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Berry Goodness: 15 Delicious Desserts and Pies for Spring

We’re not sure what it is, but there’s just something about spring that makes us feel like baking all kinds of delicious sweet treats! Lately, the baking bug has bitten us but we’re feeling particularly intent on making fun things for springtime. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for all kinds of cute, cheerful recipes for desserts and pies to try our hands at now that the sun is out and flowers are starting to bloom.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making springtime desserts and pies as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best flavours, ideas, and recipes that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Spring pie pops


If you’re a big fan of keeping up with homemade sweet treat trends like we are then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve definitely tried cake pops by now, but have you ever heard of pie pops? Well, we hadn’t until we found this amazing spring pie pop recipe from Marie Callender’s and we’re incredibly grateful that we did, because they’re completely delicious!

2. Layered strawberry rhubarb shortcake


Where we come from, one of the biggest markers of spring is the ripening of rhubarb! This is the only season where it grows naturally, nice and ripe, with a flavour that can be sweet, sour, or bitter, depending on when you pick it and how you prepare it. In this case, Sugar Hero is here to show you how to make it wonderfully sweet by making it part of this layered strawberry rhubarb shortcake.

3. Strawberry shortcake trifles


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about strawberry shortcake but you want to make a dessert that will suit more of a casual buffet style dinner party you’re hosting, rather than having to cut your family and guests bigger pieces? Then we think you’ll love the way Cooking Classy shows you how to make these mini strawberry shortcake trifles that are served in their own individual servings.

4. Berry Charlottes


Are you feeling intrigued now about the idea of making nice desserts that can be served individually per guest, but you’re looking for something with a little more unique presentation than just a cute jar? In that case, we think you might just be the perfect person to give these adorable berry charlottes a try! Get the full details for making your own on Everyday Annie.

5. Almond crepe cake with raspberry rose cream


If you’ve never heard of a crepe cake before then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Just in case you’d like to change that by making this fantastic layered dessert yourself, here’s a fantastic recipe from Milly’s Kitchen that teaches you how to make a pleasant tasting, springlike almond crepe cake with raspberry rose cream.

6. Lemon meringue pie shooters


Have we actually caught your attention very well indeed with the idea of serving miniature versions of your favourite larger desserts in individualized glass servings, but you’d prefer to make something with a bit more of a flavour kick? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this recipe for lemon meringue pie shooters featured on Mama’s Gotta Bake.

7. Fishtail braid cherry pie


Maybe you’re actually such a big fan of pie that you’re really in search of delicious springlike pie recipes in general, but you’re quite good at baking and would like something a little bit challenging? Then perhaps you’re the perfect person to give this beautiful fishtail braid pie crust tutorial from Handmade Charlotte a try! They show you how to make it with cherries.

8. Summer berry tart with lemon mascarpone and cream


Perhaps you’re very interested indeed in the idea of making some kind of pie-like dessert, but you’re feeling torn between lemon baked goods and berries, since you’ve seen both of these so far and love those flavours equally? Well, who ever said you have to choose between them in the first place? Take a better look at Nerds With Knives to see how this summer berry tart with lemon mascarpone cream is made.

9.  Lemon pavlova with toasted almonds and coconut


Just in case you’re still feeling the pull of delicious lemon flavours in your craving for fresh spring desserts but you simply haven’t seen the idea that you think calls your name yet, here’s another fantastic option for your consideration! The Unlikely Baker teaches you step by step how to make a light lemon pavlova with toasted almonds and coconut.

10. Mango tart


Have we caught your attention very well indeed with all this talk of fruity spring tarts but you can’t help thinking that you might prefer a flavour with a slightly more tropical taste to it? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Bakerita made this stunning mango tart, with mango slices arranged like a flower so that it’s not just delicious but also very beautiful.

11. Churro ice cream bowls


Have you always been the kind of person who loves keeping up with food and dessert trends and now you’re just as intrigued by the concept of novelty and combination desserts as we are? Well, if you like ice cream and cinnamon, we’re convinced you’ll love this churro ice cream bowl idea outlined step by step on Tasty!

12. Pretty pink raspberry vanilla mini cakes


Just in case you’re still in love with the idea of individualized desserts but you’d prefer to make some kind of spring tasting cake rather than a pie or novelty dessert? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Liv For Cake made these fragrant, delicious, and prettily pink raspberry vanilla mini cakes in just a few simple steps.

13. Raspberry cream cheese pinwheels


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about raspberry flavoured desserts but you actually baked another cake quite recently so you’d prefer something else? Then maybe these scrumptious raspberry cream cheese pinwheels outlined step by step on Just A Taste will be a little more up your alley!

14. Chocolate and orange twists


Have we got you thinking more about pastries than anything else ever since we talked about the cream cheese pinwheels, but you’re also the kind of sweets lover who gets frequent chocolate cravings? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lazy Cat Kitchen made these fantastic chocolate and orange twists.

15. Fruit pizza


Just in case you’re such a fruit lover that you . feel like you just can’t get enough of it now that spring is here, here’s theultimate suggestion to get all different kinds of fruit in one baked treat! Sally’s Baking Addiction guides you step by step through the process of making a delicious fruit pizza covered in all kinds of citrus slices and berries.