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Celebrating the Love of Pizza with 12 DIY Pizza Crafts 

Pizza surely gets our vote for favorite comfort food and if you are so loyal to it that your love reaches beyond the dining table, you’ll have a lot of fun while making creative pizza projects! Whether you decide to bring some funky pizza decor into your home or simply want to enjoy a crafty afternoon with your kids, these 12 DIY pizza crafts have got you covered!

1. Pizza Garland 


Decorative garlands are usually made very elegant or celebratory, with a purpose to either be a marvelous decor piece or to inspire joy at a house party. Contrast the usual garlands with a Live Craft Love‘s unique idea of a pizza garland that celebrates your love of pizza!

2. Popsicle Stick Pizza 


Does your toddler dream of becoming a true pizza chef when they grow up? Have them start with these popsicle stick pizzas that will one day be considered a precious and nostalgic souvenir! With the instructions from Glued to my Crafts and some actual pizza on the side, your kids will have the best crafting afternoon of their life!

3. Pizza Pillow 


We are well familiar with a feeling of daydreaming about pizza! You can use this cute pizza pillow we found at Make, Create and Appreciate to rest your head on as you imagine the next pizza you will order – the toppings, the thickness of the crust … oh sweet dreams!

4. Pizza Pot Holder 


If you are serious about your homemade pizza baking skills, you’ll need some good pot holders to always keep in your kitchen. Why don’t you make them look like pizzas and so bless your kitchen space with unique and significant pieces! By Jenni Designs will show you how!

5. Pizza Notebook 


This is one of the cutest little notebooks that we’ve ever seen! It’s adorably tiny so you’ll be able to carry it around in your pocket, always there to jot down your creative ideas into. Perhaps the ideas will include some pizza recipes? Find out all about this little notebook at Idunn Goddess!

6. Pizza Coasters 


Don’t let your coasters be boring! Make them special with a little help from Crafts by Amanda! If you are known for your eternal love of pizza, crochet a collection of pizza coasters that will add to your reputation as a great host and will always be the perfect piece to show off on any pizza night you ever host!

7. Pizza Pool Float 


Forget the pink flamingo, this pizza pool float is the only pool float you’ll need this summer! As you’re enjoying your vacation, swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sun, don’t forget to indulge in delicious local pizza and visit Lucykiins to see the tutorial for this epic pool float everyone will envy you!

8. Crochet Pizza 


If you love to crochet and never run out of ideas for cute things to make, you can add a crochet pizza to your list! It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who cherishes pizza or for children who want to play true Italian chefs! Find the crochet pattern at Rescued Paw Designs!

9. Polymer Clay Pizza 


When DIY projects are a part of your every day life, we know you must have polymer clay on hand! You won’t need to use much of it for this lovely miniature pizza, but the creation will impress even the harshest critics! Sweet Clay Creations has really mastered this one!

10. Pizza Enamel Pins 


Enamel pins used to be very popular and perhaps it’s time to bring them back! It seems that pizza enamel pins featured at Shmoxd are a good place to start! They will capture the attention of your friends and they’ll surely want a few for themselves, too. What a great setup to host a crafting pizza night at your place!

11. Pizza Pennants 


Pizza seems to be the center of many celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries.   It’s often rivaled by cake, but where the cake may have the glamorous appearance, pizza has an unforgettable flavor that we’ll always favor! Instructables will show you how to make pizza pennants to decorate your next party!

12. Pizza Slice Costume 


Show the attendants of this year’s Halloween party who’s boss with this jaw-dropping pizza slice costume by Studio DIY! You know what they say, go big or go home! This costume is the real deal and maybe you’ll even end up impressing the pizza delivery guy so much he’ll give you free pizza!