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Personal Style: 12 Outstanding DIY Monogram Letters

Monograms are adored by many because of their personal element. The letter of your name, your partner’s name, family name or child’s name has a deep sentimental value to you and it’s always a nice gesture to celebrate it. We have picked out some gorgeous and unique monograms that you can DIY and proudly use as a personal element in your home! Here are some outstanding DIY monogram letters!

1. Monogram Address Plaque

VIEW IN GALLERYMonogram adrdess plaque

Time to switch up the normal address plaque with this monogram one! Doesn’t it look much more personal and homey? Put all of your love into it and watch how it radiates that for years to come! You can find the instructions to this innovative idea at A Little Craft in Your Day.

2. String Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYString monogram

What do you think of string art? We find it very calming and creative! It’s always great to be able to bring our ideas to life by using the simplest tools – like a string and some nails! If you’ve been meaning to try out string art we recommend starting with this lovely monogram that we found at Fresh Crush!

3. Yarn Wrapped Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYYarn Wrapped Monogram

Can’t quit yarn? No problem! Here’s a great project by Catch My Party that will cater to your love of yarn! Perhaps you even have some leftover from previous DIY projects, so this is also a great opportunity to use it up; just make sure you hit the color coordination spot-on!

4. Planter Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYPlanter Monogram

This monogram is huge! It can be seen from very far away and yet what makes it stand out isn’t its size, but rather its aliveness! It serves as a planter and let us tell you, those vibrant flowers really are the x-factor of this monogram! Remodelaholic shares the secrets to making it!

5. Jute Wrapped Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYJute Wrapped Monogram

Jute is such a handy craft material and this monogram is the exhibit A. Simply wrapped in jute, it has a mild and simple look to it, but doesn’t disappoint for one second! Gift it to your loved one to show them how much they mean to you! You will find the necessary instructions at Two Twenty One.

6. Washi Tape Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi Tape Monogram

Perhaps a more modern spin on a monogram, especially with the use of unusual font! Anybody with love for dynamic design will really know how to appreciate this one. It stands out and will never ever bore you! If you want one just like this, A Little Craft in Your Day is the place to go to!

7. Moss Monogram


Bring a little piece of our mother nature into your home, to honor her beauty and peacefulness! Let this monogram remind you of the nature’s stillness, as you go through your busy day. It also looks incredible, so get those instructions from HGTV asap!

8. Marquee Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYMarquee Monogram

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in the lights? This project by Grey Likes Nesting lets you do just that! It might not be the hall of fame, but it’s a start! Light up your monogram and start living your dream – only you have the power to do so!

9. Blooming Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYBlooming Monogram

Florals carry such glee with it. They are vibrant and cheerful, instantly impacting our mood. If the current days are especially gray in your part of the world, this is just another reason to make this blooming monogram. You will absolutely fall in love with it. Archieli has the ridiculously simple how-to!

10. Embellished Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbellished Monogram

When in doubt, go with pearls. They always work. They bring elegance to the table and we’ll be truly surprised if you manage to stick to just one letter, rather than spelling out a word. Blooming Homestead knows how addictive embellishing can get!

11. Seashell Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYSeashell Monogram

One for all the sea lovers who feel a deep connection to the ocean! Put your big shell collection (we know you have it!) to a good use by making a seashell monogram that will always remind you of the vast blue water and the secrets it holds. Find out more at The Mermaid’s Mercantile!

12. Fabric Monogram

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Monogram

If all else fails, there’s always fabric. You have the freedom to choose a fabric that appeals to you the most and then make a monogram without a fuss – yep, there’s no sewing involved, so it truly is super easy! Check out Aflutter for more details!