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15 Creative Ways to Repurpose Coffee Cans

Do you come from a family of coffee lovers who are always going through the large sized cans of ground coffee and, each time you finish one, you can’t help wonder whether there isn’t something you can use that big container for rather than just tossing it in the recycling bin? We’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too, which is why we started not only setting the cans aside to be saved and reused, but looking up different ideas for doing so!

VIEW IN GALLERYRepurpose Coffee Cans

Repurpose Coffee Cans

Just in case you love the idea of reusing and upcycling your large ground coffee containers just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. Bread baking pan


If the kind of coffee you like best comes in a metal can and you’re the kind of person who has always loved baking, especially with traditional down home recipes like the kind that are passed down for generations, then we think you might like our very first idea most! Check out how Thirty Handmade Days used their empty coffee can as a brad baking pan.

2. Birdhouse


Are you always looking for things that you can upcycling simply as a base for whatever awesome play house or structure your kids want to make next, since they’re total little builders? Well, if they’ve ever taken an interest in building something for all the lovely birds that build your backyard, this birdhouse is the perfect thing for you!

3. Burlap covered decor cans


Whether you use them to store change, display flowers, of stabilize pretty candles while they burn, we happen to think these decorative containers made from coffee cans wrapped in burlap and ribbon are a pretty stellar idea! There’s just something about the contrast between the materials used that really appeals to us. See how they’re made in more detail on Sewlicious Home Decor.

4. Wall mounted yarn cubbies


If you’re an avid knitter or crochet enthusiast like we are, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Leethal Blog used their coffee cans to create some space efficient and well organized yarn storage! Especially if your yarn is wound oblong or still twisted in a skein, most cans are the perfect size and shape. Their tutorial gives you tips for covering the brand labels for a more decorative element and mounting them to the wall on their bottom end.

5. Ombre painted flower vases


Did we really pique your interest when we started talking about the idea of turning coffee cans into vases but you’ve always been a little more fond of working with paint than glue and fabric materials? In that case, we think you might really prefer the way Almost Makes Perfect soaked off their labels and then used fading brush techniques to create a pretty ombre effect!

6. Coffee can wine rack


Does your home already have a slightly upcycled chic decor scheme, perhaps with a bit of an industrial influenced feel to its details? Well, if you’re also the kind of person who quite enjoys a glass of wine in the evenings and likes to keep a few bottles on hand, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Brit + Co. cut the bottoms out of a series of coffee cans, painted the insides, and affixed them stacked to make an awesome cylindrical wine rack!

7.  Kitchen storage canisters


Perhaps the kind of container your favourite ground coffee comes in is actually one of those big plastic ones with a handle divot and not a large can? Well, those are still useful for all kinds of things as well! We really like the way Kelli’s Kitchen gave theirs a coat of paint and turned them into dry goods storage for their kitchen, complete with cute little labels.

8. Coffee can plunger holder


Are you the kind of home crafter who thoroughly enjoys finding new ways to turn random things in your house that aren’t being used anymore into more practical items that you can use to make your home life easier? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Down to Hearth turned theirs into a holder for their toilet plunger to hide the suction cup and make things look a little more pleasant.

9. Vintage decorated coffee can office storage


Are you feeling quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making some kind of simple storage from your coffee cans because you always have clutter you’d really like to get a hold of, but it’s not in your kitchen? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to take a look at how Time Washed made theirs look beautifully vintage chic in order to hold their craft supplies, but with style.

10. Coffee can luminaries


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to turn your empty coffee cans into something else, would you rather make something very decorative and pretty? Well, particularly if you’re the kind of person who loves to burn candles for a bit of atmosphere, here’s an awesome tutorial from Aunt Tannie that teaches you how to punch holes in the side to make a shape after giving the can a coat of paint (if you please).

11. Holiday treat containers


Are you still looking for some more suggestions for the large plastic kind of container we were talking about before but you’re just not sure you need any more countertop storage in your kitchen? Then maybe you’d prefer the way Craft Bits pasted some cute holiday photos on the side to cover the brand labels and used their containers as gifting boxes for giving Christmas cookies to their neighbours!

12. Coffee can planter


Rather than candles or a bouquet of flowers, do you always prefer to pot plants in just about anything you have available, particularly if it involves crafting? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to give this awesome painted coffee container planter a try! Get the details for making one of your own on Texas Homesteader.

13. Coffee can Jack-O-Lantern


Since we’ve already talked about one holiday idea when we told you about the Christmas treats containers, do you have your mind on other themed holiday ideas to do with your coffee cans and containers too? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Hometalk made these awesome painted and embellished Jack-O-Lanterns in just a few simple steps! We bookmarked it for later on in the year so we have great ideas when the right season comes around.

14. Coffee can pendant lamp


If you’re going to make a piece of decor from your old coffee cans, would you rather make something a little more permanent that will actually improve your room in a practical way at the same time as it looks good? Well, if you’re up for a little more of a challenge than you saw with the candle lanterns then we think maybe you’ll get along a little better with this tutorial from BHG that teaches you how to create a coffee can pendant lamp in a way that’s easier than you might expect!

15. Coffee can cake plate stand


Once you’ve given your coffee can a cute covering, whether you’re using paint, washi tape, or decorative paper, there are actually all kinds of things you can do with it and you can even swap it up sometimes! We really like the way Mod Podge Rocks used theirs as a cake stand but their method doesn’t change it, so you could also still use it as a vase or planter or something when you’re done.

Have you made other awesome things from repurpose and ucpycled coffee cans before but you don’t see anything quite similar on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!