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Magic in the Air: Fairy Themed Crafts for Little Girls

Whether you’re throwing a themed birthday party or just raising a little girl who’s going through a huge fairy-loving phase, a good knowledge of crafts that are pink and sparkly can come in hand. Every child has probably wondered about and dreamed of either befriending or becoming a fairy at some point!

Check out these adorable fairy-themed crafts that will make your child’s party or play date extremely magical!

1. Fairy mud


Have you seen those “magic sand” tubs that let kids play with coloured putty that doesn’t make too much of a mess? Happy Hooligans shows you how to make your own magic mud at home, customizing it to look like it came from fairy land!

2. Fairy soup


Kids love anything that lets them play with different textures and get their hands a little dirty. With some imagination (and some flower petals), Happy Hooligans shows you how a big pot of water can become a serving of “fairy soup”.

3. Magic fairy wands

Sticks from the backyard, bendy wire, and some beads are all you really need to make adorable nature themed fairy wands! Nurture Store shows you how they’re done in steps that are easy enough for your kids to follow along and make their own.

4. Milk carton fairy houses

VIEW IN GALLERYMilk carton fairy houses

Do your kids have fairy dolls and figurines scattered all over the house? Help create a home for their fairies that they’ll play with endlessly! Coffee Cups and Crayons‘ milk carton idea lets you spend time crafting together while also recycling.

5. Teacup fairy house

VIEW IN GALLERYTeacup fairy house

Do you like to show your kids how to upcycle old things from around the house? Teach them about reusing objects for new purposes by helping them transform a cracked or unused teacup into a fairy cottage! Check out how The Fairy and The Frog made this one.

6. Popsicle stick fairy door

VIEW IN GALLERYPopsicle stick fairy door

Dayna Banya

Popsicle stick crafts are some of the simplest projects for kids, and they’re also cheap to get supplies for! Creating a little wooden door lets your kids use their imagination to transform almost any upright surface into a portal to endless imaginary possibilities.

7. Fairy bells


Cultures around the world believe that there are ways to call good fairies into your garden. One way is to hang fairy bells so they can hear the delicate chiming through the wind and come for a visit! Buzzmills shows you how fun and easy fairy bells are to make.

8. Acorn toadstool fairy seats

VIEW IN GALLERYAcron toadstool fairy seats

If your backyard is riddled with little acorns from the trees around your house, then you’re in luck! Acorns are the perfect tool for making little fairy stools, just like your kids might have seen the TV fairies in the favourite cartoons sitting on in the woods. Twig and Toadstool shows you how they’re done.

9. Glittery playdough fairy garden

VIEW IN GALLERYGlittery playdough fairy garden

Sparkling play dough, shining marbles, buttons, and fairy dolls will keep your little magic-lover busy for hours on end. Fantastic Fun and Learning shows you how to make a magical fairy landscape contained in a tray for maximum entertainment but minimum mess.

10. Fairy dust writing tray

VIEW IN GALLERYFairy dust writing tray

Some of the best kids crafts are those that entertain them and help them learn! If your kid loves fairies, then The Imagination Tree has the perfect teaching craft for you. This super sparkly writing tray is enchanting enough to keep your child’s attention in a fun way, but it also serves as a teaching tool for writing and making shapes.

11. No-sew fairy tutu


Your little fairy princess might not be quite ready to help you construct clothing yet, but this tutu design by The Imagination Tree is an easy challenge for you! It’s a no-sew pattern so, as long as you’re good at knotting, you’ll have created the human fairy in your home a new outfit in no time!

12. Paper bag fairy tiara

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper bag fairy tiara

Is you child always picking your garden flowers and trying to weave them into her hair, just like she imagines a real fairy doing? Help her out (and save your flower bed) by creating this adorable flower crown by Happy Hooligans using a paper bag, faux grass, and some pretty fabric of paper flowers.

13. Cereal box fairy wings

VIEW IN GALLERYCereal box fairy wings

We all know kids can be rough on their clothes and toys, so sometimes it’s best to keep it simple when you’re making them costume pieces. That doesn’t mean their fairy wings can’t look great, though! Red Ted Art walks you through the process of creating these adorably sparkly wings using glitter, elastic, and an empty cereal box.

14. Simple fairy lights jar


Does your child fear the dark but feel comforted by the thought of kind fairies protecting them at night? Help them feel reassured and sleepy by placing a string of tiny white lights in a jar and telling them that the fairy lights will help them see in the dark. Check out how Sweet C’s Designs made these ones.

15. Fairy bread


Smart Schoolhouse

So you’ve aleady made a fairy craft and dressed up in fairy costumes, but now your little magical beings probably need a snack. Why not keep the theme going? Cut the crusts off a piece of white bread, spread it with cream cheese, and sprinkle the surface with sugar and rainbow sprinkles. Roll the bread in on itself like a piece of sushi so the sprinkles peek out the ends and voila! A sweet treat fit for a sweet little fairy.

Do you know someone whose child is convinced they’re really a fairy, pixie, or other forest sprite? Share this post with them for a little bit of entertainment and inspiration!