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15 Fun, Unconventional Fabric Projects

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy making DIY projects and gifts that use unconventional materials. Did you know, however, that it can be just as fun to create unconventional projects out of common crafting supplies? That might sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple. We’ve made a list of awesome DIY projects using fabric as an example!

Check out these 15 ways to create fun things with fabric other than just clothing and apparel. We think most of these would make adorable gifts!

1. Fabric card envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Fabric Card Envelopes

The DIY Dreamer suggests giving your friends birthday, Christmas, and Thank You cards in envelopes made of fun coloured and patterned fabric rather than paper! This creates a visual contrast between the card and the envelope, but it also creates an awesome difference in texture.

2. Sprocket pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYSprocket pillow

Okay, so pillows are quite often made from fabric and we promised this list would contain unconventional projects, but when we saw the adorable mixture of colours and patterns in this design, we couldn’t resist including it! Cluck Cluck Sew guides you through the process of piecing fabric together like a quilt, but for a pillow instead!

3. Fabric wrapped owl box

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric wrapped owl box

Whether you use this idea as unique gift wrap or you simply set it on top of a bookshelf as adorable decor in a kids’ room, this patterned owl will look stunning no matter what kinds of fabric you choose! Get the folding and gluing instructions from Jo Ann Fabric.

4. Big fabric beads

VIEW IN GALLERYBig fabric beads

Encourage Fashion walks you through the steps for making large, round beads using any colour or pattern of fabric you choose! We love how kitschy and stylish these look strung along a piece of ribbon.

5. Fabric and clothespin Christmas wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric and clothespin Christmas wreath

Thinkter shows you how to create a decorative wreath from Christmas patterned fabric, or even just fabric that’s the right colours for a fun Christmas aesthetic! Use shiny Christmas garland and clothes pins painted a cheerful bright red.

6. Fabric accent sneakers

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric accent sneakers

Do you love altering clothing and shoes to give your style a little bit of extra flair? Then you’ll love this fabric sneaker idea from A Little Craft in Your Day! Use fabric in a pretty contrasting colour or pattern to add some personality to the tongues of your shoes.

7. Jagged edged fabric bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYJagged edged fabric bookmark

Some people don’t mind using simple pieces of paper to mark their place in a book, or even folding the corners of the page, but pretty decorative bookmarks still make great gifts. Check out these fabric bookmarks with crimped edges by 7 Layer Studio!

8. Fabric hot and cold packs

VIEW IN GALLERYScrap fabric hot and cold packs

Bee in My Bonnet guides you through the process of using fabric to create a little pocket that will keep you cool in the summer or warm in chilly weather! You’ll appreciate being able to stash a couple of these in your bag no matter the weather.

9. DIY holiday gnomes

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY holiday gnomes

You’ll often see little decorative pieces like these holiday gnomes that involve a lot of painting for the features and the faces. Made in a Day reminds you, however, that covering a large surface area with nice fabric can be quicker and it also adds nice texture to the piece.

10. Fabric origami box

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric origami box

Have you ever tried origami art by folding paper in a pattern? Well, now it’s time to try it with fabric for an unconventional crafting session! We love this fabric origami basket by Handmadiya and think it would look adorable holding your keys and change on the front hallway table.

11. Twisted turban headband

VIEW IN GALLERYTwisted turban headband

Honey Bee Vintage reminds you how easily fabric can be turned into accessories rather than full outfits and pieces of clothing! We’re in love with this adorable wrapping style hairband that will class up even the most casual of days in a vintage looking way.

12. DIY water colour table linens

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY water colour table linens

Making table linens, like table cloths and napkins, doesn’t sound like a very unconventional use of fabric, but you might think otherwise when you see how unique these awesomely bright tie dyed napkins by Brit + Co. look!

13. Fabric strip decorative wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY fabric strip decorative wreath

Sewing isn’t the only way you can construct fabric pieces together. Instead, try cutting fabric into strips and knotting it together so it looks like rustically stylish rags. Use the technique to make a gorgeous door wreath, just like this one by Southern Priss Designs!

14. Handmade rag rug

VIEW IN GALLERYHandmade rag rug

Do you love the look of the knotted fabric rags technique but you’re not sure you need another door wreath? Try making this adorable floor mat instead! Our Everyday Art guides you through the steps.

15. Fabric wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric wall art

If you’ve never seen how whimsical and stylish fabric wall art can look, you’re missing out! Whether you add letters to monogram the piece, like this picture, or let the colours and patterns shine on their own, fabric makes a great wall art alternative for those who don’t paint. Check the idea out on Diva of DIY.

Have you made other unconventional DIY projects out of fabric that you think we just need to see? Tell us about it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!