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Repurpose Like a Pro: Functional DIY Cereal Box Upgrades 

What is the one thing that can’t be missing from our breakfast setting? That’s right, a bowl of cereal! It’s a convenient and yummy breakfast at any age! There is a variety of different brands to choose from, but however much they vary between each other, they all have one thing in common: a big cardboard box that, after we’ve finished it whole, usually ends up in trash. If you’d love to know some creative ways to repurpose the next cereal box, check out these incredible DIY cereal crafts! 

Hanging Paper Organizer


Every household has a stack of paper that needs to be organized! Whether it’s kid’s  homework, a cleaning schedule or grocery lists, the simplest way to keep all of the important papers in one place is to organize them in a hanging paper organizer. Check out how Artsy Momma made one from a cereal box!

Drawer Organizer 


Are drawers your number one organization nightmare? We hear you friend! Because of their convenience to always stay closed, we can easily pile things inside and then risk a heart attack every time we reopen them! I Heart Organizing will show you a simple cereal box trick that will solve your messy drawer problem for good!

Pocket Notebook 


If you are a creative soul you’re always overflowing with ideas and more often than not find yourself with a dilemma of having nowhere to put them down! Pocket notebooks are the perfect solution – they can travel with you anywhere! Repurpose one of your cereal boxes and follow Creme de la Craft‘s instructions to your very own tiny notebook!

Magazine Holder 


Despite the digital era magazines aren’t done yet! There are still so many subscriptions to go around and when you connect to a magazine’s message, you keep all of the issues at your house! Organize your big collection of magazines with a little help from eHow and a cereal box!

Stationary Organizer 


Who could possibly be able to focus on work when they have a messy and disorganized desk?! When you have a million pencils, post-its and notes going around, you are in desperate need of a stationary organizer. All you need to make your own is a cereal box and the tutorial by Katydid and Kid!

Gift Boxes 


Giving gifts to people that we love is such an enriching experience for our heart. How the gift is presented plays a big role and shouldn’t be overlooked! Stuff You Can’t Have will help you take a cereal box to gift box in a few short steps and once you’ve got it right you’ll never have to purchase another gift box again!

Giant Envelope 


Snail mail is still alive and kicking! Make a statement with a huge envelope and decorate it to be visible! Wondering where you can buy such a mighty envelope? You don’t – you make it! Grab an empty cereal box and head over to My Poppet to learn more!

Gift Tags 


A gift tag is a really personal and adorable addition to any present. They are a little cherry on top that proves gift giving is about connection, rather than material items! To make simplistic gift tags yourself, visit Offbeat + Inspired and learn how a cereal box comes into play!

Vanity Box 


Keeping track of the beauty products that are a part of your daily routine is easy when you dedicate a vanity box to them and always keep them in the same place. A vanity box deserves a chic and stylish look, but thanks to Craft a Doodle Do there is a detailed tutorial on how to make it yourself by repurposing a cereal box!

Pocket Folder


Binders are a girl’s best friends! They are a fantastic way to stay organized and keep all of your most important information in the same place! The next time you finish a box of cereal you have a wonderful opportunity to turn it into a big pocket folder! Check out the details at Gurl!

Pencil Cases 


Kids love pencil cases, especially if they look like adorable animals! After your little ones are done munching on their favorite cereal, encourage them to repurpose the cereal box and make themselves some incredible pencil cases, as shown by Shaun and Kyra!

Tiny Planters 


Tiny planters are a really cute element to include into your home. They bring such a charming energy into the space! With a neat trick by Lolly Jane you’ll always be able to create more of them, if only you’ll have a cereal box somewhere nearby!