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Novelty Finger Foods for a Princess Themed Birthday

One of the best parts of throwing a themed party is choosing themed food to match the setting! Princess parties are especially fun because they give you nearly endless possibilities when it comes to decorations and costumes, but the novelty food options are the most fun of them all.

Check out these adorable, delicious, and totally fun princess party snacks!

1. Princess popcorn

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess popcornCooking Classy teaches you the steps for making this deliciously pink candied popcorn that looks and tastes just sweet enough for your little princesses.

2. Princess treasure candy jars

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess treasure candy jars

Crafty Morning‘s idea is both a cute candy favour concept and an opportunity to upcycle! Make these little treasure jars from recycled baby food jars and pieces of plastic princess tiaras from the dollar store.

3. Princess wand fruit skewers

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess wand fruit skewers

Candy and sweet treats are all part of the birthday fun, but kids need a bit of nutrition too! These adorable “princess wand” fruit skewers by The Diva Dish will let kids have fun while they eat their day’s portion of healthy fruit snacks.

4. Tiara sandwiches

VIEW IN GALLERYTIara sandwiches

Betty Crocker reminds you that even the simplest meal ideas can be customized to fit your theme! Try cutting classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into tiara shapes to match the ones on the little princesses’ heads.

5. Pink drinks


Whether you serve strawberry milk, raspberry lemonade, or pink cream soda, kids will love drinking a fun treat that matches their pretty party dress. Kara’s Party Ideas suggests adding some floating marshmallows or a cute sprinkle rimmer for extra birthday fun.

6. Fairy tale princess cake

VIEW IN GALLERYFairytale princess cake

This fairy tale princess cake transforms a regular Barbie doll into ball-gown clad royalty! Betty Crocker shows you how to make the cake and ice the doll right into it for the ultimate themed cake decor.

7. Jeweled princess Chex Mix

VIEW IN GALLERYJewelled princess Chex Mix

If you’re looking for super sweet and extra cute snacks, this princess pink Chex Mix recipe by Betty Crocker is just about the best thing you’ll find. Put out little pink paper cups for kids to fill up so they can take their snack on the go while they play.

8. Disney princess cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYDisney princess cupcakes

Does your little princess love Disney princesses in particular? Erica’s Sweet Tooth suggests printing out her favourite characters and placing them on top of cupcakes iced to match each one’s dress. The top of each cupcakes become a princess skirt!

9. Princess pie pops

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess pie pops

These flaky little pie pops by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons are totally unique, but totally yummy. Kids will love the star at the top because it looks like a wand and they’ll also love the warm filling inside when they take each bite!

10. Princess cone cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess cone cupcakes

These cupcakes feature ice cream cones styled as princess hats! They make for a great party craft if you let each little princess decorate her own hat. Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons walks you through the steps for making them so you can teach your party people!

11. Rapunzel tower cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYRapunzel tower cupcakes

Using differently shaped ice cream cones with a cupcake inside lets you create an adorable little princess tower that kids will have fun deconstructing and eating. Bird on a Cake walks you through the process of putting them together.

12. Princess pancake breakfast

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess pancake breakfast

Is your daughter’s princess party also a slumber party? Keep the theme going the next morning with this delicious and super fun princess breakfast by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.


13. Princess marshmallow pops

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess marshmallow pops

Some of the best princess treats are simple ones! Kids already love marshmallows, but they’ll especially enjoy them if you decorate them with sweet pink sprinkles and make them into treat kebabs like Catch My Party did!

14. Princess cupcake fondue

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess cupcake fondue

Princess themed finger foods can actually be part of the party activities too! Hoosier Homemade suggests making mini cupcakes and then filling the cups of a muffin tin with different types of icing and sprinkles. Let kids skewer their cupcakes and dip them in toppings, just like a fondue but without the heat!

15. Princess castle lunch

VIEW IN GALLERYPrincess castle lunch

Creative Kid Snacks knows the value of keeping things simple but cute. All it takes to make this nutritious lunch is a sandwich, some cheese, some strawberries, and a little bit of creative knife work on your part.