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Delicious Quick Bites: 15 Homemade Danish Recipes

As you can probably tell, however, we always prefer being able to make our own things. Besides giving you control over the flavour, it’s just really satisfying to serve your family something you worked hard on yourself, even if that thing is as simple as a baked treat that will be gone in three quick bites! What have we been craving in the baking department lately, then, you ask? Well, we’re actually completely in love with danishes. There are just so many different kinds we’d never tried making ourselves before, or even tried at all in some cases!

Just in case you love danishes as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best (and most uniquely flavoured) homemade danish recipes we’ve come across in our hunt for the world’s greatest danish so far.

1. Easy cream cheese danish


While the idea of making yourself a very creatively filled, super unique tasting danish might sound really appealing, are you actually new to the world of baking? Then perhaps a simple recipe for making a classic flavour would be a better bet for you while you’re just starting out. These easy, traditional cheese danishes featured on Cake’s Cottage were so beginner-friendly that we actually used this recipe to teach our kids how to make danishes a few weeks ago.

2. Cherry apricot danishes


Fruit and danishes go hand in hand, but we’re always so glad to come across new kinds, fillings, and flavours whenever we see a recipe for a fruit danish we haven’t tried before. That’s why these awesomely stuffed cherry and apricot danishes outlined on Food to Love caught our eye so quickly! Besides showing you how to make the perfect golden, flaky crust and fill it just right, this recipe also gives you some tips for folding your danishes in unique shapes, making them a rather impressive looking thing to serve to family and friends when you have guests over for brunch.

3. Cherry cheese danish


If you’ve tried cheese danishes and you’ve tried cherry danishes, we’re pretty sure you’ll already be able to guess just how incredibly delicious the two ideas are when they’re combined in one place. Cherry cheese danishes are so good that they’re actually pretty popular, so you might already be familiar with them, but just in case you’ve never tried your hand at making your own before, here’s a fantastic, well thought out recipe and guide from NY Times.

4. Apple pie danish twists


Are you the kind of baked goods lover who can’t resist a recipe that combines the flavours or key elements of two different delicious treats in one place? We’re totally like that too, so we can’t say we blame you for a moment! That’s why we knew we absolutely had to include this fantastic apple pie danish twist recipe outlined on A Latte Food in our list. These aren’t something we see around a lot, but they’re so good that they’re absolutely worth taking the time to make ourselves.

5. Raspberry cream cheese danish braid


Did we kind of catch your attention when we started talking about cherries and cream in danishes but your favourite berry is actually a raspberry, so you’re still scrolling because you’re holding out? Then look no further, because we’ve found just the recipe for you and we have Little Spice Jar to thank for it! Their crust is golden, their glazed icing drizzle is creamy, and their raspberry filling is just as juicy as when the berries were freshly picked.

6. Lemon cream cheese danish braid


We know that a lot of baked goods come in delicious fruit iterations, but we find that citrus fruits are often left out of the mix. This always disappoints us a little because we really love lemon flavoured things! That’s why this unique danish recipe from Homemade Interest might actually be our favourite homemade danish recipe in the entire world (and we’re not usually known to exaggerate… much). They show you how to mix lemon zest and cream cheese in your pastry for the perfect fresh taste.

7. Strawberries and cream danishes


Raspberry and cream recipes certainly are delicious in essentially any baked good, but what if your favourite kind of berry is actually strawberries? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this surprisingly simple but completely scrumptious circular danish recipe featured on My Recipe Magic! We really like this recipe because, even though the “cream” aspect is defiitely present and full of flavour, the emphasis is certainly on the “strawberries” half of things and that’s where the real impact lies with each bite.

8. Chocolate chip danish


Perhaps you’ve actually been searching creative danish recipes because you’re on the lookout for cute, yummy versions that will get your kids so excited for dessert that they eat every bite of their dinner up without any questions asked? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this super sweet chocolate chip danish idea from Hugs and Cookies, XOXO! We thought that the combination of chocolate and glazed icing was going to be too much for us, but we were surprised at how well the flaky pastry actually balanced out the sugary sweetness.

9. Raspberry almond cheese danish


Perhaps you were quite interested in the raspberries and cream danish recipe we showed you above, but you did find yourself kind of wishing that the “cream” was more of a cream cheese deal than just a light, creamy icing drizzle? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to adore this recipe from Thirty Handmade Days, especially if you love nuts in your baking! Check out how they made these scrumptiously layered raspberry, almond, and cream, cheese danishes.

10. Apple cinnamon cream cheese danish


Did we almost settle it for you when we started talking about the apple pie twists we showed you above, but you kept scrolling because your favourite part of the danish is actually usually the cream cheese? Well, then your hopes have been answered thanks to this recipe and baking tutorial outlined on Our Best Bites! Don’t you just love it when holding out and being patient pays off? We sure do, especially if there’s cinnamon involved.

11. Cheese, blueberry, and almond danish


Perhaps the best recipe you’ve seen so far on our list is the raspberry, cream cheese, and almond idea that we showed you previously, but you’ve been wondering whether you might actually be able to replace the raspberries with blueberries and still get a delicious outcome? Well, thanks to this recipe featured on Creative Culinary, we’re happy to report that the answer is a resounding yes!

12. Vanilla glazed blackberry cheese danish braid


Have you actually been scrolling through our list trying to find a recipe that’s a little fancier than you’d usually make because you have some family and friends joining you for a special occasion brunch and you’d really like to impress them? Then look no further! This fragrant and completely mouth watering recipe from Sprinkle Some Sugar shows you how to make it happen with cream cheese, vanilla glaze, and blackberries. Once you’re done braiding the pastry, it’ll look nothing short of decadent.

13. Maple pecan danishes


Fruit filled danishes are fantastic and all, but they’re by no means the only kind that you can make! We adore making ours with berries and fruits of all kinds, but sometimes we actually find ourselves craving something just a little bit sweeter than what those finished products offer. That’s why we were so happy to stumble upon this super unique and completely delicious maple pecan danish recipe from Super Golden Bakes! We’ll make any kind of danish any time of year, but we’re particularly fond of eating this one in the fall.

14. Caramel apple cream cheese crescent ring


Are you tempted by the apple based recipes we’ve shown you so far but you’re actually kind of still hoping to find something a little more decadent that the whole family will love, including your kids? Then perhaps trying out this danish crescent that celebrates caramel apples instead will give you just what you’re looking for! Get the full details for how it’s made on Cooking Book.

15. Carrot cake cheese danish


As usual, we’re pretty sure we saved the most uniquely creative idea for last! Remember earlier on our list when we were talking about combination recipes that harness bits of two different kinds of baked treat in one place? Well, this carrot cake cheese danish featured on Wicked Good Kitchen might literally take the cake (pun intended)!