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15 Beautiful Christmas Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

No matter what time of year it is or what event we’re celebrating, we love styling our hair to suit the occasion. In fact, we just plain love styling our hair, if we’re being honest! There doesn’t have to be a party or holiday to make us look up fun ways to make or locks look particularly great, but we admit we usually feel a little more inspired to look nice around the holidays.

Check out these 15 gorgeously simple DIY hairstyles for all lengths of hair that we think are pretty and perfect for the Christmas season.

1. Hair bow half updo

VIEW IN GALLERYHair bow half updo

When you’re dressing up for the biggest holiday part of the year, do you always imagine dressing yourself up like a big, fancy gift, all wrapped in a nice bow? Well, unless you feel like making a headpiece out of an actual gift bow, then this adorable hair bow is the easiest way for you to really get into the spirit! See how it’s done on JustBebexo.

2. Triple braided bun

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple braided bun

Do you love the simple, timeless look of gathering your hair at the nape of your neck, but you like to change up the way you style it once it’s there? Then we definitely suggest this triple braided style by Camille Styles! It give you the classic silhouette of a sweet, low bun but with a bit of a twist and a little more modern style.

3. Fabric maiden braid

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric maiden braid

Maiden braids are back in style in a huge way and we’re not even a little bit mad about it! We think it’s very sweet looking and it hearkens back to a time of simple updos. We absolutely adore, however, the way A Beautiful Mess has replaced one of the braid strands with with the fabric of a thing scarf, wrapping it at the top like a cute hairband.

4. Rudolph bun

VIEW IN GALLERY2011_11_20/Rudolph

Do you have little ones who, if they’re going to go through the process of sitting still enough to get their hair done, want to go all out in terms of holiday style? Then this hilarious novelty reindeer bun by Princess Piggies is definitely the style for them! Create a sock bun and embellish it with googly eyes, a hilarious red nose, and even some pipe cleaner antlers!

5. Brigitte Bardot mermaid braid

VIEW IN GALLERYBridgitte Bardot mermaid braid

Have you always thought that a small bouffant on top is the perfect way to give any holiday look a little bit of classy glamour? We love this classic style so much that we often do it even if we’re just leaving our hair down, but sometimes it’s nice to fancy up a traditional style a little. Missy Sue did that by adding a gorgeously loose French braid to the bouffant! It’s like the vintage Hollywood glamour of Brigitte Bardot meest the whimsical braids of a mermaid.

6. 4 strand braid with ribbon

VIEW IN GALLERY4 strand braid with ribbon

Braids are always fun, but when we’re dressing up around the holidays, sometimes it’s nice to do even fancier versions of the regular looks you love. That’s when we usually foray into the world of four strand braids! They give your look a little bit of extra intricacy, especially if you add an interwoven ribbon like Babes in Hairland did here.

7. Embellished holiday bun

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbellished holiday bun

Do yo love the idea of a novelty bun decorated to the nines for the holiday season, but you’re not sure the reindeer style is the one for you? Then try just embellishing your daughter’s (or your own) bun with gift bows, ribbons, or other holiday accoutrements instead! The more the hairstyle looks like a gorgeous present, the better. Check out this particular style by Princess Hairstyles in more detail.

8. Rope twist crown

VIEW IN GALLERYRope twist crown

Did you like the maiden braid style but you’ve been wearing a lot of braids lately and have been looking for something else to give things a new twist? Then consider giving things a real, actual twist by creating a rope twist halo instead! You’ll still get that lovely face framing effect but with a different style all the way around. See how it’s done on Cute Girls Hairstyles.

9. Bow braid


Are you completely obsessed with braids but always looking for ways to make them even more awesome and unique than they already are? We especially love doing this around the holidays because we have so many events to go to and we think we’ve found the one for you! Learn how You’re So Pretty turned what started out as a regular braid into pulled strands that look like little bows.

10. Waterfall braid

VIEW IN GALLERYWaterfall braid

Waterfall braids have been trendy for a while now and, despite how layered and intricate they look, they’re actually much easier to do than you’d think! If you ask us, that’s the perfect recipe for a good holiday style. It takes a little more effort than you might usually put into your hair, but it’s still cute enough to look effortles Seventeen shows you how it’s done.

11. Braids and hair jewelry

VIEW IN GALLERYBraids and hair jewelry

Have you always been a huge fan of simple pigtail braids but you think the holidays are time to get into the spirit of decor, even in your own personal style? Then don’t leave your hair out! We love the way Hair Romance has added a beautiful head chain down the part. It’s adds some glamour to a casual style and makes the whole look whimsical.

12. Diagonal holiday ribbon braids

VIEW IN GALLERYDiagonal holiday ribbon braids

Do you love braids of any kind, but particularly enjoy ones that cross the head at interesting directions? Then you’ll love this diagonal ribbon braid from Princess Hairstyles ! Besides the cute direction, the ribbons give you the opportunity to add some Christmas colours.

13. Christmas bobble hair

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas bobble hair

Have you mastered the art of a casual half up, half down bouffant but you’re still looking for a way to make it more festive? Then why not take the option that’s so obvious you might not even have thought of it? Hook some pretty little Christmas bobbles into your hair, just like Styles Glamour did here!

14. Christmas tree braids

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree braids

Are you still searching for the perfect hilarious novelty style to help your little girl win the dress up competition at her school’s Christmas dance? Then you must check out how Raising Lifelong Learners created an actual Christmas tree between a pair of long pigtails! Ribbon is the key here, and you’ll put your braiding skills to work as well. We’re in love with the “ornaments” made from small clips!

15. French braid with braided halo

VIEW IN GALLERYFrench braid with braided halo

Are you so in love with braids that you’d be perfectly happy to pile braids on braids on braids? Well, that’s basically what Pretty Hairstyles did here! We love the way a classic French braid looks done simply down the back, but with a smaller braided band around the whole head to add some contrast that’s still on theme. Adding a bow just tops the whole style off and takes it to that higher level of dressy style.

Do you know someone who loves to get creative with their hairstyles during the holidays just like we do? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!