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For the Potter Heads: Harry Potter Themed Crafts

With the release of a new Harry Potter-based book and a spin off movie, the Potter fan world is buzzing with excitement all over again as though the Philosopher’s Stone had only just been discovered! As with any wonderfully imaginative content comes a wealth of creative DIY opportunities and Harry Potter is no exception.

Check out these 15 amazing and totally fun Harry Potter themed crafts that you and your kids will hardly be able to choose between! Don’t worry, we’re probably going to make every single one of them too.

1. Harry Potter inspired spell book

VIEW IN GALLERYHarry Potter inspired spellbook

This adorably rustic journal looks almost exactly like the spell books Hogwarts students carry from class to class in the Harry Potter movies! Whether you make if for your kids so they can try creating and writing down their own “spells” or make it for yourself and use the inside for sketching or creative writing, you’ll feel pretty magical when it’s finished. Get the instructions for making it on Hello Paper Moon.

2. DIY wizarding wands

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY wizarding wands

This is one of the most creative ideas on the list and we’re absolutely in love with it! Believe it or not, these wands were not created by someone with knowledge of wood carving. They’re actually regular crafting dowels with hot glue moulded around one end. Paint them and stain them like Boxy Colonial did here and you’ll be surprised how realistic they look!

3. Magic pensieve

VIEW IN GALLERYMagic pensieve

Are you planning on throwing  a Harry Potter themed party or creating an elaborate Potter world for your kids on Halloween? Take it to the next level with actual interesting pieces like this pensieve! It looks so real that your kids and friends alike will squeal, but it’s made out of simple supplies that you can get at your nearest home and hardware store. Check out the steps for making it on Instructables.

4. Great hall floating candles

VIEW IN GALLERYMonster book of monsters

VIEW IN GALLERYGreat hall floating candles

We take it back; this might be the most impressively creative DIY idea on our list! Imagine how excited a group of birthday party goers or even your friends at a Halloween party will be when they walk down the hall to the bathroom and see candles “floating” through the air! Get the steps for making it happen on Eating Bender.

5. Homemade butterbeer

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade butterbeer

When you read the Harry Potter books and watched the movies, did it always make your mouth water a little bit when the characters talked about how delicious butter beer was? If you’re anything like us, you spent half the story just wishing you could try it. Well, now you can! All you need is this recipe from Design Lively, which includes half and half cream, butter, marshmallow fluff, and root beer!

6. Golden snitch

VIEW IN GALLERYGolden snitch

Have your kids been stealing your brooms from the kitchen and zooming around the house for weeks “playing quidditch”? Make them this adorable little golden snitch so they can take turns being their team’s seeker! Wiki How shows you how to do it using a ping pon ball, gold glitter, and feathers.

7. Sorting hat pita bread

VIEW IN GALLERYSorting hat pita bread

Are you hoping to throw a Harry Potter party that’s on theme right down to the food? We’re in total awe of the way Diamonds for Dessert created a delicious pita bread that’s shaped just like the sorting hat! It’s so cool that we’d be nearly tempted to save it instead of tearing it apart to eat it!

8. House party banners

VIEW IN GALLERYHouse party banners

Do you have Hogwarts house based games planned for your child’s Harry Potter birthday party? Make these awesome little house banners and hang them on different walls so that the kids can split into teams (or “houses”) easily! See how the flags are made on Warner Bros.

9. Mini house travel trunks

VIEW IN GALLERYMini house travel trunks

Do you love keeping souvenirs but you’d rather have a special box to put them in that actually means something to you, rather than just a random box you found? Try making one of these mini “travel trunks” decorated with the crests of the Hogwarts houses! Cut Out and Keep guides you through the process of making them.

10. DIY quidditch robes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY quidditch robes

Are you a sewing enthusiast who’s ready to take on a more challenging project? Try making you or your kids a full set of quidditch robes! These ones are red for Gryffindor, but your could make them in the colours of any of the Hogwarts houses. Polka Dot Chair has the pattern for you!

11. Monster book of monsters

VIEW IN GALLERYMonster book of monsters

No matter the reason you’ve decided to make yourself a Monster Book of Monsters, people will be impressed and maybe even repulsed by this amazingly realistic design! Between the eyes, the teeth, and the convincing fur, we’d probably jump if we walked into a room and saw this lying on the table. Check out how it’s made on Instructables!

12. Platform 9 3/4 sign

VIEW IN GALLERYHogwarts Express sign

Are you hoping to turn your back deck or front porch into a temporary magical train platform for the duration of a Potter themed birthday party? Then you’re definitely going to need a sign marking the location of Platform 9 3/4! We love this incredibly authentic looking one from My Harry Potter Party!

13. Polyjuice potion punch

VIEW IN GALLERYPolyjuice potion punch

We are all about the novelty foods and drinks! If you get a kick out of them too, then check out this “polyjuice potion” from Exercise Finished. It’s made of Lemon lime Kool Aid, ginger ale, and lime sherbert, and we think that combination sounds completely delicious.

14. DIY Marauder’s Map


Potter Frenchy Party offers you printed pages that you can attach together and hold to make an awesomely authentic Marauder’s Map! We love that the print out makes this a nice, easy DIY but you could also follow it as a pattern to try hand drawing your own if you really felt like taking on a challenge. This website has sections in both English and French, but Google Translate can help you if you need clarification at any point.

15. DIY Numbus 2000


Are you familiar with wood working and look for a slightly more elaborate project than what you’ve seen so far? We think we might have found just what you need on Instructables! This tutorial walks you through the process of making an entire lifelike Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick. Visitors to your home won’t be able to believe what they’re seeing!