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15 Desserts That Are Perfect For Fall

Fall has arrived and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so we’re doing everything we can to get all of our favourite fall treats and flavours into our meals now before winter comes and everything becomes unseasonable and we miss the chance to really make the best of our autumn flavour opportunities! Because we’re such avid bakers and dessert enthusiasts, however, it sometimes feels like there aren’t many fall things left for us to make that our families haven’t already tried a million times. That’s why, this autumn, we turned to the Internet to gather a few new, unique fall dessert recipes to try and suss out some things we’d never made before. We’re happy to report that the project has been a great success so far!

Have you also been thinking about new ways to give your family a few fall treats this year before winter comes but you could use some sweet inspiration? Check out these 15 awesome fall dessert recipes that will have everyone’s mouths watering!

1. Pumpkin toffee cheese cake


Perhaps it’s the cold weather or the dark evenings, but there’s just something about autumn that makes our sweet tooth go wild. We spend most of our fall each year craving desserts, baked goods, and sweet treats, even though we’re not actually huge sweet lovers the rest of the year round. We doubt you’ll be surprised, then, to see something as decadent as this delicious cheesecake from Pia Recipes on our list! They show you how to make a simple creamy pumpkin cheesecake, but also how to amplify the flavour by smothering it in a delicious toffee drizzle.

2. Wine soaked autumn pears


Are you looking for a truly fall dish that’s a little more of a classic than something quite as sweet as we showed you above? Well, there are plenty Thanksgiving appropriate desserts that we simple have to make our family every single fall, but few of them feel quite as seasonal as these amazingly delicious wine soaked autumn pears! Dish Maps shows you how to skin, soak, and roast the pears, as well as how to make the mouth watering sauce they should always be served in.

3. Pumpkin tiramisu layered cake


Tiramisu is one of those desserts that just never gets old. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t like to put a fun twist on it from time to time, especially when we want something that’s flavoured a little more seasonally! That’s why we thought this layered tiramisu cake was such a cool idea. As if that’s not enough, HGTV shows you how to make your creamy layered cake pumpkin flavoured!

4. Chocolate turtle apple slices


We know it’s not everyone’s favourite thing, but we have always been absolutely huge fans of chocolate covered fruit. There’s just something about fruit and chocolate together that tastes absolutely scrumptious in our opinion! You’ll hardly be surprised, then, to learn that we’re completely obsessed with these chocolate covered apple slices. Mom Loves Baking shows you how to take the idea to the next level, however, by incorporating caramel and pecans so the dessert tastes just like Turtles chocolates. Put them on a popsicle stick to make them an easy grab-and-go dessert at your Thanksgiving family get together!

5. Pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting


Have you always been a huge lover of whoopie pies, no matter what flavour or kind you’re offered? Well, since they’re basically the perfect combination of cake textures and cream fillings, we can’t say we blame you! We’ll always love the original chocolate whoopie pies we first tried when we were kids but that doesn’t mean we’re not totally crazy about this pumpkin version from  Food, Folks, and Fun too. It’s the perfect treat for fall!

6. Caramel apple cupcakes


We’ve always loved caramel apples for fall, but every once in a while we find that it’s nice to harness the flavour of one thing into something a little more decadent. There’s nothing wrong with splurging in the calorie department occasionally as long as you eat healthy regularly, right? That’s why we thought these caramel apple cupcakes from Life, Love, and Sugar were such a delicious idea. We’ll certainly never get tired of turning our favourite sweet snacks into tiny cakes.

7. Sweet potato snickerdoodles


Perhaps your thinking is actually the opposite of what we just talked about and you’ve really been on the lookout for recipes that let you make your favourite treats in a way that’s a little bit healthier than usual? In that case, we feel like you’ll get a kick out of these sweet potato snickerdoodles! Anyone who has ever had a snickerdoodle cookie will already know how delicious they are, but we’ve actually tried this recipe from Country Living several times in real life and we can assure you that, surprisingly, adding healthy vegetables into the mix will only make things better!

8. Salted caramel apple tartlets


Around the area we live in, fall is undoubtedly apple season. Every apple you’ll come across, whether it’s from the supermarket or the local farmer’s market, is ripe, fragrant, and completely delicious. That’s why we’re tempted to make so many mouth watering apple treats in the fall! For endless reasons, these delicious (and totally stunning) little apple tarts from Platings and Pairings are one of our very favourite apple flavoured things to make. Their recipe shows you how to make a salted caramel filling, as well as how to arrange thinly sliced pieces of apple very carefully in the caramel so they stand up and wrap around each other to look like roses.

9. Healthy chocolate nut caramel apples with no butter or sugar


If you’ve ever had a candy apple before then you probably already know how incredibly but deliciously sugary they are. When we think of fall treats that could feasibly be made healthier, they’re not necessarily one of the first things that comes to mind! Imagine our surprise, then, when we came across this chocolate covered recipe from Half Baked Harvest! They show you how to use dark chocolate, caramel, and nuts to transform apples into delicious treats while still staying away from butter and extra sugar. These are basically a miracle!

10. Spiced apple cider cranberry cupcakes


Are all of your favourite fall recipes the ones that have a bit of a spice to them? We’re pretty obsessed with pumpkin spiced flavours and things that are heavy on cinnamon, so we can totally relate! That’s why we’re such big fans of these spiced apple cider cranberry cupcakes from American Heritage Cooking. Their flavour is a little bit fruity but with a big fall flavoured kick that’s totally satisfying and not too overwhelmingly sweet!

11. Pumpkin bread truffles


We love dessert breads. We also love pumpkin flavoured things. We especially love truffles. Can you tell that we have trouble choosing between all of the different delicious things when it comes down to actually making something? Well, who said you have to choose? Sugar Hero sure didn’t, which is why we love this pumpkin bread truffle recipe so much! Besides showing you how to make these scrumptious little treats, they also show you how to use icing to decorate them like adorable fall pumpkins.

12. Cranberry apple upside down cake


We’ve shown you a lot of sweet icing, caramel, and chocolate based things so far, but what if your idea of a sweet treat isn’t quite so sweet? In that case, we think perhaps you might prefer something like this cranberry apple upside down cake instead! Sally’s Baking Addiction shows you how to make this awesome baked good that’s plenty sweet thanks to the natural sugars in the fruits and berries involved, but that certainly isn’t overwhelming like some other baked treats.

13. Pralines and cream dream dessert


Are you the complete opposite of what we just described above and you just can’t get enough of the sweetest treats around? Maybe your kids are kind of picky about the desserts they love and they aren’t huge fans of fruit based treats, but they’ll eat anything involving whipped cream textures? Then we definitely think you should take a look at this absolutely decadent pralines and cream dream dessert from Chef in Training! It’s got just about every sweet flavour you could possibly hope for, with just a bit of nuttiness to give it contrast.

14. Caramel apple cream cheese spread


Are your favourite desserts always the ones that combine sweet and savoury tastes all in one place? Well, here’s one that will really help you enjoy those flavourful fall apples we were talking about earlier! She Wears Many Hats guides you through the process of making a delicious caramel cream cheese spread that’s just a little bit sweet within the spread itself, drizzled with all the caramel you could hope for, and even topped with crunchy caramel bits too. Spread it on top of an apple slice for some juicy crunch and you’ll have a deliciously unique flavour combination that’s basically irresistible!

15. Caramel apple pie cookies


Are you the kind of baking enthusiast who loves trying your hand at all the trendy combination recipes you’ve been coming across lately? We’re totally into those too, and we’ve been collecting seasonal fall recipes all year long, just waiting to give them a try this autumn! Our favourite of the novelty combo recipes we’ve found so far, however, are these caramel apple pie cookies from Cincy Shopper. They’re bite sized and perfectly chewy just like cookies, but they have an adorable criss-crossed pattern and a delicious spiced apple taste just like your favourite classic fall pie!