourself some jewelry pieces? Then why not combine the two techniques? Find a basic ring with a flat centre or take the embellishment off an old one you don’t wear any more and use all surface paint to create your own pattern instead. Sprinkles in Spring suggests chevron in alternating colours!

5. Wire wrapped stone ring


Have you always loved the look of natural looking jewelry made from polished or shaped stones? It can be quite expensive in stores, but you can always get around that by making your own! Oh Everything Handmade guides you through the process of properly wrapping wires around a stone bead to make something truly unique.

6. Little knitted bow ring

VIEW IN GALLERYLittle knitted bow ring

When it comes to jewelry, almost anything should be expected because accessorizing is a great sign of personal style. You can make almost anything into a ring if you’re willing to try! That’s why we loved the idea of putting our knitting skills to work in order to make jewelry, just like One Sheepish Girl did here!

7. Wire wrapped metallic rocks

VIEW IN GALLERYWire wrapped metallic rocks

Did you love the other rock design we included on this list, but you’d rather use rocks you found outside rather than polished ones or ones that have already been drilled through for beading? Then try this alternative rock and wire wrapping design instead! Merrythought will show you how it’s done.

8. Knotted nylon cord ring

VIEW IN GALLERYKnotted nylon cord ring

Do you like the idea of using fabric based materials in your jewelry but you’re not a knitter so you’re skeptical of making something like the bow we showed you above? Then try cord knotting techniques instead! We love the bubbly look of this knotted cord ring from Plan B.

9. Neon painted stones ring

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon painted stones ring

Can you tell that we’re really big fans of the idea of making jewelry with rocks and stones? It’s just so accessible and it looks so cool! As an alternative to the wire wrapping techniques we showed you, check out this awesomely colourful painted rock design by Brit + Co. You could pick any colours or patterns you please!

10. Polished Southwestern ring

VIEW IN GALLERYPolished Southwestern ring

Perhaps you’ve got a chunky old ring that you like the look of or the pattern on, but you just don’t think it’s fancy and colourful enough for your personal style? There’s a resourceful quick fix for this that’s so easy you might not even have thought of it. Paper and Stitch has the answer for you: nail polish!

11. Wrapped zipper and gemstone ring

VIEW IN GALLERYWrapped zipper and gemstone ring

Perhaps you really love sparkling rhinestone jewelry but you’d rather wear a ring that’s a little edgier than the usual gem options? Then follow in Fashion.com’s lead and surround the gem with a length of zipper! This finished design might look quite intricate and complicated because of how the teeth splay, but we promise it’s much easier than it seems.

12. Neon clay shapes

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon clay shapes

Maybe you’d like to create a chunky ring, but you want a shape that’s yours to customize right from scratch? Then clay is the way to go! You can choose basically any colour and create whatever shape you please, but Hello Glow’s block shape neons are very on trend and totally eye catching. Glue them onto a base ring and voila!

13. Spiky starburst ball ring

VIEW IN GALLERYSpiky starburst ball ring

Have you always loved the idea of making jewelry from random objects and reclaimed things in an effort to both build your DIY style and repurpose things about your house? Then we think you’ll be pretty into this hilarious little spiked ball ring by Thanks, I Made It! Simply paint a rubber kids’ ball gold and attach it to a plain base ring.

14. Delicate chevron knuckle ring

VIEW IN GALLERYDelicate chevron knuckle ring

Small, delicate knuckle rings have been trending for a while now and we’re completely obsessed with them. Just in case you love them as much as we do, we thought we’d better put at least one knuckle ring design on the list! A Pair & A Spare guides you through the process of bending, molding, and trimming fine jewelry wire into a chevron shape.

15. Stone cap ring

VIEW IN GALLERYStone cap ring

Have you always loved the way more industrial chic styled accessories look, but you’d like to keep their incorporation in your personal style quite subtle? Then find the nearest pack of spare nuts and bolts in your tool box and grab a screw cap! Wild Amor suggests gluing this to a base ring and sprucing the whole thing up by fixing a pretty coloured stone or gem inside the cap’s center.