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Perennial Delicacies: 15 Fun Recipes for Blueberry Lovers

We’re pretty big berry lovers no matter what kind of berry you’re talking about but, like with most things, we have one clear forerunner that wins out over most other flavors just about every time. Ever since we were little, we’ve been huge blueberry fans! The best part about loving blueberries is that there are so many recipes out there that let you make so many different things using your favorite berry. Some of them are sweet and some of them are savory but each one is just as delicious as the last.

If you’re a crazy blueberry lover like ourselves, check out these 15 mouth watering and very unique recipes for delicious snacks, treats, and meals that let you enjoy your favourite berry to the fullest.

1. Blueberry breakfast cookies


Yes, you read that correctly; breakfast cookie. We didn’t know that such a thing existed until we found this recipe from How Sweet It Is a few weeks ago but now that we’ve been introduced to the concept, we’re completely obsessed! The unique combination of oatmeal and blueberries in each cookie leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied but still feeling like you’re treating yourself. These yummy bites are actually so good that we’ve made them three times in the short time since we first stumbled upon this recipe.

2. Blueberry chamomile Dutch Baby


If you’ve never had a Dutch Baby then you are missing out! A cross between a cake, a pie, and a dessert pizza, a Dutch Baby will give you all the flavour you need in an extra delicious way! This homemade one from Half Baked Harvest features blueberries in the dough itself but is also sprinkled with even more blueberries, raspberries and a whole host of other flavourful, delicious things.

3. Blueberry apple cupcakes


We’ve all tried yummy blueberry muffins and some of us might have even tried apple muffins before too, but have you ever tried a delicious combination of the two? We hadn’t, so imagine how excited we were when we came across this dual-recipe from The Clever Carrot! While the apples give the muffins a solid, delicious base flavour, blueberries dotted throughout the muffin give you a quick burst of delicious taste.

4. Buttermilk blueberry pie


Blueberry pie isn’t necessarily a new concept in and of itself, but the way that Adventures in Cooking made this particular recipe is certainly unique! Rather than filling the pie with a blended blueberry jam type filling, they’ve filled it with straight up whole blueberries so that every bite gets you a delicious burst of blueberry juice! On top of that, this crust is made with buttermilk, making it somehow even more scrumptious than usual.

5. Blueberry pizza with whipped ricotta and caramelized shallots


Have you been scrolling this list hoping for something a little bit more gourmet and unconventional than a blueberry muffin so you can really get fancy with your blueberries? Then perhaps a savoury option is the way to go! We were skeptical of this blueberry and ricotta pizza when we first saw it, but we tried making it for ourselves anyways because those are usually the recipes we end up liking the most… and that’s exactly what happened once more! Check out how it’s made on How Sweet It Is.

6. Boozy blueberry ice cream floats


One of the best parts of enjoying blueberries is the ice cream. There are so many delicious blueberry ice cream recipes that we hardly know where to start, so we figured we’d might as well kick off with one that’s really a combination idea! We’re no strangers to craving a milkshake in the summer, but we’re also no strangers to wanting to enjoy a quick cocktail with our friends either. If you share our sentiment there, then you simply must check out this “boozy” blueberry milkshake from Foodie Crush! Just remember to practice self control with this one, because it’s so incredibly delicious that you might forget there’s alcohol in it.

7. Blueberry lavender lemonade


Are you very into the idea of a refreshingly cold blueberry drink but you’re not sure you can handle all that dairy and you’d rather keep your beverages virgin instead of boozy? Well, if you ask us, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for some delicious lemonade! We’re big fans of lemonade no matter what flavour you’re talking, but the moment we saw this unique recipe from Becca Bakes, we knew we were hooked before we’d even tasted it. It’s got all the sweetness of the classic drink, but with the added flavour of blueberries!

8. Blueberry Greek yogurt granola bars


Yogurt granola bars are a health food trend that have been sweeping grocery stores for the last few years, but sometimes the brand name kind get a little too expensive for our tastes. We also find that the flavour we like best isn’t always there on the shelf! That’s when we start turning to our own kitchen skills to make what we want ourselves instead. Thanks to this recipe from Half Baked Harvest, we can all make our very own Greek yogurt granola bars at home and customize them to be as blueberry filled as we please!

9. Blueberry pancake bake


Even if you’re not the big blueberry fan in the family and you’re mostly scrolling this list because you’d like to make something yummy for someone you love, we think you’ll still fall for this awesomely unique breakfast treat! Rather than just making classic blueberry pancakes, Completely Delicious suggests making a “pancake bake”, which tastes almost like you’re having cake for breakfast, without being quite so sweet!

10. Blueberry brie scones


Some of our very favourite blueberry recipes, no matter what kind of food we’re making, are the ones that combine sweet, savoury, and fruity in one place. There’s just something about having all those different flavours at once that gives you the ultimate snack experience! That’s why we keep this delicious blueberry and brie scone recipe from Completely Delicious easily on hand in our kitchen. This one gets made a lot in our house!

11. Blueberry basil infused vodka


We’ve already talked about virgin blueberry drinks and very fancy alcoholic beverages that involve blueberries, but what if you’re looking for a blueberry inspired cocktail that’s a little less filling than what we showed you before? Then you might be the perfect person to invest time in infusing your very own vodka flavour. We love the way Food52 blended blueberry and basil flavours right into a vodka, making the process of mixing the perfect fruity summer cocktail much easier.

12. Blueberry buckle with lemon glaze


Baked buckle treats are always delicious because they’re so crumbly with a bit of crunch, and yet they still manage to have a bit of that good, chewy sponge texture in the middle. We’re especially big buckle fans when there are blueberries involved! Check out how this amazing baked pan treat is created at Foodie Crush.

13. Blueberry Mole chicken


Perhaps you’ve been hoping to find not just a savoury piece but also an actual entrée to go with your meal because you love blueberries so much that only having a dessert just isn’t quite going to cut it for you? Then try this delicious blueberry mole chicken! The sauce that Adventures in Cooking shows you how to make is thick and delicious, resembling a curry sauce in texture but with an entirely unique flavour thanks to hints of berry with each bite.

14. Blueberry brownies


Sometimes the best way to mash up your favourite baked treat and your favourite fruit flavour is a lot simpler than you’d think. That’s why Hummingbird High essentially just threw some awesomely fresh blueberries into their favourite brownie batter! The result is a chocolatey, fruity heaven that hits the perfect mark between rich and refreshing.

15. Lemon blueberry cheesecake bars


If there’s one thing we adore above just about all else, it’s cheesecake. As you might be able to guess by this point, our absolute favourite kind of cheesecake always involves blueberries! You can sweeten the deal even more, however, by adding some lemon into the mix and giving us an extra punchy flavour. The only thing that could possibly make this whole idea better is being able to share out dessert with our friends more easily… which is why Pip and Ebby decided to make theirs like a pan cake and cut it into bit sized bars!

Time to dig into perennial goodness of blueberries!