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Go Nuts: 15 Delicious Recipes Made with Almonds

Not everyone can safely eat recipes involving nuts, but we find that those who can tend to absolutely adore their favourite nut recipes to a passionate degree. If you’re one of those people, then lists like this are definitely helpful because they give you plenty of new ways to enjoy your beloved nutty ingredient! What’s our favourite type of nut, you ask? Well, we like a few kinds, but there’s definitely a clear front-runner for us: almonds!

Check out these 15 delicious recipes for almond lovers that we’ve gathered from the corners of the internet in hopes of introducing you to something new and delicious that we enjoy ourselves!

1. Almond-crusted tilapia

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond-crusted tilapia

Tilapia is already delicious and healthy on its own, but it never hurts to add a bit of flavour to switch things up a little! We adore this almond crusted version of the classic dinner idea by My Recipes! The almonds complement the flavour of both the seafood itself and everything else on the plate.

2. Chocolate almond hearts


If you’re ever had chocolate almonds or versions of your favourite chocolate bars with almonds added, then you know just how delicious the two are paired together. Here’s a recipe that lets you make chocolate almonds at home so you can enjoy them whenever you want! We thank My Recipes for showing us not just how to make them, but how to make them look like adorable little hearts!

3. Spiced fried almonds

VIEW IN GALLERYSpiced fried almonds

Do you prefer your almonds to be salty or savory rather than sweet? Serious Eats suggests taking those tastes one step further and eating them a little bit spicy too! We definitely recommend this recipe if you’re the kind of person who loves taking the occasional flavour challenge. We don’t think you’ll regret this one!

4. Almond and chevre cheese balls

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond and cehvre cheese balls

Serious Eats has yet another savory almond option for you, just in case that’s what you like but you can’t handle the spice of the recipe right before this! These creamy almond encrusted goat cheese balls are so good that we’re practically drooling just writing about them.

5. Almond lemon macaroons

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond lemon macaroons

Do you love lemon and citrus flavours almost as much as you love almonds? Popsugar has the perfect recipe for combining the two! Traditional macaroons are usually coconut flavoured, but this flavourful twist on the classic recipe is more than ok with us.

6. Easy zucchini bread with almonds on top

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy zucchini bread with almonds on top

Inspired Taste suggests combining the slightly more savory tastes of soft, warm zucchini bread with shaved almonds for a slightly more sweet, nutty experience. We’re particularly in love with this recipe because it combines textures as well! The almonds on top give you a bit of crunch as you eat the soft bread.

7. Vanilla nut granola with milk and blueberries

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla nut granola with milk and blueberries

Laura Fuentes

reminds you that almonds make an absolutely delicious breakfast food as well! If you’ve ever had granola and berries with milk in the morning then you’re already familiar with what a delicious combination it is, but there’s a simple way to make it even better than usual: almonds, of course!

8. Coconut almond flaxseed muffins

VIEW IN GALLERYCoconut almond flaxseed muffins

Are you looking for a muffin recipe that’s delicious but a little healthier than the classic, butter heavy kind? Hip Foodie Mom has you covered! These delicious, ingredient conscious muffins involve flax seed, coconut, and, in case that wasn’t already delicious enough, almond shavings!

9. Almond crusted chicken nuggets

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond crusted chicken ovens

Are you safe to eat nuts when it comes to allergies, but wheat and gluten are a whole different story? You can actually replace one with the other in some circumstances! You should definitely take a look a this recipe by Gimme Some Oven if you’re an almond lover who’s been missing fried chicken and chicken nuggets. We’re thankful to know that traditional batter can be replaced with a flavourful almond crust!

10. Cherry almond blue steak salad

VIEW IN GALLERYCherry almond blue steak salad

Are you the kind of salad eater who loves your greens, but wants a little more when it comes to eating a salad as an actual meal? This recipe from Iowa Girl Eats will certainly have you filled up! Besides containing juicy steak and mouthwatering cherry halves, it’s also sprinkled with almond shavings, chunks, or whole pieces, depending on how much you like them!

11. Blueberry almond quinoa smoothie bowl

VIEW IN GALLERYBlueberry almond quinoa smoothie bowl

Many recipes and foodies recommend adding almonds to your morning smoothie for a bit of extra flavour and nutrient content, as well as a thicket texture. This recipe from Food, Faith, Fitness, however, is rather unique! Instead of just drinking the smoothie, pour it over some cold quinoa and eat it like a breakfast cereal. If you want a little extra almond power, shave some and sprinkle them on top!

12. 10-minute chili lime almonds

VIEW IN GALLERY10-minute chili lime almonds

Did you love the idea of the whole spiced almonds from earlier on the list but you’re still just not sure you can handle the spiciness on your tongue? Get another savory nut experience with this chili lime recipe from Le Creme de la Crumb! These still have a bit of kick, but it’s less of a strong bite like the others.

13. Almond croissants

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond croissants

Natasha’s Kitchen gives you an almond croissant recipe that’s pretty classic, but we’re still putting it on this list because we don’t believe enough people know about the wondrous flavour of almond croissants. Consider this a delicious public service announcement!

14. Simple almond green beans

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple almond green beans

Are you looking for a side dish that will encourage you to eat more greens without changing them so much that they lose their health content completely? 24 Carrot Life has you covered with this simple green bean and almond recipe! This would complement any number of main course dishes, both meat and vegetarian based.

15. No-bake almond joy granola bars

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-bake almond joy granola bars

Have you found yourself spending a good chunk of your spare money on almond chocolate granola and candy bars? Consider making them at home instead to save money and better keep track of what you’re eating, even if you’re not really dieting right now! We’re in love with this mock Almond Joy recipe from Oh She Glows!

Time to get nutty with your next delicacy!