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Upgrade Your Sneakers DIY Style!

Everyone has a pair of old sneakers that we just can’t let go of; even if they are really outdated and worn out. Here’s the good news: you don’t need to throw them away and spend more money on new ones! You can upgrade them DIY style! From ombre Vans to studded Converse, this roundup has something for every individual in need of a shoe makeover! Don’t miss these amazing sneakers that went through a DIY makeover!

Lacy Sneakers

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Add a little lace to your sneakers and be amazed by the transformation! Lace has a special power to make everything look classy and elegant with a liiiitle touch of sexy! If you’re in love with these sneakers, make sure to pick up the instructions at My Little Secret!

Fabric Sneakers

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If lace is not your thing, try spicing up your sneakers with some cute fabric! Check out how A Little Craft In Your Day made it happen! You can really get so creative and if you love shopping for fabric this will be a joy! Maybe you’re even feeling a bit rebellious, in which case you can choose different fabrics for each shoe!

Ombre Sneakers

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Everything looks good if it’s ombre colored! Maybe the fading shades are pleasing for the human eye or maybe the style just got under our skin! Whatever the reason, you definitely don’t want to pass up on having a pair of these! Vans Girls will show you how you can make them yourself in a few simple steps!

Crystal Sneakers

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Make your sneakers shine! Glue on some crystals and watch them sparkle! Surely these upgraded sneakers will catch the eye of many, so be prepared for the compliments! Find the detailed tutorial at Crystal And Glass Beads and have fun with your sparkly shoes!

Glitter Sneakers

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If you want your sneakers to be extra sparkly and the crystals just don’t do it for you, then why not go full glitter? That’s right, dress up your sneakers in so much glitter they’ll be seen from miles away! They look flashy and modern, a must have for any young trendsetter! Find the how-to at Love Maegan.

Polka Dot Sneakers

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Sometimes you don’t need much for a cute little upgrade; Golden & Lovely’s polka dot sneakers are the perfect example! All you need for this project is a fabric pen and (of course) your favorite sneakers. Yes, that’s all! It’s almost unbelievable how chic the end result looks like!

Floral Sneakers

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Another super simple project comes from Always Rooney! If you adore floral patterns, these sneakers will make you so happy! They will pair up amazingly with any summer outfit and you’ll feel even more at home in them knowing that you’ve decorated them yourself!

Monogrammed Sneakers

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Personalize your sneakers with a monogram! It’s a minimal change, but it makes all the difference! There’s a reason why monograms are so popular – they are personal and one of a kind! If you want to make your very own monogrammed sneakers, be sure to check out Polka Dot Chair.

Galaxy Sneakers

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The universe is vast and mostly unexplored, but the one thing we know for sure is that it’s unbelievably beautiful! Why not reflect that beauty everywhere you go, with some galaxy-inspired sneakers? If you love all the colors and all the mystery, tag along at Sparkle Collective!

Metallic Gold Sneakers

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So you’re looking at your old grey sneakers, thinking you’re stuck with them while there’s a perfect pair of golden ones in the store, but it would cost you a fortune. What to do, what to do? Well, you can start by checking out this project from Dream A Little Bigger! You’ll learn how take your sneakers from dull to rockstar in a matter of hours!

Studded Sneakers

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Punk’s not dead and neither is the studded fashion! Wake up your inner rebel and give your casual sneakers an edgy makeover! Don’t forget to pair them with a leather jacket and music by your favorite punk band! Find out more details at TiB.