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15 DIY Christmas Window Hangers that Are Cute

When it comes to Christmas décor, there are so many different kinds of creative things you can make. There’s one thing, however, that we recently learned isn’t as popular as we thought, even though we’ve been making them around the holidays for years. Every Christmas, we spend an afternoon with our kids making sun catchers and window hangers! We like the way they catch what little sunlight our neighbourhood still gets in the darker, colder months because they make the place feel brighter. We thought making sun catchers was a common thing in the winter, but we were told only recently that most people make them in the summer instead!

That’s why we want to share how great winter sun catchers are, as well as just how many awesome Christmas designs you can make!

1. Christmas tree cookie cutter and melted bead hangers


Have you ever made melted pony bead jewelry before? Well, this the technique that Chica Circle teaches you in this tutorial is similar to that, only made inside a metal cookie cutter! They show you how to make a melted bead Christmas tree with beads that are see-through enough to let just a little bit of light through when you hang them in the window.

2. Crystal bead angel sun catcher


When we talked about working with beads above, did your mind automatically picture the pretty plastic faux crystals you’ve made necklace pendants with before? Perhaps you’ve actually even made pieces with actual crystals before. Either way, those are exactly what you’ll need to make these beautiful angel shaped window hangers featured on Heartstrings By Morgan. The rounded beads and the tear drops are particularly great for these!

3. Wire wrapped and glass bead star ornament


If you’ve ever done wire wrapping crafts before, then you’re already familiar with some of the technique you’ll be working with here! We love the way Wild Woman Jewelry used jewelry wire and small seed beads to make a pretty morning star, but we’d remind you to make sure you use transparent beads so they actually catch the sun when you hang your finished star in the window.

4. Raindrop crystal suncatchers


Are you actually still thinking about how pretty the raindrop shaped crystals we were talking about earlier looked in the angel project but you think you’d rather work with just those because they remind you of icicles twinkling in the sunlight? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this simple window ornaments from Darice. They’ll add a pretty sparkle to any room.

5. Stained glass Christmas star bunting


If you’ve ever made faux stained glass crafts before, then you already know how much fun it can be, but not every craft idea out there is quite right for getting creative with your kids. That’s why we liked this easy, festive star bunting idea from Shalom Schultz Designs! The shapes are easy, the stars look great hanging in your window throughout the holidays, and your kids will have a total blast smashing the crayons to make it happen!

6. Paper plate and wax paper Christmas ornament hangers


While you quite enjoy the fancier ideas we’ve shown you so far, made of things like jewelry wire and beading, are you really searching for something a little simpler that your kids might be able to make by themselves? Then perhaps you’d prefer this cute paper plate and wax paper Christmas bobble hanger from Playground Park Bench! We love the way they jazzed things up with festive looking sequins that will catch the light as the sunlight shines through the wax paper.

7. Pony bead snowflake ornament


Were you very into the idea of making ornaments by melting plastic beads or pony beads like we showed you earlier on our list, but you’ve already make the cookie cutter kind and you’d like to try something else? Then pick out all the clear beads you can find and try your hand at this awesomely icy looking snowflake ornament design from Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog! The light will shine right through it in a very cool way.

8. Layered ‘glass’ Christmas tree ornaments


Are you feeling really enthusiastic about the melted plastic and bead idea but you’d like to make some window hangers yourself, so you’re looking for an idea that requires a little more skill and precision? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this layered Christmas tree ornament from Creative Ornament. Just make sure you choose beads that are made from transparent plastic so your trees still do catch the sun!

9. Tissue paper poinsettia suncatcher


Have the transparent paper style of window hanger always been your favourite because the materials are so simple to work with so you can make more shapes and more intricate designs? Then Fave Crafts definitely has the best idea for you. Their tutorial walks you through the process of making tissue paper poinsettia flowers that will glow red against your window as the sun rises or sets.

10. Easy snowman suncatcher


Perhaps your kids have already made the paper plate window catcher design we showed above so you’re still on the hunt for an idea they can make all on their own? In that case, check out these adorable glitter glue and wax paper snowmen from Craftulate! This is a great way for kids who live in warm places and don’t have snow to make real snowmen to feel like they still got to decorate one this season.

11. DIY upcycled CD suncatcher


There are plenty of tutorials out there about how to use the shiny side of an old CD for all kinds of flashy DIY projects, but did you know that if you scratch all of that off, you’re left with a clear plastic disc? Makezine is here to remind you what’s underneath and to show you how to turn it into an awesome window hanger that looks just like stained glass! This idea is perfect for imitating the pretty geometric designs you’d find in snowflakes.

12. Coffee filter snowflakes


Are you still thinking about how cool paper window hangers look hanging in the sun but you don’t have any tissue or wax paper to work with right now and your kids are really itching to get crafting? In that case, we’d suggest reaching for the coffee filters! They’re just as simple to make cute, fancy looking snowflakes out of but they’re also transparent enough to let a little bit of sunlight through. Check this whole idea out in more detail on Inspiring Mama.

13. Suncatchers made from vintage scarves


Are you hoping to make a sun catcher that you could easily create in holiday colours but that you might also be able to reuse year after year so you get some longevity out of your DIY holiday décor? In that case, we definitely think you should check out how Hometalk made these stunning window hangers from embroidery hoops and cut sections of thin silk scarves in pretty designs. The sunlight shining through will create a bit of a subtle glow.

14. Crochet lace snowflake hanger pattern


Have your crafting and DIY strengths always been yarn based and you’re very confident in your crochet skills especially? In that case, you sound like the perfect person to tackle making these beautiful lace window hangers inspired by intricate and unique snowflakes. Find some stunning and easy to follow patterns to follow on Etsy Studio.

15. Tissue paper stained glass mitten crafts


Are you leaning towards having your kids make some tissue paper window hangers but they’ve done those several times so you’d like to shake up the basic technique just a little bit in order to keep them interested? Then try having them tear sheets of paper in all different colours and collage the pieces together in a mitten shape, just like you see from Simply Sprout here! The finished product has a cute patchwork or quilted effect.

Have you made other adorable suncatcher and window hanger holiday crafts with your kids but you don’t see any similar designs on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to pictures of your finished work in the comments section!