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15 Dishes That Are Simply Nuts About Nuts!

We hope the title put a smile on your face, but we’re don’t laugh when it comes to finding the absolute best in nut recipes! As long as you don’t have any allergies, desserts and entrees involving nuts are some of the most flavorful and satisfying dishes you’ll ever encounter.

Check out these delicious recipes involving all kinds of nuts that will drive you (we have to say it) …nuts!

1. Triple nut bark

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple nut bark

If you like dark chocolate and a good crunch, then this recipe by The Wannabe Chef is definitely the one for you! Between the rich cocoa and the nuts, it tastes deep rather than overly sweet.

2. Chocolate coated caramel honeycomb with salted peanuts

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate coated caramel honeycomb with salted peanuts

Talk about a lot of flavours in one place! The creamy taste of peanuts certainly complements the sweetness of honeycomb desserts, so head on over to Serious Eats to try it out.

3. Pine nut and chocolate caramel bars

VIEW IN GALLERYPine nut and chocolate caramel bars

Some people think pine nuts have a more subtle flavour, and that can be a good thing. Check out Namely Marly for this recipe that gives you great nutty crunch without detracting from the chocolate taste.

4. S’more nut bars

VIEW IN GALLERYS'more nut bars

What’s better than a regular S’more dessert? One with flavourful nuts involved, of course! This recipe by The Ruby Spoon ensures that you get your delicious S’more fix without lighting a fire, and the nuts are an added bonus.

5. Chia seed banana nut muffins

VIEW IN GALLERYChia seed banana nut muffins

Nuts contain healthy fats and good proteins, so it’s not wonder they’re a key part of Health Warrior‘s delicious healthy banana nut muffin recipe!

6. Fruit and nut chocolate sticks

VIEW IN GALLERYFruit and nut chocolate sticks

Who wouldn’t love chocolate dipped in other delicious foods? Fruit and nuts are the perfect complement to dark chocolate sticks. Check out how BHG made them and think about serving them as a little amouse bouche with coffee after dinner!

7. Crock pot chocolate nut clusters

VIEW IN GALLERYCrockpot chocolate nut clusters

We simply adore crock pot recipes because they’re easy to put together and safely walk away from until they’re finished! Usually crock pots are used for entrees, but who says you can’t make chocolate treats in them too? Popsugar certainly thinks it’s a good idea!

8. Grape nut custard pudding

VIEW IN GALLERYGrape nut custard pudding

If you’ve never tried grape nuts then you’re missing out. This custard pudding by My Gourmet Connection is the perfect way to get to know them and fall in love with them!

9. White chocolate macadamia nut blondies

VIEW IN GALLERYWhite chocolate macadamia nut blondies

Not everyone is a big fan of rich, dark chocolates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy decadent nut filled brownies! Try blondies, like these ones from Cozy Country Living, instead. You’ll love the occasional crunch of macadamia nut.

10. Vegan coconut macadamia nut brittle

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan coconut macadamia nut brittle

Nuts are vegan and gluten free, so as long as you’re not allergic, they’re an awesome source of healthy protein! Yes, that does mean you can get a little bit of healthy protein by eating nut-heavy dessert. We’re in love with the combination of nuts and coconut in this brittle by Vegan Baking!

11. No-bake apricot nut balls

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-bake apricot nut balls

Apricots are delicious, no-bake recipes are quick and easy, and nuts are your favourite thing. What more could you want in a dessert snack recipe? Check out the instructions on Popsugar.

12. Nut-stuffed delicata squash

VIEW IN GALLERYNut-stuffed delicata squash

Nothing brings out a deeper flavour in healthy vegetable dishes quite like your favourite nuts. These squash pieces are cooked with the nuts right instead, so you’ll get that great flavour in every single bite! Get the receipe on Sunset.

13. Spiced jasmine rice with macadamia nut butter and cilantro

VIEW IN GALLERYSpiced Jasmine Rice with Macadamia Nut Butter and Cilantro

If you’re not a big fan of whole, crunchy nuts in your food, you can still get the great taste and protein content! Try making dishes like this flavourful jasmine rice with nut butter, just like it says on McCormick.

14. Nut roast


It’s like a pot roast, only nuttier! We can’t get over how good this recipe was, even though we adore classic pot roast dinners as well. Let Cook Diary show you how fun it can be to shake things up and get a little nutty.

15. Chicken and cashew nut curry

VIEW IN GALLERYChicken and cashew nut curry If you like curry spices and a little bit of kick, the this recipe by Food Network is exactly what you need. Cashews and chicken are a surprisingly flavourful combination even within the strong taste of curry!

Do you have another favourite nut-based recipe that you don’t see here? Tell us how you make it in the comments section as we enjoy the nutty affair this summer!