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Stylish and Creative: DIY Leggings for Fitness and Fun

Ignore the naysayers who claim that tights are not pants – maybe they just haven’t stumbled upon this epic roundup of DIY leggings yet! We can promise you that the leggings featured here will all turn heads and you’ll get plenty of questions about where you got them. The little secret is, of course, you’ll have made them all by yourself! Take a look at the greatest selection of DIY leggings and get ready to #impress!

1. Braided Leggings 


Normal leggings are likely too mainstream for you and if that is indeed the case we know you’ll want something edgy that challenges both your fashion sense and creativity! Cut up a plain pair of leggings and turn them into dynamic and amazing braided leggings, as shown by Mikaela Holmes.

2. Slashed Leggings 


Fashion emergency alert: you were invited to hang out but all of your leggings are too generic and won’t make an impact! How could you possibly get yourself an eye-catching pair of leggings in a matter of minutes? Well, Cut Out + Keep might be able to help out with their brilliant slashed leggings hack!

3. Yoga Leggings 


Yoga pants are a very important part of your yoga sessions. If they are not comfy and stretchy even the simplest poses will feel uncomfortable. We know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of yoga leggings so we’re happy to tell you that you can sew them yourself, guided by Life Sew Savory!

4. Suspender Leggings 


Inspired by suspender fashion and given its own special twist by Pretty Quirky Pants, these leggings have a daring punk-rock style. You can use leggings of a different color to soften the look, but as far as we’re concerned the whole piece goes stunningly with boots and a long shirt!

5. Bandaged Leggings 


If you want your leggings to resemble those that dominate the fashion trends, Syl and Sam‘s bandaged leggings should be your next DIY project! They are a bold choice without a doubt but anyone with a daring personal style will be able to wear them in a way that will set the bar for everybody else!

6. Zebra Print Leggings 


You’ve bought a pair of plain black leggings and now you’re wondering how you can give them a stylish makeover, preferably one that won’t cost a fortune of your money and time. Lovelilandia made zebra print leggings in just a few short steps and we are totally obsessed with this idea!

7. Sport Leggings 


When you’re living an active lifestyle your sports wear often becomes your everyday wear. It’s obvious that you’ll want your dreamy pair of sport leggings to be comfortable and trendy. With Spoonflower‘s tutorial you’ll be able to create a pair just like that!

8. Patterned Legging 


Sometimes a simple pattern can change the whole appearance of your leggings! You don’t have to resort to complicated sewing projects to update your leggings, The Pretty Life Girls will show you a much quicker but equally effective way. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow sporty friends!

9. Leggings with a Pocket 


Devoted runners are familiar with the struggle of not having a proper place to safely store your phone. The fanny packs and arm wraps can make your running experience a bit awkward and classic leggings don’t normally come with pockets. The Petite Sewist happens to be on the front lines of change with awesome DIY leggings with a pocket!

10. Modern Leggings 


You don’t have to be a designing wizard to make a super modern and trendy pair of leggings. Mood Sewciety has already done all of the designing for you and all that’s left to be done is to follow the instructions and be proud of your modern creation!