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The Raw Beauty of DIY Concrete Jewelry

Concrete is a powerful and very popular material to be creative with, thanks to it’s neutral color and minimalistic appeal. It’s one of those materials that can look very modern and elegant despite its roughness. If you love making jewelry at home and want to try something you’ve never done before, here’s a totally different spin on homemade jewelry pieces! Take a look at the raw beauty of DIY concrete jewelry and get inspired!

1. Concrete Block Necklace 


The time of big and extravagant necklaces seems to have been replaced by a new era of simplistic, minimalist necklaces that don’t need much (or any) decoration to be considered beautiful and captivating. Simplicity has a charm of its own! Check in with MTTE to see how a plain but beautiful concrete block necklace can be made.

2. Concrete and Gold Gem Jewelry 


Because of the gray concrete color that closely resembles silver, gold is a fantastic color to pair it with. It instantly creates an eye-catching contrast that will impact your whole outfit! Perfect to wear on the fanciest occasions, the concrete and gold gem jewelry by DIY in PDX is something that has to be a part of your accessory collection!

3. Concrete and Gold Necklaces 


Everyday Dishes features another example of the outstanding beauty that gold brings to concrete jewelry! These necklaces have a modern color-block design that brilliantly fits necklaces made in popular geometric shapes and even those that have a timeless and familiar shape, such as a simple heart!

4. Concrete Heart Necklace 


A concrete necklace is a wonderful gift for somebody you love. It’s an unexpected gift with much personal touch because it’s handmade and one of a kind! Fall for DIY has a simple tutorial for a concrete heart necklace that seems like the perfect present for somebody who has stolen your heart!

5. Concrete Diamond Necklace 


Modern jewelry represents minimalism and uniqueness, the two terms that used to feel contrasting but now compliment each other within concrete jewelry. Take this concrete diamond necklace by That’s How I Made It as an example; it’s very modern and noticeable but it doesn’t stray from simplicity at all!

6. White Concrete Gemstone Pendants


If you want to give your concrete jewelry a special twist, something that will separate them from other concrete pieces and truly make them stand out, white concrete is a fantastic choice! It gives your pendants a more gentle color, almost marble-like. Find out all about it at Tuts+!

7. Gold Dipped Concrete Earrings 


The gold really stands out in these earrings by Fall for DIY! They are shiny and captivating, impressing everyone who lays eyes on them. Everyone in your circle will want to know which designer made them, charmed by their high-fashion, modern and edgy appearance. Remember to credit yourself!

8. Concrete Lettered Necklaces 


Monogram necklaces have always been able to win the popular vote because people seem to be very devoted to their initials. If you are a veteran in creating with concrete, you can still challenge and push yourself a little further and try something totally new – such as these concrete lettered necklaces from a very amusing tutorial video by Debi’s Design Diary!

9.  Artist’s Concrete Necklaces 


Artists love to claim materials for themselves and create incredible pieces from them, but sometimes even the biggest artists could do with a little bit of an upgrade. Have you ever heard of artist’s concrete? Beadaholique will show you what an amazing collection of jewelry you can create from this type of concrete. Note the light color shade!

10. Concrete Gold Leaf Diamond Necklace 


In case you needed another spin on a concrete diamond necklace (and since we already swore our allegiance to the concrete-gold combination), SAKRETde has a video tutorial that is perfect for those who are just starting out with concrete but want to create a unique and shiny jewelry piece! The video is in German so don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!