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12 DIY Hanging Shelves For Every Home

Shelves are an absolute necessity. Not only do they help us with storage, they also make a valuable contribution to the overall decor! While you might think that shelves can’t feel much dynamic, we are here to challenge this belief! These 12 DIY hanging shelves are the sheer proof of just how chic your shelves can be. The best part? You get to make them yourself!

1. Triangle Hanging Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle hanging shelves

Don’t be afraid to bring some geometry into your living space. These triangle hanging shelves have a very modern look to them and if you are a millennial home owner, you’re already looking for the instructions, aren’t you? Don’t let us keep you; check out Why Don’t You Make Me!

2. Hanging Rope Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging rope shelves

Unless you look really closely, it’s almost hard to tell that these shelves are indeed hanging on a rope! They have a very steady look and we love the simplicity of the entire setting. Roll up your sleeves and see the tutorial at A Pair & A Spare!

 3. Miniature Copper Hanging Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYMiniature copper hanging shelves

Adding a little copper to a DIY project always works in everyone’s favor. These shelves sure are miniature, but they are a wonderful element to place on your wall and if you’re ever looking for a place to put all those little items that don’t seem to fit anywhere else, Delineate Your Dwelling is where you need to go!

4. Pipe Hanging Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYPipe hanging shelves

Mix together the industrial look of the pipes and the nautical look of the ropes. What do you get? Stunning hanging shelves that have a completely unique look! Can you already picture them hanging in your home? If so, don’t miss the how-to at eHow.

5. Suede Hanging Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYSuede hanging shelves

No rope? No problem! Suede is a great material to use for hanging your shelves in a way that makes the entire wall look richer! It’s all about how you tie those knots! We would’t worry too much about it though, because Going Home To Roost has a great tutorial!

 6. Marble Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble hanging shelf

Looking for something sophisticated and elegant? A marble hanging shelf is the answer! It will do wonders for your home and you will almost feel compelled to turn it into a display. Nobody will ever be able to guess this project is handmade, thanks to the A Bubbly Life’s guidance!

 7. Leather Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYLeather hanging shelf

This is an incredibly smart way to set up a hanging shelf! Just a simple leather strap will do! Projects that are simple, but breathtaking to look at, are always a favorite! If you are curious about how to make these minimal leather hanging shelves, Burkatron has all the answers!

8. Plywood Hanging Shelves 

VIEW IN GALLERYPlywood hanging shelves

Here’s a great idea by Homedit that shows us a hanging shelf suitable for anyone who is bored with the standard shelves and wants something that moves and lives! The way this shelf is hung instantly creates a less static atmosphere and you can have it done in a spare afternoon!

9. Round Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYRound hanging shelf

Not a fan of rectangle shelves? Shelterness feels you! Opt for a round hanging shelf instead and enjoy in the creative freedom of trying out new things! Don’t worry, round shelves are just as simple to make and a total breeze to hang!

10. Box Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYBox hanging shelf

What to do with a never ending problem of having too many boxes? Put them on a wall and turn them into hanging shelves! We have to admit that this is a really cute way to improvise at home with what we’re given! Brit + Co has more details!

11. Basket Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYBasket hanging shelf

Here’s another round hanging shelf that is actually a repurposed basket! The beauty of DIY projects is precisely in repurposing the old while creating the new. A Pair & A Spare embodied this concept in this innovative basket hanging shelf!

12. Belt Hanging Shelf 

VIEW IN GALLERYBelt hanging shelf

And speaking of repurposing, there are always some items in your home that could use an upgrade or get a new job, so to speak! Design Sponge has a great idea for repurposing your old belts – simply use them as straps to set up your hanging shelves with a rustic touch!

Static shelves, meet your competition!