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Beyond Winter: 15 Pretty Knitting Patterns for Summer Babies

We think knitted and personalized items are the perfect gift for summertime special occasions, which means we actually do just as much knitting in the warmer months as we do the rest of the year; if not more! What’s our favorite thing to knit in the summer, you ask? Well, this year, many people in our lives had brand new babies, so we’ve been having a blast churning out light, tiny garments and knitting small things that will help new parents keep baby covered from the sun but cool and comfortable all at once.

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in trying out some new pretty, airy knitting patterns for the summer babies in your life, here are 15 of the best and most stunning patterns and designs we’ve come across so far!

1. Seed stitch summer romper pattern


We love the idea of cotton knitting baby rompers because they’re the kind of adorable garment that you can put your baby in right away in the morning for comfort during quiet lounge time, but also keep them in it for the rest of the day and they’ll still be comfy and also appropriate looking essentially no matter what you’re doing. We’re particularly fond of this adorable seed stitch pattern featured on Pippy Eve because the stitch detail makes the garment look a little dressier even though it’s still just a simple, slide-on button romper.

2. Baby girl summer sandals


Despite the fact that our babies were notorious for kicking off an kind of sock or shoes we attempted to put on them until they were older and walking around, we’ve always just loved topping off an outfit during any season with an adorable little slipper or shoe. That’s probably why these cute little knitted sandals designed by Heaven to Seven caught our eyes so well! They’ll keep Baby’s feet covered this summer without making them too hot. We adore the flower embellishment for little girls.

3. Striped baby boy’s summer romper suit


Are you quite fond of the simple summer romper idea as a gift because you think it’s a versatile, useful thing to have and wear but you’d prefer a cut, style, or design that looks a little less girly because the baby you have in mind is a boy? Perhaps you’d actually just prefer a style that has a little more coverage, as opposed to the one with straps and no legs that we showed you above. In that case, we think you might get along better with this stripy onesie romper designed by Knitsi! This romper looks like an old fashioned swimming suit and the finished product will be adorable no matter what colours you use for your base and stripes.

4. Drawstring baby skirt


We’ve always loved knitting spring and summer skirts for ourselves because we just think they’re so comfortable and whimsical looking, so it only makes sense that we’d adore knitting miniature versions for the littlest girls in our lives as well! That’s why this cute little skirt design from Heaven to Seven had so much appeal to us. We really love the way they added some visual interest using a stitch pattern around the hem but still kept the body of the skirt quite simple, making the whole drawstring process a lot easier than it might be otherwise.

5. Summer lace baby dress


When you started thinking of patterns that could be described as “light”, “airy”, and “summery”, did your mind immediately wander to lovely lacy patterns like the old fashioned ones you see in vintage pattern books and photos? In that case, we think we might have found just the pattern for you! This adorable baby dress pattern designed by Makerist shows you how to make a very simple top that balances beautifully with a more intricate fan shaped stitch pattern all throughout the skirt. If you make this in cotton or a light silk, you’ll still be making a garment that’s light in weight and not too hot, even though it’s knitted.

6. Sun Hat Solei


Not everything you knit for babies in the summer has to be a full garment! Sometimes knitting something smaller, like a little summer accessory, is the best bet because it’s quick, easy to gift, and something parents might not have received elsewhere. Check out how this absolutely darling sun hat created by Muki Crafts is knit in just a few surprisingly simple steps. We love baby hats in this style because they keep the sun off your little one’s face.

7. Watermelon baby cardigan


Just because it’s summer now doesn’t mean that people don’t need light outer layers sometimes, like on cooler afternoons when the breeze picks up! Not all knitted sweaters have to be very warm and thick, though, so we’re definitely no strangers to knitting light little cardigans as baby gifts in the summer. We actually really like making summer sweaters because the season is a great excuse to use bright colours and create super fun themed designs. That’s why we adore this watermelon inspired cardigan featured on Stitchylinda Designs.

8. Whimsical baby girl’s romper


Are you still thinking about how adorable the idea of a baby romper featuring a lovely, interesting stitch pattern on it was, but you’re wondering if you can find one that’s even fancier looking because you’re a very skilled knitter looking for a little more of a challenge? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Heaven to Seven made this absolutely stunning frilly romper with a scalloped edging.

9. Summer Into Fall dress


Perhaps you’re actually somewhat of a beginner knitter and, even though you’re looking to challenge yourself by knitting an entire garment, you’re not sure you’ll be able to knit quickly enough to finish the project before the end of the summer? Then perhaps this little dress, which is simple and actually meant to be a little bit heavier for the time of season where the summer nights start getting cooler and fall begins to stir for the first time. If you start on this dress now, the weather will be perfect for wearing it by the time you’re done! Get the full pattern on Frogginette.

10. Easy summer watermelon booties


Did you really enjoy the knitted baby footwear idea that we were talking about earlier on our list but you’re just not sure that the baby you have in mind will keep those little sandals on by any means? Perhaps you actually just fell in love with the funny little watermelon cardigan we showed you above and you think you like it enough to make an entire outfit following that same kind of design? In either case, here’s an adorable summer bootie pattern for your consideration! We love the way Gina Michelle‘s pattern features simple stitching to look like watermelon seeds.

11. Baby boy’s summer sandals


Are you still thinking about how cute the idea of knitted baby sandals is but you’d prefer an option that’s actually a little less girly and feminine than the floral design we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, perhaps you’d have a better time knitting and then either gifting or using these simple, more boyish wrap sandals featured on Heaven to Seven! They show you how to cross the straps over the front and fasten them easily so the sandals become slip-ons.

12. Light summer baby cocoon


Are you intrigued by the concept of a romper but the baby you’re knitting for will be brand new when you gift the piece, so you’re convinced the parents might actually prefer a snuggly style garment instead, but you’re worried about making it too warm? Then here’s a nice, light summer version outlined for you on In The Loop Knitting! They suggest different yarns and fibres to use that will help keep things light and cool and they show you how to knit a cocoon that slides on at the bottom but stays open at the top so Baby doesn’t heat up too quickly.

13. Love U Forever pinafore


Did we catch your attention earlier on our list when we showed you a sort of summer-fall baby pinafore design but you’re a much more experienced knitter, so you’d prefer a version with a few more design elements? In that case, we think perhaps you’d get a little more satisfaction out of knitting this stunning little colour work dress featured on OGE Knitwear Designs. We love their delicate alternation and the heart shaped garland along the bottom!

14. Keams summer t-shirt


Are you still looking for a beginner pattern that would make for a lovely knitted baby gift for summer but you’re feeling intimidated by the idea of knitting an entire dress or a full romper because those garments are a little larger? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make something a little bit smaller, like a cool summer t-shirt! Here’s a super simple but lovely pattern from Love Knitting that we both make and use with our own babies very often.

15. Quick and easy baby vest


Are you quite fond of the idea of making something for the end of summer when things start to cool down just a little bit but you were planning on knitting for a little boy, so a dress just won’t do? Then here’s a slightly less girly alternative for you to take a look at! Check out how Close Knit Portland knit this adorable late-summer vest featuring a single vertical cable that’s quite simple to do.