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Beat the Summer Heat: Homemade Juicing Recipes

Whether you’re interested in juicing because you’ve read about which juicing detox’s cleanse your system and benefit your overall health or simply because you love juice of all kinds and just want to add something healthy and delicious to your diet, we’re with you! Making our own scrumptious, nutritious juices at home is our current favourite morning pass time and our bodies are thanking us for this new habit.

In case you’d like to join us in celebrating freshness and flavour, here are 15 mouthwatering homemade juice flavours with all kinds of benefits for you to try!

1. (Not a) Pina Colada pineapple juice


Have you always loved the tropical tastes of fancy fruit cocktails like pina coladas, but you’re obviously aware that you probably shouldn’t start your day with an alcoholic beverage? Then try this recipe from Glow Getter that tastes like you’re drinking a virgin pina colada instead! The fruits involved in making both this and the original cocktail are quite beneficial and full of vitamins, so you’re in business as long as you don’t put a shot of vodka into your breakfast drink!

2. Five-day carrot, apple, and ginger cleanse


Are you actually interested in making your own juices at home because you’re experiencing some food sensitivities and you’d like to rest your system so you can watch what you eat more carefully and help youself feel better? While you should never deprive yourself of food diets entirely, there are studies that support a short juice cleanse that’s high in healthy content but gentle on the system. We tried this one by Mary Hyatt and, beyond making us feel like new, it was totally delicious!

3. 6-day, 6-flavour juice cleanse


Perhaps you tried a juice cleanse (with safe snacks when you needed them) for a few days and it helped, but you’d like to do a proper one in its entirety to make sure you really get all the benefits that you’re hoping for and come out the end ready for a fresh start when it comes to your relationship with your body and how food affects the way you feel? Then you might need something with a combination of recipes for a little more guidance. We’d suggest checking out a cleanse like this one from Olivier & Kingsley, which gives you six recipes to try over six days.

4. Green apple juice


We’ve all had apple juice and it’s certainly one of the healthier beverage choices you can make, especially in the morning when you need energy and healthy sugars, but have you ever heard of green apple juice? It’s like taking your apple juice to the next level in terms of health without really changing the flavour! The Inspired Home shows you how to seamlessly add cucumbers and kale to your juice for extra health power.

5. Lemon lime ginger ale


Have you always been a fan of ginger ale to settle your stomach after a harsh meal but you’re wary of drinking too much fizzy pop too often? Then try creating a health “cocktail” by mixing just a touch of ginger ale with orange juice, lemon juice, and lime juice to give it a bit of  a boost in vitamins (not to mention taste)! Find out how much of each thing to add on Fit and Cool.

6. Green power gulp juice


Are you a firm believer that the green vegetables are absolutely the way to go when it comes to warding off germs in the winter or feeling your best in terms of energy in the summer? Then we’re pretty sure this green “power” juice was basically made for you! Check out how Health.com made it from just about healthy green vegetable you can think of, with some fruit for sweetness and flavour.

7.Total health booster juice


Do you nearly always taste the vegetables too heavily in juices that are made with greens instead of fruits, no matter how many times you try new recipes and how much fruit juice you add? Then perhaps you’d prefer a super-fruit health booster that’s a little less heavy on the greens? Check out how Health.com made a total health juice full of nutrients, including delicious cherries, which isn’t common in many morning juices and we think that’s a shame!

8. Pick-me-up mixed berry juice


When many recipes talk about about morning fruit juices, they suggest that you use citrus fruits of all kinds but what if those fruits aren’t really your favourite? Don’t worry- you won’t have to suffer through drinking juice you don’t like or not getting to juice each morning the way you want to. Try making a delicious mixed berry drink instead! Free People shows you how to make a mouthwatering morning drink made with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

9. Kid-approved vegetable fruit juice


Have you been considering homemade juice as another way to get your kids eating healthy, nutritious things even though they’d usually prefer to have mac n’ cheese or chicken nuggets? That’s a great idea and something they’ll enjoy if they juice is a yummy, sweet enough combination, but have you ever thought of using the same tactic to get them eating vegetables too? Divas Can Cook shows you how to make a juice that tastes like yummy apples and oranges but secretly contains all kinds of healthy vegetables and their vitamins too!

10. Berry good morning juice


Did you like the sounds of making yourself a completely berry based morning juice but your favourite berry wasn’t actually in the recipe we showed you above? Don’t worry, we’d never forget about juicy strawberries entirely! They’re the basis of this absolutely delicious and super energizing berry breakfast drink from Spark People.

11. Refreshing apple kiwi juice


Maybe you’ve actually been making your own juices for a long while now and you’re mostly looking for new recipes to switch things up from your regular routine a little bit? Then here’s a more unique recipe that we haven’t seen anywhere else yet (even though it’s completely delicious)! Help With Cooking shows you how to make a kiwi apple juice that’s extra good with a splash of lime juice.

12. Tropical morning juice


Many of the juices we’ve shown you so far are either completely strained and simply pressed juice or blended, but what if you’d prefer a juice that can be a meal in itself? Then this delicious tropical morning juice that actually has pieces of juicy, nutritious fruit in the bottom might be more your style! Get the recipe on Free People.

13. Vegetable juice cocktail


Maybe your favourite kind of homemade juice doesn’t just have vegetables hidden in it and masked by fruit juices. Maybe it’s actually made from juicing the vegetables themselves and letting their flavours shine through! Whether you drink this plain or as part of a cocktail, we think you’ll love this juicing combination from All Recipes.

14. Homemade cranberry juice


Do you always think about how much you love the taste of your favourite kind of juice, but how you’d prefer to make it at home so that you could put a little less sugar in it? That’s completely reasonable and even encouraged by sites like Taste of Home! They show you how to make your very own cranberry juice that’s even better than what you’d usually buy in stores.

15. Fresh apple juice with cinnamon


If you ask us, nothing beats a good classic apple juice. There’s something to be said, however, for adding a little twist to your favourite things, just to keep things interesting! Tablespoon has the perfect example. They’ve added cinnamon to their homemade apple juice and whether you enjoy it warm or cold, it’s scrumptious!