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Adorable Outfits: DIY Cat Clothing For your Furry Friend

When you think of people who make clothing for their cats, your mind probably immediately jumps to the stereotypical image of a “crazy cat lady”. Well, we don’t blame you, but we also fully admit that we’re those crazy pet lovers who can totally be found making little outfits for their furry friends! Call us crazy, but we think there’s no shame in practicing our sewing and other DIY skills in miniature by creating small outfits just for fun. Your kids might have grown up to much to be willing to wear the cute little things you sew them, but your cats probably won’t mind as long as you give them lots of snuggles after you’ve dressed them up.

Check out these 12 awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious cat outfits made using all different kinds of DIY techniques!

1. Crocheted candy corn sweater


Are you an excited crochet enthusiast but you’re actually still quite new to the art, so the idea of making full sized sweaters for actual humans is still a little too daunting for you? Then try making cat-sized sweaters instead! The best part of a cat sweater is that it’s mostly just a back because their front legs need to fit too, so it’s much less work than you might think. Check out how Curbly crocheted this hilarious candy corn inspired cat sweater!

2. Cat sweater from a toddler sweater


Do most of your DIY skills when it comes to clothing lie in simple altering techniques? Do you have kids in your life who are growing out of their clothes pretty quickly or receiving lots of hand-me-downs? Then you have just about everything you need to make a funny cat sweatshirt! Pet DIYs teaches you how to alter a toddler sweater to fit your furry friend.

3. Cat shirt from an old blouse


Are you and your cat just funny enough for an annual set of family photos together that your family has come to expect, but you’d like to take the novelty factor a little higher this year to really show your friends how dapper your cat is? Then you simply must check out this hilarious tutorial for making a cat blouse from a fully sized human one! Google translate will help you out with this tutorial on ZoLushKaTV.

4. Kitty cat leather jacket


Have you ever seen those funny little “tough guy” style mocked leather jackets that some dollar stores and pet stores sell for dogs? Well, if you get the smallest size that’s meant for puppies, it will probably fit your cat, meaning he can be a tough guy along with the rest! We love the way Rebloggy customized their cat’s jacket with studs and screwed spikes to really give it some edge.

5. Kitty cat shark fin


All right, we admit it. We’re fully aware that a shark fin, while funny on any creature that isn’t, in fact, a shark does not actually count as “clothing”. This one’s so amusing, however, that we just couldn’t bear leaving it off the list! Pet DIYs guides you through the full process of making your cat her very own shark fin for Halloween or just because.

6. Kitty flower collar


Speaking of Halloween, that’s a great time of year to make outfits for your kitty! It’s not, however, the only time of year when it’s funny to put novelty pieces on your cat, as long as he’s willing and patient. For example, we actually did recently make our cat this awesome flower petal collar featured on The Permanent Tourist and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed sending pictures of how cute she looks in it to our friends when they need a bit of springtime cheer.

7. Leg warmers for cats


Do you enjoy a good old pair of flashy leg warmers when the weather is a little nippy, or maybe just when you’re working out at home and haven’t quite warmed up all your muscles yet? Well, if your cat is anything like ours, he probably follows you around and tries to get your attention throughout your entire workout anyways, so you might as well make him his very own set of legwarmers to wear, since he’s pretty intent on joining into your exercise routine! See how Pet DIYs made these ones out of kids’ shirtsleeves.

8. Crocheted Pokeball cat sweater


Did you just about fall in love with the idea of a crocheted cat sweater a few ideas back and you’re still thinking about it, but you’re just not sure that candy corn stripes are quite the design your furry friend needs? Then check out this funny Pokeball sweater pattern instead! You’ll get a kick out of joking to your friends that you finally did catch a real Pokémon. Get the pattern on To Craft a Home.

9. Simple ribbed kitty sweater


Maybe your yarn crafting skills actually lie in knitting rather than crochet? Never fear! There are plenty of knitted cat sweater patterns to choose from too! One of our favourites is this simple ribbed pattern because it’s easy to make and comes to a little turtleneck at the top that looks smart on any pet. We can’t get over how adorable Christine Landry‘s Sphynx cat looks wearing his!

10. Mock turtleneck


Do you think your cat would look equally adorable wearing a turtleneck sweater, but you’re just not sure she’d tolerate having actual sleeves and a sweater torso around her whole body like that? Check out this mock-turtleneck version that’s a little more friendly for fidgety kitties instead! Velvet Kerfuffle has all the details you’ll need.

11. Fuzzy holiday sweater


Do you, like a lot of people we know, tend to do a little more knitting than usual around the holidays? Maybe you’re actually starting your holiday knitting now so that it’s ready in plenty of time for Christmas? Well, if you’re going to knit for the whole family this year, make sure you really make it the whole family; don’t forget the cat! We made this hilarious fuzzy holiday sweater by Lion Brand Yarn for our cat a few years ago and she’s worn it every Christmas morning since.

12. Stylish cat hoodie


Are you intent on knitting your cat a little sweater, but you’d rather knit her something stylish that looks a little bit like a sweater you might wear yourself? Hey, we’re not going to judge you for wanting to match your cat’s outfit. Best friends dress alike all the time! Keep your kitty up to date and cool looking by knitting her this adorable little cat hoodie from Kristin Roach.