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Versatile and Inventive: 15 DIY Projects That Involve Rope

Adding rope to your interior decor is a great way to add a number of different aesthetics to your space. You might use clean white rope to make things seem nautical or fray your roped elements a little to establish a more shabby chic or down home feel. That’s the beauty of creating DIY decor projects involving rope; you can customize the pieces however you choose!

Check out these 15 stylish DIY decor projects made in part or entirely of different kinds of rope!

1. Braided rope mat

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY braided rope mat

Martha Stewart shows you how to make a stylishly looping nautical style rope mat. The best part of this design is that you can use thicker rope and weave it more tightly for a fully closed style or choose a thinner style and a looser weave for an indoor mat that won’t catch much dirt.

2. Coiled rope mats

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade coiled rope mats

Nicety introduces you to a style of rug design made by spiraling lengths of rope into coiled circles and sewing or gluing them together in intricate patterns. Try combining circles of different sizes to make it even more visually stunning!

3. Rope words


Green Wedding Shoes suggests adding a DIY element to the next party or event you organize by weaving stylish cursive letters from lengths of rope. Whether you make an actual sign by gluing the letters to a background of some type or even just spell a welcome message out on the lawn, your guests will admire your attention to detail.

4. Wire plant basket and rope light cover

VIEW IN GALLERYWire plant basket and rope light cover

Love Maegan suggests updating old lamp covers by replacing them with a wire plant hanging basket wrapped in thin rope and decorated with opalescent beaded wire. The rope gives things a rustic style while the beads reflect the light’s glow!

5. Rope wrapped lampshade

VIEW IN GALLERYRope wrapped lampshade

Are you looking for a way to establish a more “beach house” feel to your space? Maybe you’d prefer the type of look that you might find in a cozy home on the farm. Sand and Sisal suggests coiling a rope around a lampshade to get the rustic look.

6. Mason jar and knotted rope hanging lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYMason jar and knotted rope hanging lanterns

Martha Stewart suggests using rope woven into a sort of netted basket in order to hang mason jar candles in your outdoor space. Combined with a candle base of smoothed stones, the rope makes the jars look stylishly reclaimed.

7. Rope baskets


Are you looking for something small to keep change in by the front door? Perhaps you’d like to set pens by the phone or even just display smoothed branches to bring a bit of the outdoors in? Design Sponge suggests creating a little basket out of coiled rope. If you’d like to brighten things up a little, wrap some neon nylon cord around the rope in different spots before you coil it!

8. Knitted rope heel straps

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted rope heel straps

Do you love the rustic aesthetic that rope creates so much that you’d love to add it to your personal style and aesthetic as well? A Pair and A Spare suggests adding a thick braid of rope to a pair of strappy heels to look like nautical ankle straps! Check out their tutorial to see how it’s done.

9. Rope room divider

VIEW IN GALLERYRope room divider

Are you looking for a way to break up a big open space without having to invest in actually building a permanent wall? Instead, give the rustic rope element a firm place in your decor scheme by creating a rope wall made from lengths of rope strung taught between the ceiling and a block on the floor. The Brick House shows you how it’s done.

10. Coiled rope coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYCoiled rope coasters

Did you love the look of the individual rope coils in the intricate coiled mat, but you’re just not ready to take on quite as many as that project requires? Get some practice in with these awesomely rustic little coiled coasters by Valley & Co. Lifestyle!

11. Nautical rope mirror frame

VIEW IN GALLERYNautical rope mirror frame

Sometimes the easiest way to shift your decor from your previous scheme into a nautical or rustic look is to alter or embellish pieces you already have! We love the way The Lily Pad Cottage coiled rope around the edge of this mirror to create a nautical frame. The whitened colour of the rope really hits the seaside aesthetic home.

12. Rope flower vases

VIEW IN GALLERYRope flower vases

Do you like the idea of the little rope basket but you’re hoping for a similar style that’s a little more intricate or classy looking? Check out these DIY rope vases that come in different shapes, sizes, heights, and weaves! Style Me Pretty shows you how to create them.

13. Indoor rope hand rail

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY indoor rope hand rail

Are you willing to handle light home renovations and work with tools? This awesomely rustic thick rope hand rail requires that you drill into the all, but it’s worth it for a home decor detail that looks like something out of a castle or a ship! Check out how it’s done on House and Home.

14. Rope wrapped ottoman

VIEW IN GALLERYRope wrapped ottoman

Perhaps you’re looking for a stool or ottoman to match your statement piece set of wicker chairs? We think this round, rope wrapped ottoman is just what you need! The coiling technique isn’t difficult to master, but That Was a What? has tips for you even so.

15. knitted rope dresser drawer pulls

VIEW IN GALLERYknitted rope dresser drawer pulls

Are you looking for easy, subtle ways to transform your child’s room into a nautical themed seaside haven? Even simple touches like replacing the drawer handles with knotted loops of rope can help you do that! We love this dresser alteration featured on Kojo Designs.

Surprised with what you can do with just rope? Time to draw inspiration from these fabulous ideas and craft your own cool, DIY rope-based decor or fashion piece. Feel free to share it with us as well!