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Fruity Overflow: Super Fun Pineapple Themed DIY Projects

Ever since we were little kids, there has always just been something about summer that makes us feel like surrounding ourselves with bright, fragrant, fresh fruit. What’s our absolute favourite fruit this time of the year, you ask? That’s an easy one; we love pineapples!

We’re lucky that our kids love fruit just as much as we do, just like they enjoy crafting as enthusiastically as us as well, so it’s really a perfect combination on a calm, lazy afternoon. That’s why we’ve been looking up so many different pineapple based DIY projects and crafting ideas lately! Just in case you love the idea of making pineapple projects as well, here are best ideas we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. DIY pineapple drawstring bag


Are your kids still little enough that you sometimes prefer to make lovely themed things for them, particularly if you get to put your sewing skills to good use while you’re at it? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Stitched by Crystal created this fantastic little drawstring bag that is patterned and shaped like a pineapple! We love the green spiky leaves around the opening at the top.

2. Wooden geometric pineapple clock


Rather than being great at working with soft materials, fabrics, and needlepoint based projects, are you a bit more of a handy person when it comes to things like woodworking? Then we think you’d have a better time checking out how this fantastic geometric wooden pineapple clock featured on Hello Lidy was made! You could paint the triangular embellishments whatever colours you choose.

3. Painted clay pineapple necklace


Speaking of ways to make your pineapple project from scratch, forming the actual shape of the pineapple yourself, maybe it’s time to try your hand at clay moulding! We can’t get enough of how cute this clay and hand painted pineapple necklace pendant from The Crafted Sparrow is. We’re particularly fond of how they added the pineapple’s rough texture by engraving lines across its surface in the clay before it dried.

4. DIY pineapple lampshade


If you’re going to spend an entire afternoon making something fun and pineapple themed, would you actually prefer it to be something decorative, because you love including funny, kitschy little pineapple themed things in your decor scheme? Well, particularly if you also love upcycling and repurposing crafts as much as we do, check out how Craft Foxes made a whole bright pineapple shaped lampshade using the heads of plastic spoons to mimic the right textures!

5. DIY pineapple crayons


Just in case we really caught your attention with the idea of making fun fruit themed things for your kids to use but you’re just not confident enough in your sewing skills yet to tackle the bag we were referring to, here’s an idea that will help you enrich their DIY and crafting time instead! Check out how Tell Love & Party made these completely adorable (and wonderfully detailed) pineapple crayons in all different colours.

6. Washi tape and newsprint pineapple print


Are you and your kids the kinds of creative artists who love piecing images together in slightly abstract ways, preferably using all kinds of different materials, just to keep things extra fun? Then this newsprint pineapple art that Delineate Your Dwelling made and framed is definitely right up your alley. Don’t be afraid to get even more creative with what kinds of things you use!

7. DIY pineapple cutting board


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about woodworking projects to make a pineapple shaped clock and, while you’re not too intimidated by the idea of working with wood itself, you’re just not convinced that you need another clock? Then stick to just making the base piece instead! We love the way Poppy Talk shows you step by step how to cut and sand a super kitschy pineapple shaped cutting board to cheer your kitchen up just a little each time you make lunch.

8. Pineapple stamped pillow


Rather than working with wood or fabric, would you rather work with brightly colour paints, even though it’s a sitting area you’re trying to add some personality to? Then we think perhaps you’ll get along quite well indeed with this surprisingly simple stamped pineapple pillow idea featured on I Spy DIY! They made their piece by using a stamp, fabric paints, and a pre-made throw pillow, but you could make your pillow from scratch yourself if you preferred. Then you could choose whatever base colour you please!

9. Retro fruit nail art (including pineapples)


Do you actually love the cheerful aesthetic of summer fruits so darn much that you almost wish you could wear them on you at all times? Well, for at least a little while, who says you can’t? Girl Loves Glam decided to get their pineapple fix by painting the bright little fruits right onto their nails in a stunning summer fruit manicure. We do like the way they chose only two nails to turn into pineapples, like accent nails, but we’d actually probably paint them onto all ten of our nails, if we’re being honest.

10. Cute stencilled pineapple shirt


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about different ways to print pineapples onto fabric, but we just haven’t quite found the one that really spoke to you quite yet? Then maybe you’d actually prefer to wear your pineapples on a shirt instead! We absolutely adore this stencilled pineapple t-shirt design outlined step by step on Craftaholics Anonymous and we think it would look good in any colour combination at all!

11. DIY pineapple cactus planter


Besides making things yourself (since we already know you’re clearly an avid crafting and DIY enthusiast), is your favourite way to decorate your space actually with cheerful green plants, even though the only things you have time to care for are cacti? In that case, we think you’ll actually be pleased to learn that you have just about everything you need to turn one of your plants into a funny little pineapple that can sit right on your mantel! Check out how Lines Across painted a small planting pot like the body of a pineapple, letting the cactus reading out the top like the pineapple’s spiky stem.

12. DIY pineapple ring dish


Have you been scrolling through our list this whole time but secretly still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a pineapple shape from scratch using clay, but you’re just not sure you’d wear the necklace pendant we showed you earlier? Then here’s an awesome alternative that will still let you use the clay you love working with so much! Take a look at how Idle Hands Awake made a pineapple shaped jewelry dish that they hand painted the details onto.

13. White pineapple silhouette table


Do you actually love pineapples so much that you’ve been browsing for a bigger concept that will act like more of a statement piece when visitors enter your home? Well, we’re pretty sure you won’t find anything more overtly pineapple themed or sunny and fun than this awesome white silhouette painted pineapple table featured on BHG! They show you how to stencil the giant image right across the tabletop neatly and quite easily indeed.

14. DIY pineapple wood sign


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the look of the wooden pineapple projects we showed you but you’ve never done any kind of woodwork before and you’re just not sure that you’re ready to start? Well, that doesn’t have to meant that you can’t still have some kind of wood based pineapple decor piece in your life! Instead, check out how Craftaholics Anonymous painted the outer silhouette of a pineapple onto a board and stencilled a quote on the inside for good measure.

Do you know a fellow crafting enthusiast or DIY lover who loves pineapples and everything about them just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have lots of new, different ways to combine the things they love most in one place this summer!