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Intoxicating All the Way: 13 Unique Ways to Enjoy Wine!

If you ask us, there’s nothing quite like a simple glass of fragrant wine at the end of a long work week. There’s something about having even just one, whether it’s red or white, that makes us feel like the time has finally come to unwind for the weekend. Besides that, we just love the flavour! Our taste in wine isn’t expensive (although we can certainly appreciate a good vintage year) and we’re actually so fond of the flavours that it can give other things that we’re open to enjoying it just about any way we can. That’s why we love making dinners and desserts that include wine as well! Pair that with a glass of your favourite red or white and you’re in for an absolutely delicious night.

To help you out with great ideas, here’s a list of 15 absolutely scrumptious meal and dessert recipes that involve wine of all different kinds!

1. Mulled wine ice cubes


Perhaps you’re interested in adding a bit of a wine flavour to any beverage you enjoy, even if it’s just a chilled soda water on a hot summer’s day? Then flavoured ice cubes are the perfect way to go about that. These fragrantly delicious mulled wine ice cubes from Veggie Desserts will give you lots of wine flavour without giving you the actual alcohol content of a full glass of wine.

2. Mulled wine and plum sorbet


Did the concept of combining wine and iced things really get your attention, but your mind wandered somewhere far sweeter than just ice cubes? In that case, sorbet might be the answer to your cravings! This wine and plum flavoured recipe from Beyond Sustenance is full of great wine flavour but has just enough of a fruit edge to really make it a sweet grown up treat.

3. Red wine, mushroom, and thyme risotto


As you probably know, cooking with wine is an amazing way to add flavour and enjoy the tastes of it without worrying about alcohol content because all of the alcohol vaporizes when you cook it. That’s why we love recipes like this delicious mushroom risotto flavoured with red wine and thyme! Check out how it’s made on Life As A Strawberry.

4. Mulled wine cheesecake


Are you particularly fond of the taste of mulled wine specifically because it’s a bit more earthy and reminds you of when your grandparents made their own at home? In that case, making mulled wine desserts should be at the top of your kitchen to do list! We highly recommend this rich cheesecake recipe from Sainsbury’s for maximum flavour and just the perfect amount of sweetness.

5. Super fudgy slow cooker red wine cake


Perhaps you really are a fan of deeply rich sweet treats like cakes and brownies but you just so happen to be a wine lover as well? In that case, you might prefer this deliciously fudgy chocolate cake recipe from She Knows that’s made with one key special ingredient: red wine, of course!

6. Bourbon cherry vanilla red wine sangria


Any wine lover knows that there’s one particularly great beverage you can make with wine when you really want to change up your flavours but still enjoy your favourite basic taste. That’s sangria, of course! The best part of making sangria, if you ask us, is that you can add any ingredient you like to suit the flavour of the wine you like best. We’re particularly fond of this deliciously fragrant bourbon cherry and vanilla twist on a classic red wine sangria. Get the full ingredients list from Sarcastic Cooking!

7. Watermelon wine slush


Perhaps you’re a wine lover at heart but you’re also a huge fan of fun, fruity summer drinks like refreshing slush cocktails? Well, lucky for all of us, Beauty and The Binky is here to save the day by showing us how to make a delicious drink that combines both! To top it all off, it tastes just like yummy summer watermelons even with the wine involved. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to detect great subtle hints of your favourite taste’s notes.

8. Homemade pumpkin wine


Are you the kind of autumn enthusiast who loves fall weather more than any other time of year and starts preparing for your favourite season long before the weather actually starts cooling down from summer? In that case, now’s a good time to start practicing your homemade wine making techniques with this perfectly spiced pumpkin wine recipe from Common Sense Home!

9. Red wine chocolate doughnuts


Are you a total sucker for trendy gourmet flavoured doughnuts of all kinds but your mind is still stuck on the idea of making all of your desserts with wine? Never fear; She Knows has found a way to combine the two! The answer to all your doughnut dreams lies in this deliciously rich chocolate and red wine doughnut recipe.

10. Wine and two cheese rosemary fondue


We know that you’ve probably been expecting at least one cheese fondue recipe to pop up on this list! It is, after all, a classic dish that makes our mouths water each and every time we eat, make, or even just smell one. That’s because if you ask us, all of the best cheese fondues are made with a delicious white wine! This one also has two different types of cheese and rosemary for extra flavour. Get the details on A Bubbly Life.

11. Prosecco risotto


Are you pretty firm in your wine tastes and already know that any recipe involving Prosecco is the one that will win your heart? Then stop your search here because we’ve already found it for you! Vindulge shows you how to make a scrumptiously flavourful risotto recipe that really harnesses the flavours of a good white wine.

12. Homemade rhubarb wine


Have you been infatuated with the idea of making your own wine for years now but you’ve just been searching for the right kind? Well, if natural tasting fruit wines are your preference, then Lovely Greens has the perfect tutorial for you. They guide you step by step through the process of making your very own rhubarb wine and it’ll only get better and tastier each time you do it.

13. Fresh cantaloupe sangria


Have you been dreaming about a cool cup of sangria on a summer’s evening ever since the first recipe you saw on our list, but cherry and vanilla aren’t necessarily your favourite flavours and you feel like you might prefer one that’s based in a cool white wine instead? In that case, here’s a super fresh tasting summer recipe for you! She Knows shows you how to make white wine sangria that’s flavoured with fragrant cantaloupes.

Do you know someone who enjoys wine just as much as we do, if not more? Then share this post with them to give them all kinds of wine cooking options that will keep them interested all summer!