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15 Coat Sewing Patterns for Fall

Now that fall weather has settled and it appears the cold is here to stay, we’re ready to start digging out all our coats and putting our shirts and t-shirts away. Each year, however, we actually try to make ourselves at least one coat because we’re avid sewing enthusiasts and coats have always been something we’ve found very satisfying indeed to create! That’s why we always have our eyes peeled for new patterns and designs as styles change through the years.

Just in case the idea of making your very own fall coat from scratch appeals just as much to you as it does to us, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most creative looking sewing patterns and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. Funnel neck coat tutorial


We’ve always loved funnel neck coats because you can turn the collar up against the wind if you need to on particularly cold days, but otherwise we love the way it sits down and wide, perfect for showing off a classy turtleneck underneath or perhaps your favourite scarf wrapped and tied in that open space. See how you can actually make your own from smart wool fabric on Sew DIY!

2. DIY blanket wrap coat


This year, wrap style coats are probably one of the most popular statements happening in fall fashion, and we can’t pretend we don’t adore the idea. There’s just something about wearing something that’s simultaneously classy and cozy that appeals to us a lot! Take a look at this pattern from McCalls to learn how you can make your own in any colour and various fabrics.

3. DIY camel coat


If you’ve never tried on a camel coat before, then we’d definitely suggest looking more into the comfortable style and considering it heavily for your DIY coat project this year! Besides the usual sandy colour that suits essentially anyone of any skin tone, we love the way most of these coats are drape-y and comfortable, gathering around the neck for warmth. Get more details for how this one was made on Ovoke!

4. Convertible blazer coat


Are you actually finding yourself a little bit torn over whether you’d prefer to make yourself a long coat on the off chance that the weather gets very cold this year or a short coat because you like the style better and it’s usually quite mild where you live? Well, if a blazer is the style you’re going for, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this pattern from The Business UK that lets you make both kinds in one piece thanks to a convertible zipper trick at the waist!

5. Long Butterick sweater coat


Just in case you’ve always preferred toasty sweaters over actual fall coats, which you find somewhat cumbersome and unnecessary for the mild weather where you live, here’s a fantastic style we think you’ll really appreciate! McCalls guides you through the process of making a mid-shin length sweater style coat that hangs open like a cardigan.

6. Oversized faux fur coat


Have you always loved the aesthetic of white fur coats but you’re far too invested in animal rights and cruelty free fashion to ever wear a real once? Well, thanks to the quality of the faux fur materials you’ll find in the average fabric store lately, that doesn’t actually mean you can’t get that white fur you’ve been lusting after. Check out this tutorial from Craft Gossip made this fantastic oversized faux fur coat in just a few surprisingly simple steps.

7. Reversible bomber jacket


Have you actually been hoping to make a coat that’s a little more classically masculine in its style? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this fantastic bomber jacket tutorial outlined step by step on Mood DIY! Besides loving the style of this project, we also adore the fact that they show you how to make this piece reversible, so you get two looks in one!

8. Classic overcoat


Have you actually been scrolling through our list in hopes of finding an overcoat style pea jacket that’s a little more classic in its style than a lot of what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Fashion Version DIY created this fantastic design from scratch! We adore the shape and size of the collar in particular.

9. Cape blazer


If you’re going to put in the effort of making a completely custom design from scratch, would you rather make a slightly more uniquely styled piece that you don’t think you’ll see many other people around you wearing where you live this fall? In that case, we’d definitely urge you to consider making this stunning cape style blazer as outlined on Iconic Patterns.

10. Lined robe coat


Have you actually been picturing yourself making a slightly more flashy coat that has some exciting colour and pattern to it, but you want to make sure it’s lined for warmth purposes? Then we have a feeling you’re really going to love this fantastic double lined robe style coat featured on Lana Red Studio! We love the way they suggest lining the coat with contrasting fabric to the one you use outside, giving you double the patterning.

11. Business casual cropped jacket


Just in case you’re looking for a blazer style coat but you’d prefer something a little more vintage in its cut and style that what we’ve mostly shown you so far, here’s another tutorial from Sew DIY that we think might be a little closer to what you’re looking to make for yourself! We love the business casual height of the way this coat is cropped around the torso.

12. Long circle vest


Have you actually been looking to make your own version of those very fashionable long vest coats because you couldn’t find any in stores where you live but you just love the style so much that you have to have it? Then we think you’ll find this pattern and tutorial from Sewing Rabbit a very useful resource indeed when it comes to make one of your own.

13. Japanese style cocoon coat


Are you actually kind of a beginner when it comes to sewing but you’re still determined to make yourself some kind of fall coat, just to really challenge yourself? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Stitchless TV made this fantastic Japanese styled cocoon coat in just a few simple steps! We love this piece because it’s unique and can be dressed up or down, depending on how you’re feeling when you get dressed in the morning.

14. Boucle coatigan


Have you been feeling very intrigued indeed by the idea of making these longer, flowing style coats that mimic cardigan sweaters, but you just haven’t quite seen the one that really speaks to you yet? Then here’s another one for your consideration! We love this tutorial from Seamwork because the pattern is simple but impressive and the resulting coat is comfortable, cozy, and stylish all at once.

15. Yuzu raglan coat


If you’re looking for a slightly more structure style of coat to really challenge yourself with because you’re quite an experienced sewing enthusiast, then we think perhaps Oliver S has just the coat pattern for you! This Yuzu raglan coat features neat seaming, an impressively high collar, and perfectly placed buttons that will make it hard to believe you made this piece yourself rather than buying it from a store.

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