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12 DIY Coffee Tables That Put Ikea to Shame 

What’s a living room without a coffee table? Where else would we put our decorative books, trays with freshly made lemonade and, when the guests finally leave, our feet? Searching for the right coffee table can feel a lot like Tinder; do I like this one? What will my family say? Does this one fit into my life? Should I just wait? It’s time to swipe away the stress and instead check out these 12 incredible DIY coffee tables! 

1. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table 


Channel the farmhouse decor and build a coffee table with a sleek look that will be an incredible and elegant addition to your beautiful living room! Aside from its beauty, it will also carry the profound homey feeling thanks to the fact that you made it yourself! Find the instructions Build Something!

2. Rustic Coffee Table 


A rustic coffee table will always have a place in the living room! Painted to a neutral color it has a charming look that you’ll never get bored of! If you want to find out the main tricks to making this wooden beauty, 100 Things to Do has them up their sleeve!

3. Minimalist Coffee Table 


If you are a minimalist, you surely don’t want to spend big amounts of money on a fancy coffee table that will feel too extravagant for your living room. It’s a good thing we found this simplistic coffee table at I Spy DIY that you can make all by yourself and enjoy in its minimal beauty for years to come!

4. Square Coffee Table 


Finding the right antique coffee table can feel almost the same as winning the lottery. That is, until you see the price tag. Luckily, in Shanty 2 Chic‘s world, nothing is impossible – not even an antique looking coffee table made from scratch!

5. Storage Coffee Table 


Speaking of Shanty 2 Chic‘s amazing ideas, can we talk about this incredible storage coffee table?! It has such a strong rustic look and is ideal for families with small children that desperately need additional storage space in the living room. Kick clutter to the curb once and for all!

6. Industrial Coffee Table 


Are you on the hunt for an industrial coffee table that would spice up your living room?  Little Glass Jar has just the tutorial you’re looking for! Even though it has an industrial appeal it’s completely made of wood! Choose your colors wisely and get your living room ready for this new piece!

7. Crate Storage Coffee Table 


A crate storage within a coffee table is a really canny way to keep your living room neat and tidy! No matter how many items you choose to keep within your living room, all everybody will get to see is a beautiful coffee table! Roll up your sleeves and find the instructions at Her Toolbelt!

8. Dark Wood Coffee Table 


Dark wood has a sophisticated look that feels like magnetism. It’s very adaptable to every choice of interior so if you want to play it safe, this is the choice to pick! Don’t stress about the making-of process; Remodelaholic will be there for you every step of the way!

9. Copper Coffee Table 


Metallic home decor is taking the trends by storm and copper is leading the pack! If you don’t want a traditional coffee table and find yourself wishing for something less typical, a copper coffee table should be your next project. For Me, For You will give you all the details!

10. Stylish Coffee Table 


What if we told you that you can make a super stylish and trendy mini coffee table for your unique home? You’d make a happy dance, of course! Well put on your dancing shoes and lace them up tight, because Homedit has a tutorial for the chicest little coffee table that will rock your world!

11. Pallet Coffee Table 


Everyone in the DIY community knows that throwing away pallets is a crime! There is always something you can use them for, so unless you are new around here, you’ve surely been looking for another pallet project, haven’t you? You’re right on time to check out this wonderful pallet coffee table by Love Stitched!

12. Simplistic Coffee Table 


Sometimes beauty can be found in the simplest things. A small coffee table can bring so much value to the space it’s placed in. The white color may seem plain but that’s exactly where its uniqueness lies – it’s so basic and classy that it instantly makes the piece feel timeless and familiar! Don’t miss the tutorial at That’s My Letter!