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15 Adorable Crocheted Food Patterns That Will Make You Squeal!

Have you ever seen an inanimate object that’s so incredibly adorable that, even though it doesn’t really seem to serve much purpose, you just can’t help but love it immediately and want one of your own? That’s precisely how we felt we we stumbled upon the crafting concept of crocheted foods. While some of these little trinkets are marketed as kids’ toys, not everyone uses them as such. As with most novelty things, these DIY goods are usually miniature or, as if small size wasn’t enough, they often have cute little faces that transform them into little characters as well. We’re utterly obsessed and can’t wait for a free day to sit down and crochet ourselves a whole supermarket’s worth of snacks!

Check out these 15 extra cute crocheted food patterns that are sure to make you feel happy and hungry all at once.

1. Amigurumi vegetables


Are you the kind of naturally healthy person who has always just loved vegetables more than most other snacks, even when you have a choice between those and treats and you’re not on a conscious health diet? Then you’re the perfect person to be crocheting yourself a series of adorable personified vegetable trinkets! These little veggies from Amigurumi Food are surprisingly detailed and feature a whole range of emotions on their “faces”, just in case their small size wasn’t quite cute enough for you.

2. Kawaii cheeseburger


What’s better than a delicious cheeseburger piled high with yummy toppings? An adorable tiny tribute to that delicious cheeseburger, of course, but do you know what’s even better than that? One that has a cute little smile to brighten your day! On top of that, don’t you just get the most satisfaction out of making things yourself? We sure do. Get this cute burger pattern from Jen Smith.

3. Tiny strawberry cake


What if you’d love to make yourself a tiny crocheted food but you’d rather have it serve some kind of purpose for you other than just being cute? Then perhaps you’d enjoy making yourself this simple strawberry cake coin purse instead! Sky Magenta is kind enough to show you not only how to crochet the cake and its strawberries, but also how to put the zipper in so that it opens.

4. Crocheted toasted with butter


This adorable crochet pattern for a piece of toast with butter is almost as simple as actually making yourself an easy piece of toast with butter. Beginners rejoice, you can hop on the crocheted food trend too! Samantha Bilodeau shows you exactly where to switch colours, how to increase and decrease for shape, and generally how to have more fun than usual making yourself some “toast”.

5. Amigurumi popsicles


Perhaps you’re intent on crocheting yourself some adorable kawaii style food but you’d prefer to do something that’s brightly coloured and almost life-sized, just for extra fun? Then check out these cute amigurumi popsicles from Amigurumi Food! Their little faces are made from beads for the eyes and little cut pieces of felt for the mouth, so the design to make these popsicles is actually much simpler than it might appear.

6. Kawaii soda pop


Have your favourite foods always been fast foods and, even though you try not to indulge in them often, you still love them more than most things right down to the pop you get with your meal? Then try crocheting yourself a cute little soda pop cup instead of having a second one in real life today! That almost satisfies the craving, right…? Jen Smith has the pattern for you.

7. Crocheted tacos


We love tacos. It’s as simple as that. You could serve us just about any kind of taco and we’d be very pleased for the rest of the day. In fact, we love tacos so much that we’d even be pleased if you served us these crocheted tacos, despite the fact that we can’t eat them! Check out how Joyce Overhaul made these little tacos that are strangely cute to look at even though they don’t even feature kawaii faces (unless you want to add those yourself, of course).

8. Apple pie play set


We mentioned before that some people use or give crocheted food pieces as toys for kids, but they’re often still just decorative with only a single piece to them. Mama Bice, however, takes the idea of crocheted play food to the next level! This pattern teaches you how to make yourself a pie crust base, a prettily decorated pie crust top, and adorable little green and red apple slices to pile inside like you’re actually going to bake it! We’d be tempted to play with this ourselves when our kids aren’t using it.

9. Stitched hot cocoa


Have you always loved winter and fall because cooler weather means you get to enjoy warmer drinks and treats more comfortably? We’ll always take a hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream! That’s probably why we fell so in love with these adorable miniature hot cocoa trinkets from Fair Trade Family. They’re surprisingly simple to make, even for beginners!

10. Amigurumi donuts


In the world of amigurumi, even the simplest shapes can be transformed into something totally adorable. These easy crocheted rings are no problem to turn into fun donuts if you add some miniature pom poms for sprinkles, a couple beads for eyes, and a few simple stitches of embroidery floss for a mouth and blushing cheeks. Change the colour on one side to look like icing if you’re feeling very creative! See how it’s all done on Amigurumi Food.

11. Kawaii French fries


Did you already make yourself the soda pop and perhaps even the burger and now you’re staring at your tiny foods and thinking about how the set looks incomplete without a side dish? Then complete the meal by crocheting yourself a serving of happy little French fries, just like Jen Smith did here! They’re adorable even before you add their little face.

12. Watermelon halves


Did you love the idea of crocheted play foods that you can actually play with but you’re not so keen on crocheting all the separate little pieces to make the pie crust and individual apple slices for filling it? Then try something that just has two pieces instead! We suggest this crazy fun watermelon pattern from Stephanie Pokorny. The halves of the watermelon come apart so you can “serve” them like you would in real life on a warm summer’s day!

13. Crocheted continental breakfast


If you’re going to crochet yourself all these little meal elements, why not go all out and make yourself the whole meal instead? That’s what NeedleNoodles did here to create not just funny hand crafted bacon, but an entire continental breakfast! It almost makes us hungry just considering the pattern and yarn options to do this one.

14. Amigurumi chocolate kisses


Are you the kind of gift giver who loves making things for your friends by hand rather than buying them things because it shows how much love and care you’re willing to invest in them? Then we’ve got the perfect little trinket to show them you love them in a fun way. Amigurumi Food guides you through the process of crocheting cute little chocolate kisses with happy faces, complete with the ribbon on top that you’d usually pull to unwrap them! We love the way they added a little heart bead to each one for extra cuteness.

15. Kawaii pizza


Were you worried for one second that we were going to hand you an entire list of crocheted foods and not include pizza on it? Well, stay calm, because we know how crazy we’d have to be to leave out such a classic favourite. Luckily for all of us, Jen Smith has an awesome pattern all laid out that will help you make your very own happy kawaii pizza, complete with a few yummy veggie toppings.

Do you know someone who loves both food and novelty handmade things as much as we do? Show them this list of crocheted food trinkets and keep them busy for days!