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Simply Stunning: 12 DIY Decor Pieces to Match Your Pastel Interior

Pastel interior creates a charming and calming ambiance in every room! When decorating a pastel room it’s wise to be mindful of the pieces we choose as decoration, because we want to achieve continuity and not throw the room off its balance. If you are struggling to find really great pastel pieces, the best idea is to just make them yourself! Here are 12 great ideas for DIY pastel decor pieces to match the rest of the interior!

1. Mini Pastel Planters 


A home can always benefit from some cute planters, especially if they have a tiny and convenient size that doesn’t take up much space! Their soft pastel color will contribute to the room’s feeling of serenity. Visit Paper and Stitch to see how you can make them!

2. Pastel Mason Jars 


Mason jars can be turned into amazingly practical decor pieces that can be colored into a whole palette of different pastel shades! If you want to go the extra mile to make them look cute, you can even draw some adorable faces onto them, just like Nim C did!

3. Pastel Ice Cream Cones


Whether you’re decorating for a party or just love ice cream so much you want to display it in your home, these pastel cones are a marvelous hanging decoration that doesn’t get boring no matter how long you keep it around! Spy the making-of process at Icing Design!

4. Pastel Tassel Garland


If you ever find yourself running low on time while in a desperate need of a pastel decor piece, this pastel tassel garland by Linen, Lace and Love is the greatest choice! Garlands instantly cheer up the room and the use of pastel shades is a great way to emphasize the color in the space!

5. Pastel Spoons 


Forget the days when your wooden spoons looked plain and normal; those days are long gone! It’s time for a new generation of spoons that are rocking a pastel look and are especially fitting for a kitchen decorated with a hint of retro. Find out more at Like a Saturday!

6. Pastel Lamp Shade 


Sometimes a beautiful lamp shade is just the defining piece that a room needs. The lamp shade from Simply Ciani is rocking a pastel pink look and we love how subtle and gentle it looks! It’s very simple to make and you kill two birds with one stone – you get a  new lamp shade and a pastel decor piece!

7. Pastel Vases 


Little turquoise pastel vases are a marvelous decor piece that any home can benefit from, even if it isn’t decorated in pastel colors! These are simply too good to pass up, especially with how amazingly they match the pink flowers! Adorned with Love will show you how to make them!

8. Geometric Pastel Wall 


At the end of the day, the most effective and impactful decor is wall decor. If you want to keep your decoration within a room to a minimum but still want to see your room pastel and dynamic, A Bubbly Life will show you how to balance both of those at the same time with a stunning geometric pastel wall!

9. Pastel Stools 


Can you believe you can make these stools in only three short steps?! Neither could we, but Style Me Pretty really knows what’s up! Pastel hues are a great way to update some of your existing furniture. Wooden stools are super customizable and these are a total winner in any pastel-loving household!

10. Pastel Backdrop 


You can use the pastel backdrop simply as a colorful and unique decor element in your home or you can absolutely utilize it for a million pictures! It’s a great thing to set up on special occasions and make sure that your pictures have a backdrop aligned with your pastel preferences. Visit The Beauty Dojo to get all the details!

11. Pastel Fridge Magnets 


There are many DIY magnets to choose from, but these magnets by Pure Sweet Joy may just be the most unique ones we’ve seen so far! They come in pastel colors and can be used to create however many shapes and things you want, saving you from having to look at your fridge and feel it’s not blending in with the rest of the home!

12. Pastel Doilies 


Don’t forget to include pastel shades onto your table setting! The pastel doilies we found at Intimate Weddings are perfect for tea parties and other special gatherings with your friends, creating such cohesive atmosphere that only adds value to the entire interior!