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Dark Beauty: 11 Seductive Dark Lip Tutorials 

Come to the dark side, we have makeup tutorials! In a world full of rosy pink lipsticks, showing up with a dark lip can definitely make people do a double-check. There is something very mysterious and seductive about a dark lipstick. It visibly stands out from the rest and doesn’t intend to blend in with the crowd. If you want to impress with a little bit of darkness, check out these 11 dark lip tutorials! 

1. Brown Dark Lip 


A dark lip doesn’t have to be black. There is a whole palette of colors that you can choose in dark tones that are warmer than black, in case you don’t want to jump to the darkest one straight away. Tiana Cosmetics shares a tutorial for a beautiful brown dark lip!

2. Purple Dark Lip 


Purple is a lovechild of blue and red. It inherited the best of both; blue’s incredible sense of depth and red’s daring nature. When you find it in a dark shade you are immediately captivated by its power. Wear it boldly on your lips and they will be the center of attention. You’ll find the how-to at Easy Neon!

3. Black Matte Dark Lip 


The most prominent dark lip color is, of course, black. Lovers of the darkest color of all will know that there isn’t just one shade of it. If you want a black lip but don’t like the usual shiny look of lipstick, go with Laura Leth‘s captivating black matte dark lip!

4. Pitch Black Dark Lip 


Laura Leth brings you another black lip tutorial! The darker your lips are, the more they will be able to hypnotize people. They will be the most noticeable element of your makeup and if your pair it with a dark wardrobe you’re going to create a dominating style that proves once again that black is always the most captivating choice.

5. Fall Inspired Dark Lip 


If you want your makeup to mirror the seasons, fall is perhaps the best season to capture like that. It’s full of earthy tones, a dance of brown and red, a color palette that gives you a very warm and elegant look. Visit Teni Panosian and see for yourself!

6. Brown Matte Dark Lip 


Matte colors are super popular at the moment. The sparkling lipsticks have taken a backseat as sophisticated matte tones are taking over the wheel. Simply Shanalee shares a tutorial for a marvelous brown matte dark lip that is great for professional and leisure occasions alike.

7. Gothic Black Dark Lip 


Maybe your first association upon hearing the words dark lip was the gothic makeup. Gothic is known to be one of the most daring, mysterious and bewitching styles known to man. You don’t have to go full-on gothic to channel that vibe, Jasmine Brown‘s black dark lip can get you there!

8. Reddish Dark Lip 


If you swear by the red lip you are already used to being bold with your makeup, but the transition to a dark lip might still be a challenge. It’s a big change! Thanks to Andreas Choice you can now create a dark lip with a reddish undertone that feels softer than a full black lip, but still dark enough to be extra seductive!

9. Plum Matte Dark Lip 


Plum is the shade of purple that can feel both dark and delicate at the same time. You’ll give it the chosen meaning with the outfit you choose to wear along with the makeup, but when you do opt for a dark style there’s no better tutorial for it than by the talented Laura Leth.

10. Blue Dark Lip 


Blue can be as light as the morning sky or as dark as the ocean. When you’re ready to sport a dark lip but don’t want to settle for any of the usual suspects (like brown or black) a blue dark lip is a very unexpected and unique choice! Shaanxo will be your makeup artist of the day.

11. Kylie Jenner Inspired Dark Lip 


Kylie Jenner’s makeup line has obsessed teenagers all over the world and the makeup she’s wearing is a constant inspiration to beauty gurus. If you want a look that is dark, youthful and super trendy, don’t miss out on this Kylie inspired dark lip by Nikkie Tutorials.