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Gearing Up in Style: Cozy DIY Gloves for Fall

Even though summer is our favorite time of year, there’s just something fun about fall coming. We don’t even mind the fact that we have to start bundling up as long as we have some cute things to bundle up in! The absolute best part about having to pile on more clothing, though, is that each garment is another opportunity for some fun DIY!

Right now, we’re obsessed with homemade mittens and gloves. Check out these 15 awesome DIY glove designs that will get your own creative juices and ideas flowing before the next time to step out into the cold!

1. Tiny stud gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny stud gloves

Are you a huge fan of subtle glamour that gives your look personality without stealing attention from the other things you’re wearing entirely? Then this tiny stud glove look might be the one for you! Look closely; To Die Trying has used teeny, tiny black studs on black gloves to add some texture and they might be hard to see in this picture, but up close they add the perfect amount of attitude to your fingers.

2. Gloves with “rings”


Perhaps your personal style is a little more flashy than the subtler tiny studs design calls for. Styleoholic letting your taste for glamour shine by adding some bling to your gloves! Customize a small pre-made pair with rhinestoned pendants, gems, brooches, or pieces of broken jewlery, gluing or sewing a piece at the base of a finer to look like you’re wearing a ring.

3. DIY fur cuffs


Are you a fan of the way fur pieces look but you don’t have the budget to buy the fancy fur trimmed accessories? Even faux fur is so quality nowadays that gloves trimmed with it can be nearly as pricey as real fur pieces! You can get around those costs, however, by trimming a pair of gloves you already own with a small strip of faux fur at the cuffs. I Love DIY shows you how it’s done.

4. Heart printed gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart printed leather gloves

Graphic stamping has been trendy for a whole now and whether we’re talking crafts, garments, decor, or accessories, we simply can’t get enough of it. We’re particularly big fans of the stamped shapes when there’s a stark, neat colour contrast involved, just like in these adorable heart covered leather gloves from Styleoholic. Check their tutorial out for more details!

5. “Turtle” gloves


You’ve undoubtedly heard of turtle necks before, but what about turtle gloves? The second we realized that these adorable little fingerless gloves were aptly named because of the rolled cuff at the top that mimics the classic shirt style, we fell in love with them. As if that wasn’t enough, they feature adorable buttons too! Knitters should definitely check this pattern out on What Will We Do Today.

6. Pom pom finger gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYPom pom finger gloves

Sometimes, if you’re going to put in the effort to make something yourself, it’s the most fun to make something silly and novelty. Those are the first words that popped into our minds when we saw these hilarious pom pom finger gloves by Just Crafty Enough! Try making them in your school colours so you can simultaneously cheer on your football team and stay warm at games this season.

7. Stylish fingerless glove with lace

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish fingerless glove with lace

Professor Pincushion guides you through the process of creating a pair of lace gloves that are both trendy and more classic looking at all once! These remind us of the kind of thing women might have worn with beautiful woolen jackets as they stepped into their carriages in the early 1900s. Between the scalloped edge and the lace they’re wonderfully classy, but they’re still modernly stylish because they fit the current fingerless glove trend to a T.

8. Star inspired fingerless gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYStar inspired fingerless gloves

Any design that combines sparkle and texture in one place is a-okay in our books! That’s why we love this delicately beaded look from Plan B so much. Whether you decide to knit yourself a new pair of fingerless gloves just for this project or simply use some that you already own, adding seed and wine beads to look like star bursts and a twinkling night sky will draw just about everyone’s attention. You’ll only need to know the very basics of sewing and stitching!

9. Bullion stitch fingerless gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYBullion stitch fingerless gloves

Are you a huge fan of working with yarn, but you’re looking for something a little unconventional that you haven’t tried before? Enter: the bullion stitch! This technique looks awesome and will keep you warm at the same time. You won’t find store bought gloves that are as interesting as these! Check out how they’re done on Hopeful Honey.

10. Fair Isle knitted fingerless gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYFair Isle knitted fingerless gloves

Are you an avid knitter who just can’t stop making yourself gloves in preparation for fall? Well, maybe it’s time to try something a little more challenging to really make all that time, effort, and wool worth it! Fair Isle techniques are a  great way to create yourself an investment piece that you’ll wear for years to come. Check out this gorgeous pattern that resembles a snowflake on The Stitcherati.

11. Ghost Train fingerless gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYGhost Train fingerless gloves

Maybe you love the idea of knitting your own fingerless mitts for fall but you’re not quite ready to try Fair Isle knitting yet? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of visual and textured patterns out there for you until then! Cables are a great alternative, especially when they’re as deliciously chunky as these ones from Pixelated Mushroom.

12. Teeny heart fingerless gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYTeeny heart fingerless gloves

Perhaps you’re looking for either a simple pattern that you can make for your kids or maybe even an easy pattern that your kids, who are learning how to knit, can try making for themselves? This little heart pattern could be the one! Purl Avenue shows you how they’re done (as well as how adorable they look on tiny hands).

13. Felt heart gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt heart gloves

This felt applique idea is a versatile one because you could do the easy or the challenging version and still get a great final project. You might cut out heart shapes from pre-made felt and layer them to be stitched or glued to the back of the glove or, if you’re an experienced felter, you might actually start from scratch and felt the shapes right into the gloves themselves with your needle. Check the whole design out in more detail on Muslin and Merlot.

14. Rhinestoned wrist gloves

VIEW IN GALLERYRhinestoned wrist gloves

Did you like the glammed out aesthetic of the ring gloves earlier on this list but even those weren’t quite as blinged out as you’d really prefer? Well, Victoria Brikho is here to remind you that there’s nothing wrong with going all out when it comes to chunky rhinestones! These big beauties might not fit (or feel very comfortable) on your fingers, though, so they suggest moving the glamour to your wrists instead.

15. Simple crocheted fingerless mitts

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple crocheted fingerless mitts

Perhaps colour and handcraftedness is your primary focus, rather than fancy techniques and beaded extras? Then simple crocheted fingerless gloves might be exactly what you’re looking for. Learn how to make a classic, easy design in no time right here on Always Rooney.