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15 Cute Horse Crafts for Kids

Right around the time that we get the last DIY snowflake down, we find that our kids start looking for crafts to make that are more related to their hobbies and favourite things. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for horse related projects and crafts! There’s nothing more our kids love doing in their spare time than going horseback riding and, in between rides, all they think about is the horses they love caring for at the stables outside town.

Just in case your kids adore horses just as much as our do, check out these 15 cute horse themed crafts that are a total blast to make!

1. Paper horse with moving legs


Don’t get us wrong, our kids are total DIY enthusiasts just like us and they love the process of actually crafting things, but we find that their favourite projects are always the ones that have a little something extra to them so they can play with whatever they’ve made after it’s finished. That’s why these funny little running horses with moving legs by Pink on Head were such a big hit in our house!

2. Cut out horse silhouette


Have your kids spent the better part of their winter cutting out paper snowflakes and creating negative space silhouettes with their scissors? Ours love doing that too, but eventually they get tired of only making winter themed things. That’s why we were happy to find them an alternative version of the same craft! Craftiments shows you how to cut out different shapes from a folded piece of paper to create the silhouette of a horse’s face.

3. Construction paper, paper plate, and yarn horse


Are your kids not actually horseback riders yet but their biggest dream is to own their own horse someday and they’re always talking about what their horse will look like and what they’ll name it? Then we have a feeling they’re going to love making a simple paper plate and construction paper horse of their own, just like this one from The Adventures of Miss Elizabeth! Your kids will be able to choose the colours, markings, and name of their own horse and display it proudly for all to see.

4. Sock and stick riding horse


Do you often catch your kids reaching for your mop or broom, flipping it upside down, and riding the handle around the house like a stick horse? Well, we know those are a classic toy no matter how many generations go by, but we also know they’re not always easy to find in stores unless they’re trending. That’s why we were so happy to find this homemade stick horse tutorial from Lemon Squeezy! They show you how to make yours from a broom handle and a big, old sock.

5. Horseshoe mug hangers


Perhaps it’s actually you, or maybe the whole family, who loves horses, rather than just the kids, and your love for them is so big that you want to incorporate it however you can into your home décor scheme? In that case, we think you’ll be intrigued by this DIY horseshoe mug hanger project from W Frontier! It’s the perfect piece for a rustic chic kitchen scheme.

6. Simply stitched felt horse


Are your kids a little bit older and interested in learning new crafting techniques during their DIY time rather than just making the same kinds of simple kids’ crafts they’ve made before? In that case, perhaps it’s time that they learned the first few basics of sewing! Combining a new skill with something they love, like horses, is a great way to help them learn. That’s why we loved making these cute little hand stitched plush horses from Lova Handmade with our kids. They particularly enjoyed stitching the little embroidered details on the saddle.

7. Felt and pool noodle riding horse


Were you very intrigued by the idea of making your own homemade stick horse but you also know that your kids are particularly active and prone to breaking things while they run around the house, or ruining toys outside that probably shouldn’t have been in the yard? In that case, maybe you’d do better making your kids this soft felt and pool noodle version of a stick horse, just like Dollar Store Mom did! It’s simultaneously softer and more durable than the previous design we showed you, so it’s more friendly for outside use and can even go in the pool!

8. Spray painted horseshoe wall decor


Were you a really big fan of the idea of using the old metal horseshoes that you found in an old yard sale or farm swap as part of your home décor, but you don’t drink enough tea or coffee to warrant making a mug hook like the one we showed you above? In that case, perhaps you’d rather make something with a little more flash to it! We love the way Hub Pages spray painted these horseshoes in metallic gold to make some simple wall hangers that will let your love for horses be known to any visitor.

9. DIY wood and toy horse bookends


Even though your kids still love horses and horseback riding but they’ve gotten a little bit too old to play with some of the horse toys they once loved so you’re looking for a way to upcycle those into different kinds of appreciation instead? Then maybe this toy horse bookends project is the right idea for you! We love the way Twelve-O-Eight managed to upcycle both a toy and some scrap wood in one place for a simple rustic look.

10. Handprint horse painting


In our house, there’s one kind of hands-on painting project that gets everyone more excited than anything else… and that’s painting with our hands! There are just so many different designs you can make, transforming your own fingers into just about anything at different angles. Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz shows you how to turn an upside down handprint into a little horse in just a few simple steps.

11. Paper plate horse with a yarn tail


When it comes to crafting supplies, are you always happy to see your kids using all kinds of things that you already had around the house, but you also know they think it’s fun when they get to use more unconventional materials? Then paper plates and yarn scraps must be your best friends, just like they are ours! Check out how Creative Ornament made a cute little horse with a yarn mane and tail using paper plates.

12. Popsicle stick toy horse fence


Maybe your kids actually have all kinds of horse toys and don’t really need to make anymore but they’re always asking you to help build them accessories and habitats for their horses to live and play in? In that case, Craftstick Crafts has the perfect simple tutorial that’s easy enough for your kids to make on their own if you’re busy. Check out how they used popsicle sticks to create a fence for the horse’s stable.

13. Acrylic paint and cardboard horse


Are your kids future artists who are already avid painters and they’ll take any excuse to paint their favourite things (or just about anything, for that matter)? Then here’s another simple painted horse design for you to try out on a gloomy afternoon when their fingers start itching for something creative to do! Eco Kids Art suggests cutting the shape of a horse out of cardboard and letting your kids paint it to look however they please.

14. Standing Dala horse


Were you actually completely enamoured with the idea of making a sewn fabric horse but the simple hand stitched one we showed you might actually be a little too easy to do? The perhaps you’d prefer a design that stands all on its own! This tutorial from Golden Lily Crafts shows you how to make a Dala horse that has enough structure to be a décor piece all of its own.

15. Rainbow tissue paper mache horse


Do your kids actually have a whole hose of old, scratched up toy horses that they’re totally okay with upcycling as art projects, but you know they like crafty, abstract, colourful projects best? In that case, we definitely think you should try out this tissue paper mache craft from Cut Out and Keep! Your kids get to learn and practice a classic DIY skill while also transforming something they like into an even cooler artistic version of itself.