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Crafty Things You Can Do With Your Unwanted Nail Polish

Since it can often be purchased for just a few dollars a bottle, it’s not surprising that most women have a large collection of nail polish. However, if you regret a few of those impulse buys, resist the urge to toss them in the trash. Shades that don’t quite work for your mani-pedi can easily be used to complete a wide range of clever DIY projects.

Marbled Mugs

VIEW IN GALLERYmarbled mugs

These mugs look like they were purchased from an upscale boutique, but they’re actually inexpensive white ceramic decorated with bright nail polish colors. Learn how to make some for yourself at DIY Candy.

Marbled Christmas Tree Ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYMarbled-Christmas-Ornaments-Craft-Tutorial

The technique used for this project is similar to that of the marbled mugs. These ornaments make excellent handmade gifts for family and friends, as well as pretty decorations for your Christmas tree. Get the full instructions at Baby Loving Mama.

Nail Polish Pendants

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish pendants

If you’re tired of wearing glittery nail polish on your nails, try using your favorite glittery shades to make sparkly DIY pendant necklaces. Fluid Motion explains how to complete this easy DIY Project.

Painted Chain Earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYneon-chain-earrings

Paint basic metal chains with your favorite nail polish colors, then join them to French ear wires using jump rings and needle nose pliers to create statement earrings that are sure to become a new favorite in your jewelry collection. Head over to A Splendid Assemblage to learn more.

Nail Polish Bobby Pin Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish flowers

Decorate plain bobby pins with flowers made from wire and your favorite color of nail polish. If you don’t wear bobby pins, you can add the flowers to rings, headbands, or home decor projects. Wonderful DIY‘s tutorial has the details.

Decorated Ear Buds

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish ear buds

Paint a rainbow design on inexpensive ear buds to create a fashionable way to listen to you favorite tunes. Creme de la Craft explains how.

Sparkly Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish magnets

Give your refrigerator a modern update with sparkly magnets made from bold shades of nail polish and large clear marbles. Creative Me Inspired You has the complete instructions. (These would also make fun DIY gifts if you stored them in a decorated Altoid tin.)

Nail Polish Bookmarks

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish bookmarks

Clear glass gems decorated with nail polish designs and attached to jumbo paper clips create cute bookmarks that make sure you’ll never lose your place in your favorite novel again! Inspire-Create shows you how to complete this easy DIY project.

Nail Polish Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish coaster

Inner Child Fun recommends making these nail polish coasters with your kids, but the project is so fun that you might want to make a few yourself too. Just don’t forget to add a sealant to protect your design when you’re finished!

Play Makeup for Children

VIEW IN GALLERYPlay Make up for Children

Upcycle your empty eye shadow and blush compacts by turning them into play makeup for your favorite toddler or preschooler. Head over to Kerrafty Creations to learn more about this clever way to use up unwanted nail polish colors.