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Accessorize like a Fashion Icon: DIY Clutch Bags for Every Taste

Every fashionista a needs a clutch bag! They pair amazingly with both daily and evening outfits. Whether you’re running your daily errands or attending a cocktail party, a clutch bag will be there to hold your most personal and precious belongings (together with regular clutter that usually finds itself in our purses. Hair ties anyone?). Take a look at these DIY clutch bags for inspiration and find the one!

Fold-Over Style Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYFoldover Style Clutch

This clutch will be your faithful companion anytime you wear neutral tones! It’s the perfect accessory to spice up the entire outfit and finish up your look. Extra Petite has the instructions for the dainty fold-over clutch!

Cotton + Leather Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYCotton + Leather Clutch

You can make a unique clutch by simply adding another material to the table; why stick with one when you can have two, right? Try combining cotton with faux leather and be amazed at the modern but neat result. This clutch bag is the courtesy of A Beautiful Mess!

Glitter Clutch


If you want to be visible from far away, a glitter clutch is the way to go! This one is super spacious, so it has the practical element to it, as well as the obvious visual one! When it looks good and it makes your life easier – that’s when you know it’s the right fashion choice! Find out more at I Am Style-Ish!

Crochet Clutch


You can now use your admirable crochet skills to make this handy clutch! You can never have too many crochet accessories, so pair it with some crochet scarves or hats and dominate the winter street-fashion scene! Delia Creates has the details!

The Christina Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Christina Clutch

Such an elegant and classy design, brought to you by Art Gallery Fabrics. When you need a clutch ready for a last-minute event, this one will always have your back. Its charming look will match your personality and impress everyone around you!

Wrap Clutch


The free-spirited fashionistas will adore this one! The wrap gives it an academic look, but the choice of fabric and colors will be what truly defines it – make it fit your own style and temperament, but use tutorial by Swell Mayde as guidance!

No-Sew Clutch


Can’t sew? (Or are currently injured because the sewing machine attacked you?). We hear you – and so does Brit + Co! Here is the perfect no-sew clutch that will change the way you look at clutch bags! It is simple, minimal and very graceful!

Fashionista Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYFashionista Clutch

A winning clutch bag, if you are looking for an accessory that embodies both fashion and art! Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with your clutch bag design. Go for the one that makes you feel inspired and motivated! This fashionista clutch by BlueBerry Ash is a great place to start!

Metallic Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYMetallic Clutch

Did you really think you can avoid the metallic craze? It’s almost impossible to do so, as it has now reached the world of clutch bags, too! Embrace the growing trends and make this supreme metallic clutch that is bound to rock your world! See the tutorial at Roi and Rik!

Color Block Clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYColor Block Clutch

Play around with some color combinations (or just follow Alida Makes’s lead) and see what a marvelous creation you can make out of this envelope-styled color block clutch! Now is the time to truly show the world what your creativity has in store!

Tell us in the comments which clutch bags made your “top 3” list!