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A Stunning Look-Alike: 10 DIY Faux Fireplaces That Look Like the Real Deal

Many suburban living rooms can boast with a big fireplace that is lit up throughout the winter, keeping the whole space warm and the atmosphere magical. If your home is without a fireplace it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out! Maybe you don’t even need the extra warmth – you just love how it contributes to the entire interior. We’ve found 10 DIY faux fireplaces that you can create for your home and give it the fireplace charm that is currently lacking!

1. Faux Brick Fireplace


Your dream home Pinterest board is full of brick fireplaces and you’re wondering how you could bring one into your home without having to redo your whole living room. Fake it ’til you make it honey! Woodshop Diaries shares the detailed tutorial for a fantastic faux brick fireplace!

2. Faux Log Fireplace Entertainment Center


A lot of people use the mantel of their fireplace to display endless seasonal decorations, but you can give it an aspect of functionality and tun it into an entertainment center! Bless’er House has a great tutorial for a faux log fireplace – it comes in three parts so make sure to follow through!

3. Faux Fireplace with Candles


If you are a firm believer that it’s not a real fireplace unless it has some actual fire in it, Rogue Engineers has just the fireplace to go with that philosophy! After you build the chic dark mantel, add some candles to the faux fireplace’s opening and light them up!

4. Faux LED Fireplace


It’s so romantic to sit by the fireplace on a cold winter night, in a dim room where the only light is coming out from the fireplace itself. If you think a faux fireplace can’t generate light you are wrong! Pursuit of Handyness lit up their faux fireplace with LED lights and pretty candles!

5. Faux Pine Fireplace


Woodworking skills will definitely come in handy when you’re trying to build yourself a faux fireplace, though you don’t have to be an expert. You’ll need some really good wood, Blue Roof Cabin chose pine, and a paint that will bring the wood to life!

6. Faux Modern Fireplace


While fireplaces used to be very common in rustic homes, the modern ones have definitely caught on with the trend, so plenty of upscale houses and apartments now have elegant fireplaces. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on one of them, make Matsutake‘s faux version of a modern fireplace!

7. Faux Christmas Fireplace


Christmas is almost here, but you still have time to add a faux fireplace to your living room before the holiday season and decorate it in a true holiday fashion! We are obsessed with Make & Do Studio‘s take on it – it’s bright, it’s jolly, it’s faux!

8. Faux White Fireplace


If you hate dark fireplaces and shudder at the thought of adding it to your bright minimalist interior, you might consider making a completely white faux fireplace. This one won’t ever be filled with ashes! Find the how-to at Make It & Love It!

9. Faux Monogram Fireplace


Monogrammed home decor is something everyone dreams of, no? It makes the home feel even more yours and yes, you’ll totally brag with it to your friends. Heart Break Kids features a faux monogram fireplace that is absolutely a brag-worthy piece for your cozy living room!

10. Faux Storage Fireplace


Real fireplaces require some caution, but a faux fireplace comes worry-free! You can display anything around it because there is no danger that it’s going to catch fire. In fact, you can even turn it into a storage space! Follow us over to The Home Depot Blog and see for yourself!