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Orange Flavoured Recipes for Citrus Lovers

Few things taste quite as fresh as the flavour of a perfectly ripe orange. If you’re anything like us, you would love that taste so much that you can’t wait to get your hands on recipes that help you carry it over into other dishes! Whether it’s an entree, a dessert, or a side dish, we just can’t get enough orange.

Check out these creative dishes that will help you get enough great citrus flavour on your menu!

1. Orange upside down cake

VIEW IN GALLERYOraange upside down cake

Eat Well 101 shows you how to take a relatively plain dessert and turn it into a citrus-y sweet treat. A very thin layer of actual orange slices on the top makes it especially delectable.

2. English muffin orange cinnamon French toast

VIEW IN GALLERYEnglish muffin orange cinnamon French toast

This recipe shakes up a classic recipe in more ways than one! Using English muffins instead of bread for French “toast” gives you a new taste and consistency, while orange and cinnamon add a kick of flavour to really get your taste buds excited. Check out the recipe on Babble!

3. Tropical orange Jello salad

VIEW IN GALLERYTropical orange Jello salad

Yes; something this bright and delicious is really called a “salad”. Whether you think it’s a healthy side or not, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the orange and tropical flavours completely delicious. Mom on Time Out shows you how to make it.

4. Orange chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYorange chicken

Amazing orange flavour isn’t just reserved for sweets and desserts! This delicious orange chicken recipe is a classic for Chinese food lovers. The Pioneer Woman teaches you how to make your own at home when you don’t feel like paying for delivery.

5. Cranberry orange glazed ham

VIEW IN GALLERYCranberry orange glazed ham

Oranges and cranberries are paired together often, and we’re not the least bit upset about it! Let the sweet, tangy citrus and the tart taste of cranberries complement the delicious ham with every bite. Add A Pinch has the recipe you need.

6. Poached pears with pinot

VIEW IN GALLERYPoached pears with pinot

Poached pears just sound, look, and taste completely decadent. You’ll feel like you’re eating in a French restaurant if you follow this orange glazed recipe by She Wears Many Hats.

7. Cranberry orange scones

VIEW IN GALLERYCranberry orange scones

Remember what we said about cranberries and oranges? Here’s another great example of why we hope they stay friends forever! Check out how Simple Bites makes irresistible cranberry orange scones.

8. Roasted asparagus with orange vinaigrette

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted asparagus with orange vinaigrette

Sometimes the orange and orange flavour are a secondary part of the meal, but we love that just as much! A Farm Girl’s Dabbles shows you how to make a citrus vinaigrette that transforms the taste of asparagus into something even more exciting that usual.

9. orange creamsicle truffles

VIEW IN GALLERYorange creamsicle truffles

If you’ve ever had a creamsicle popsicle, then you’re probably just a little bit obsessed with finding that flavour all over the place, just like we are. These melt-in-your-mouth orange creamsicle truffles will have you satisfied in no time. Get the recipe on Cooking Classy.

10. Orange Pulihora Indian rice

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange Pulihora Indian rice

Talk about the perfect combination of citrus and savoury! Whether you try this Indian rice as a side dish or the main even, you’ll get your fill or orange flavour- and a filled belly, too! Sulekha makes sure of that.

11. Quinoa and orange pilaf

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa and orange pilaf

We’re pretty big fans of any pilaf recipe, but this orange one just about took our breath away. We also love that it’s made with healthy quinoa, removing any guilt form the platter! Check out the recipe on Kashi.

12. Duck a l’orange

VIEW IN GALLERYDuck a l'orange

If you want to feel very fancy indeed, put on your professional chef’s hate and try your hand at making duck a l’orange! It’s perfect for candlelit dinners and special occasions. Eat Well 101 shows you how to do it right.

13. Mandarin orange cheesecake cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYMandarin orange cheesecake cupcakes

What’s better than a regular cupcake? A cheesecake cupcake, of course! We especially love these ones for their intense orange flavour. Check out My Basil Leaf to see it happen.

14. Orange ricotta pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange ricotta pillows

Just the word “pillows” in this description gets our mouth watering at the thought of sweet, orange hinted cheese pouring out of each one as you cut it. Head on over to Dishmaps to learn how the pillows are made!

15. Pumpkin and orange soup

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin and orange soup

This isn’t your average pumpkin spice latte flavour! Adding some orange to the soup recipe gives it a little more kick than your run-of-the-mill fall time soup. Check this delicious recipe out on Good to Know.