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15 DIY Winter Lantern Projects for Your Home

In the long road we’ve taken to turning our house into a beautifully rustic styled haven, we’ve come across a lot of details and projects that are quite common in this style of home. Our very favourite of those is vintage inspired lanterns! Not only do we love what they represent and the way they look, but we also like that there are so many different ways to customize them. You can even style your lantern pieces to be seasonal! We began making DIY lanterns this past year but we don’t have one that suits the winter season yet, so that’s the kind of inspiration and crafting tutorial that we’ve been on the lookout for lately.

Are you just as interested as we are, if not more, in the idea of making custom DIY winter lanterns for your home this holiday season? Check out these 15 fantastic ides, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Useful lantern decorating tips before you start


Just in case you’re a beginner in the crafting world or you’ve just never customized and embellished a lantern before, here’s an awesome resource to help you out before you even get started! Joyful Scribblings‘ guide has some awesome tips and tricks for you, from a discussion of different lantern styles to the kinds of adhesives that work best on hard surfaces.

2. Pretty frosty mason jar hanging lantern


have you actually had trouble finding a classic wooden frame and glass lantern like the rustic ones you saw above but you’re still feeling very intent on making something work for this winter? Well, why not make a DIY lantern from a cleaned out mason jar instead? We’re huge fans of the way Stone Gable made this frosty mason jar lantern using glitter and faux snow powder to give the glass the appearance of having been outside in the winter.

3. Snowy pinecone candle lanterns


Do you absolutely love this DIY mason jar lantern idea but you’re just not sure that the design above is quite the one for you? Then perhaps you’d prefer something with a slightly more neutral and natural look to it! We’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Crafts By Amanda made this snowy lace wrapped lantern concept topped with jute string and pinecones.

4. Magical Christmas silhouette lanterns


Just in case you’re still intrigued by this mason jar lantern concept but you’re more concerned with what the finished product will look like when you turn the lights off and let the flame’s glow shine through, here’s an awesome alternative for you. Check out how Adventure in A Box teaches you to make solid patterns that look like beautiful winter silhouettes against the candle’s light.

5. Mason jar prism lantern


If you’re going to make a lantern from a mason jar, would you actually much rather continue with that glass theme and create something with beautiful, almost icy looking continuity? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way DIY Projects used glass marbles affixed to their jar’s outer surface to create a lovely prism effect.

6. DIY winter solstice lanterns


In your house, do you love to teach your kids about both Christmas and the winter solstice each year when winter comes around? In that case, we’re pretty sure this project from eHow is just the idea for you. Check out how they used pressed leaves, twigs, twine, and wax paper to make recreations of classic winter solstice lanterns that are naturally breathtaking and very authentic looking indeed.

7. Cute DIY snowman lanterns


Are you still thinking about how much you like the idea of making mason jar lanterns but your most practiced and preferred DIY skill has always been hand painting? Well, you might as well do what you’re most confident in! We’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how Mixed Kreations made these wonderfully cartoonish snowman jars that were painted freehand! They have all kinds of tips and tricks for you to help you create your own on whatever size of jar you please.

8. Beautiful paper cone cutout lanterns


Have you actually been scrolling through our list in hopes of finding something that’s simultaneously a little simpler and more cost effective to make, but also that’s a little more sparkly and attention grabbing? In that case, we have a feeling you might have a little more luck with something like this awesome paper lantern from Lia Griffith! They show you how to make the cone shape, place the cutouts, and sparkle the whole outer surface in a way that won’t shed glitter all over your home.

9. Fairy silhouette lanterns


Have we actually piqued your interest so well with this whole idea of creating silhouette mason jar lanterns that now you’re wondering what other kinds of designs you might do? Well, we know we said we were primarily concentrating on Christmas and winter themed ideas in this post, but this adorable fairy design outlined step by step on Adventure in A Box was just entirely too cute for us to leave off our list.

10. Plastic bottle light and shadow Christmas light lanterns


Have you been looking at all of these mason jar lantern suggestions and thinking about how you don’t actually have any of those available for upcycling because all that’s in your recycling bin right now is plastic bottles of various sizes? Well, believe it or not, you can actually make stunning lanterns from those as well! Take a better look at this tutorial from Ohoh Deco to learn how they created these lovely, icy looking light and shadow lanterns from plastic bottles, string lights, and some strategically cut card paper.

11. Antique inspired fairy lights lantern


Have you been holding out on making a decision so far because you really have felt intent on making a sort of vintage inspired winter lantern closer in style to the ones you saw at the top, and you just haven’t seen what you’re looking for yet on our list? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lovely Etc made this one instead! It’s rustic, simple, and filled with simple fairy lights rather than an active flame, making it a safe option for homes with little kids.

12. Advent wreath and lantern centrepiece


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to embellish a vintage styled lantern, would you actually much rather do it in a way that’s more explicitly holiday and winter themed, for a more eye catching look? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer something like this centrepiece lantern from Positively Splendid that involves pine branches, Christmas baubles, ribbons, and several candles for a very festive aesthetic indeed.

13. Mini paper lanterns


Did we catch your attention quite well with all our talk of paper lanterns but primarily because we made you think of the kind that you used to make as a kid that bent outwards in the middle? Well, while we’re on the concept of lanterns, why not re-learn how they were done and pass that skill on to your kids? Check out this awesome tutorial from The Craft Train that lays the process out nice and clearly.

14. DIY tin bucket lantern


Are you still quite interested indeed in making some kind of rustic or farmhouse inspired looking lantern this winter but the wooden and glass ones are something you’ve already done before and now you’d like something new? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how DIY Projects transformed a simple tin bucket into a pretty lantern instead, just by punching the sides with holes!

15. Colourful ice lanterns for winter walkways


Do you live in a very cold place indeed and you’ve actually hesitated to put any decor outside because you’re worried it would just freeze and crack? Well, what if we told you that you can make a kind of lantern that’s already frozen? That’s precisely what Craftiments did here and we can’t get over how much we love the idea of these coloured ice lanterns glowing all up and down our snowy walkway.

Have you made other kinds of beautiful DIY lanterns before that you were very happy with and still have on display but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!