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15 Fun, Flavourful Cocktails That are Perfect for Spring

Cocktails are a great treat any time of year, but making them in seasonal flavours makes them even more fun than usual! Collecting delicious cocktails now will prepare you for hosting on your patio when warm spring weather comes.

Check out these delicious cocktails that are perfect for spring!

1. Elderflower champagne cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYFresh Elderflower champagne cocktail

(Source: The Kitchn)

Nothing says spring like flowers! You might not want to eat them, but flavouring your cocktails after them is fresh and delicious.

2. Mint julep


(Source: Saveur)

Mint is the kind of flavour that suits most seasons, but this particular combination of mint, simple syrup, and bourbon tastes fresh enough to suit spring the best!

3. Strawberry and basil margarita

VIEW IN GALLERYYummy Strawberry and basil margarita

(Source: Savouring the Thyme)

Strawberry margaritas are a yummy classic, but adding basil takes the taste to the next level!

4. Lillet rose spring cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYLillet rose spring cocktail

(Source: Martha Stewart)

Grapefruit juice and edible flower blossoms make this cocktail stand out among the other spring options. You can’t get much more “spring” than enjoying flowers as an actual treat!

5. Raspberry ginger crush cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYRaspberry ginger crush cocktail

(Source: The Cookie Rookie)

Raspberries are one of those berries that simply scream freshness. Combined with a delicious ginger flavour, they make the perfect cocktail for the slowly warming spring afternoons.

6. Chandon lavender cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYChandon Lavender cocktail

(Source: Tipsy Diaries)

Lavender is calming to smell, but it’s also calming to drink! This casual cocktail is perfect to enjoy in your newly budding garden.

7. Raspberry beer cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYRaspberry beer cocktail

(Source: My Recipes)

Are you really more of a beer drinker than a fruity cocktail kind of person? Try blending the two for a spring treat that’s not too sweet!

8. Lemon peep-tinis

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon peep-tinis

(Source: Home is Where the Boat Is)

Nothing says Easter more than marshmallow peeps, so why not use them as hilarious cocktail garnishes?

9. Mexican Michelada cocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYMexican Mechelada cocktail

(Source: Tablespoon)

This deliciously spicy drink combines two warm-weather faovurites: a bloody Mary and a dark beer! These are perfect for your friends who enjoy the idea of a cocktail but can’t handle the sweetness.

10. Strawberry grapefruit mimosas

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry grapefruit mimosas

(Source: Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch)

Everyone loves a good mimosa with brunch, but springtime is a great opportunity to switch up the classic flavour. Try this strawberry grapefruit recipe for a twist!

11. Limoncello citrus sangria

VIEW IN GALLERYLimoncello Citrus Sangria

(Source: Foodie Misadventures)

Adding a citrus kick to change up your regular sangria recipe makes for a perfectly fresh-tasting spring drink.

12. Blackberry lemon mocktail

VIEW IN GALLERYBlackberry lemon mocktail

(Source: Running to the Kitchen)

Not every drink has to contain alcohol! Try this absolutely delicious blackberry lemon “mocktail” recipe for your friends who prefer not to drink.

13. Peach jalapeno margaritas

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet and spicy Peach jalapeno margaritas

(Source: Dessert for Two)

This drink is sweet and spicy all in one place! Rim it with sugar, garnish it with a lime and a pepper, and voila!

14. Grapefruit mint bellinis

VIEW IN GALLERYGrapefruit mint bellinis

(Source: Camille Styles)

Can you tell we’re big fans of switching up classic flavours? Grapefruit bellinis might be even better than the regular thing!

15. Rhubarb fennel fizz

VIEW IN GALLERYRhubarb fennel fizz

(Source: The Year in Food)

Fruit and flowers aren’t the only things that grow in the spring. This cocktail mixes rhubarb and fennel for a tart but still completely fresh taste!

Are you part of a book club or a knitting circle who loves to try new cocktails together at each meeting? Share this post with your friends to give them ideas for your first spring session!